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Tales of A Kemcolian Pixie. (Part 2)

Unsa Athar

Walks to remember...

The Silent trees.. the foggy buildings..
The moist grounds.. the fallen leaves.. <3

The first days at KEMU were not as good as I expected.. but with the passage of time I am falling in love with the university!(nai, wo wala love nai :-p ) The history of KE is reflected in its each and every wall. Every pigeon that does "guttar goo guttar goo" seems to be saying "Welcome doctor saab". Seeing the freshmen getting ragged in some really odd ways hurts but I pray that the seniors spare them soon so that they may also enjoy Kemlife. The last week in KE before the winter hols has been..amazing! The long long walks from cafe to patiala block, sitting under the sun in front of white building, going to Al-kareem and still not getting an ice-cream ;( , strolling in the Kitab Mela aimlessly, going to Union, coming back and then being dragged to Union again by friends for not bringing notes for them, trying to understand what physiology is actually about, dissecting a cadaver for the first time, feeling the presence of formalin in the food afterwards :-/ have been some the highlights of the previous week. The best thing about the week has been THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL BURN SYMPOSIUM. Yes, we were forced to be there because of the attendance drama, but seriously we loved being there listening to the words of wisdom by some remarkable people. I do not know about every one else but this symposium made me feel proud of being a future doctor (In Shaa Allah) and a kemcolian! Thank you Dr.Farid, Dr.Ashuk Gupta and Dr. Jawad for your influential words made me vow that I'll give all I have to create a difference and help the masses in pain. 
And Dear KEMU, yes you are not as perfect as I dreamed you to be, you have management issues, your people consider freshmen *Censored* , your teaching methodologies are at times incomprehensible, but I admit that wearing my overall, when I walk around in your blocks I feel proud to be a kemcolian. I know I'll have to burn the midnight oil to survive but still, I love being a doctor. I love being a kemcolian.


(Photo Credits : Me ;P)
This what we do during the physiology lectures!
 fog enveloping our uni.!
M.A Jinnah Auditorium all set for the 32nd Annual Scientific Symposium
Putting up flyers all over the Uni. is more interesting than the anatomy dissections :-P

KEMU trees witness the freshmen being fooled.

This place is captured by every freshman's camera!(esp.girls)
Bone Bags Issued at last. And ghar waley say "koi chilla kaatney ka irada hai" :/

And this how we enjoy under sun after being tortured in lectures!


  1. the symposium made me like kemu even more :)

  2. nice attempt :D that pictures and captions part especially !


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