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Augment your good souls

by Sidra Chishti

A session with Dr. Izhar Hashmi, Dr. Ali Hashmi, Dr. Asim Allah Baksh, Mr. Hamayun Ehsaan

Wanted to share with you all, some inspirational words of some
inspirational people. (I wrote them on an envelope. Had nothing to
write on and to write with, right at that time. Somehow managed a
pencil for that.)

The moment I arrived Pakistan college of commerce and management , Dr.
Ali Hashmi was discussing ‘WE THINK WHY WE DO SOMETHING GOOD? If we
can’t give a person, a glass of water; why we give him a drop of
water? This WHY creates the problem. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO WHATEVER
YOU CAN. PERCENTAGE COUNTS! Your intention and struggle is important.
Five rupee charity by a poor man is worth more than five thousand
rupees donation by a millionaire.
Don’t live for self promotion. What makes you ‘ASHRAF UL MAKHLOOQAAT’
is service. Though enlightened self interest is appropriate, you ought
to live for others to deserve to be called the best of all creations.

Dr. Asim Allah Baksh continued. “There is probably some problem in our
educational system. We are not prepared for real life. We are taught
“do good to others”, “remain honest”, “bribery is bad”. But when we
grow up and move in the society in which you are most probably harmed
(apparently) by following those norms which are taught to you. If from
the very beginning, we are prepared to live in a society of crimes,
it’ll be better. We should be taught, “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY EVEN
IF IT IS NOT THE TREND.” Although it’s difficult, speak the truth
To define the notion of progress is very important. After world war
II, there was a fundamental change in work ethics of Japanese. BEST
labor and best products were available locally. It is the philosophy
of sustained progress. We are lagging behind because we export the
best we have. Be it our products or people.

Mr. Humayun Ehsaan, infact a very sweet person, was there too. He also
shared his experience.
“DON’T TALK WHAT YOU DON’T DO. This must be the controlling norm of
your life. Allah demanded actions and man invented slogans.” Action
speaks. You’ve not to charter what you are doing. Eventually movement
matters, not your floral talks. Superior man is modest in his speech.
Success becomes inevitable when goodness becomes a part of our own
“There is no relation between success and resources. I had only 525$
when I went to America for studies. I had to clean 22 floors of a
hotel to make my living. Whenever I look back, I want to work as a
waiter. That flash back learning was important.”
The highest percentage of talent is there in subcontinent. It’s you,
the INDUS. Why other countries are eyeing at you talents? Because the
mind you’ve got is novel. We listen a Pakistani student getting 22 A’s
every other day. Quoted Iqbal:
You are everything. You’ve everything.

Dr. Izhar Hashmi said, “Sympathy isn’t a relation. Empathy is the real
thing. Try to remain humble. With every passing day of self discovery,
you should become humble. Think yourself the blessed.”
Change isn’t smoother but it does come! You need to take things and
criticism positively. You’ve to inculcate trust among people.
Important thing is your thinking. Your life is your thoughts (you can
take your thoughts as lens). Nothing is absolute factorization except
that you’ve to leave this world after a fixed time frame. Everything
is relative. So, thoughts are different, people are different but goal
should be the same. I.e., SERVICE! Replicate your projects. Confront
criticism with courage. Intellectual discourse is infinite. So take it
positively. Remain patient. (OFTEN SOCRATES IS ALONE IN A COMMUNITY;
ALTHOUGH HE IS TRUE FOR SURE) Do what you can. You can’t bring a
change in a day, a year or a definitive time span. It’s a gradual
process. Just play your role.
Important for you is to keep the good soul in you. Your phenomenal
strength should be hard work. Make it your habit.
Very beautifully, he continued. . . “Anthropologically, Indus valley
avenue is the richest (homo sapiens) You are the talent, world is
seeking for. So, give your best to your country.”
We are determined to stand wherever we can; we’ll do whatever we can;
we’ll continue struggle!
Such sittings are very important for the augmentation of good essence.

This was actually in a meeting of PYS (PAKISTAN YOUTH SPRING). With
the efforts of Dr. Izhar Hashmi, this platform is created to
communicate with other universities and colleges regarding social
services. In that meeting, students from KEMU, NUST, UET, SIMS, GIKI,
GCU, PU, LUMS, FCU and BZU were there. The aim is to assist each other
and to make collective efforts at our level.


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