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Head & Neck Anatomy

Important topics:
By Laiba Khalid

  • Skull - viva-structures passing through foramina - foramen magnum contents
  • Parasympathetic ganglia
  • Orbit
  • Mandible (diagram)
  • fontanelles clinical
  • Scalp layers- blood supply-nerves - lymphatics- clinical
  • Facial muscles (orbiculi)
  • Sensory + cutaneous nerve + arterial + venous supply+lymphatics of face
  • Facial artery
  • lacrimal gland supply
  • bells palsy
  • trigeminal neuralgia
  • fascia colli- clinical
  • carotid sheath and contents
  • post triangle
  • sternocleidomastoid (blood supply)
  • torticollis
  • potential spaces in neck
  • falx cerebri
  • tentorium
  • blood and nerves supply cranial cavity
  • venous sinuses
  • cavernous sinus
  • trigeminal ganglion
  • petrosal nerves
  • extra n subdural hemorrages
  • contents of orbit
  • extraocular muscles and movements
  • ophthalmic artery
  • optic nerve
  • ciliary ganglion
  • squint
  • ant triangle
  • infrahyoid muscles
  • digastric triangle
  • carotid arteries and branches
  • ansa cervicalis
  • ansa subclavia
  • parotid relations,blood, nerve supply, lymphatics
  • structures within/passing through parotid
  • temporal fossa
  • temporal fascia
  • infratemporal fossa
  • pterygopalatine fossa
  • muscles of mastication + nerve supply (prof que)
  • maxillary artery & branches
  • TMJ joint v imp+ dislocation (prof que)
  • movements v imp (sendup ques)
  • muscles producing movements
  • mandibular nerve v imp (prof que)
  • otic ganglion
  • suprahyoid muscles
  • submandibular gland
  • submandibular ganglion
  • sublingual gland
  • chora tympani clinical
  • thyroid imp clinical
  • capsules, relations,arterial,venous, nerve supply
  • parathyroid
  • subclavian and carotid branches name
  • internal jugular
  • cervical symp trunk
  • cervical plexus
  • lymph nodes of H/N
  • styloid app
  • horners synd
  • neck joints
  • ligaments and clinical
  • pharynx, larynx, nose,tongue complete v imp (sendup,prof ques)
  • ear eye reading for viva
  • cisterns
  • cranial nerves (courses, supply and clinical )


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