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A journey to remember!

Rooqash Ali
1st year

PhotoCredits : Ahmad Latif

People who can’t find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.

John Wanamaker

Life to some people is hectic while full of liveliness to others. Dreary routines make everyone ill at mind. A little masala is needed to straighten their lives. Obviously KE is 2nd home for us but sometimes home too isn’t giving the heavens feeling. So to set apart the boredom, our great CR took the risk out of nothing to take trip to the places where every MBBS class went during their freshmen year. Organizing trip is another thing but the best part was his convincing skills which he used to persuade 85 fellas to go along.

Another extravaganza of so called ‘’over’’ FIRST YEAR, 2 nights stay and everlasting memories..!
Going to the places in the "First Year" where seniors went in their 3rd year :D wow!


It was the day of 7th July, when we all got together on the departure spot. Scorching sun, resplendent sunlight and rush (in a good way) rising in students. Girls so disciplined and already settled in their coaster. Boys arriving one by one, being scolded by our dear sir, I can’t name them but I will call them ‘the’ spoilers of the departure. Three coaches in all. The moment we were out of Lahore, excitement arose to an uncontrollable level. Then boys started making faces and shouting at vehicles as our coaster drove up towards them.
First Stay:
The first stay was at Bhera. Wide open bunch of restaurants and outlets of fast food junkies. Refreshing there, we proceeded ahead. During our journey, we got introduced to “Munna” (our 'one of his own kind' driver ). Lots of “MU****” in the boys’ coasters.  Lack of ATPs led to fatigue, compelling students to fall asleep. This was the moment when SALIK in our coaster saw a KHAMBAA. And yelled out ACHIEVEMENT! And then there were heck a lot of achievements on the way from taking over any vehicle to a glimpse of any weird tree. Well that was insanity! Yet hell of fun.
Finally there:
Then finally we were there, the old LOCKWOOD HOTEL, the same hotel where our seniors stayed during their trips and about which they bragged a lot. Everyone started adjusting in their rooms. Some lying on beds, others enjoying the cold outside and planning to go to the MALL. Now something about our hotel; It’s standing there since 1880 but the renovations let it seemed like some very fine place to stay. The lavish views around it are “vaery vaery taight”.

Girls started playing LUDDO and charades, on the other hand, boys went to stroll on the MALL. Boys also bought LUDDO (don’t know what made them to do so) and killed time till it became impossible for their heads to be kept straight on their necks anymore. Some chilled out in their own way, sitting in the backyard talking, chirping, yelling, disturbing ;) That was how the first day ended.

The day for Ayubia and Nathia Gali. We had the most delicious and of course buffet breakfast and the journey ahead started with mostly red but shining eyes. We’re expecting to see many wildlife on the way but we couldn’t see much. The wildlife which Ayubia was renowned for. What happened to it? “Homo Sapiens.” That’s what happened to it!  

After the ride of chairlift, thousands of click click and being looted from the horse keepers and balloons shooting stalls, everyone was on the hiking track (4.1 kilometers long) which leads from Ayubia to Donga Galli. Wild, tiring, long, never ending but decorated with luxuriate trees and exquisite views. We, shouting, running, strangling, resting, appreciating, enjoying, talking, laughing, and watching; Watching others [watching might be a sophisticated word for that], feeling unlucky or somewhat jealous [that’s a guy thing]. The beauty was at its peak! And of course multicolored species. BHOLD THE ANIMATION OF THE MOTHER NATURE!

Down the track we ate late lunch and rode back to our hotel. Being tired by the struggle to the end of hiking track and playfulness in coasters, most of the boys fell   asleep and woke up in the midnight. Now was the time for the BONFIRE everyone was curious about but some of the boys missed it because they couldn’t force themselves out of their beds after “the DAYLONG SCHLEP”. The musical chair stuff and the winners whining win. One can’t just simply adopt it into text. The fights about the credibility of the songs. Boys shouting after every song LEVEL! LEVEL! LEVEL! And that thing when boys gave the word “laam” to girls for next song. And girls astoundingly asking, where the laam came from :O ? Answer: From level! :D roars and laughters. That was epic. “FSDs” showed their talent that night.

Third day:
Third day was a bit less exciting than the previous. Probably the thought of returning was depicting its impact. After packing we departed for Patriataaaaaaaa! (Exactly like Spartaaaaaaa!). The long long lane and wait for the cool cool ride. Getting in and out of cable cars was none less than a sub stage for us. Well, reaching the top of hill! And the electric car racing on the top returned the feeling of being a kid to us.
Then was a stop at Green Retreat Resort. The vicinity was so much lush and green that it seemed to be ‘the most serene’ part of the whole trip. The place was best for hiking and even best for photography and we didn’t miss a chance B-) the whereabouts of that resort were very soothing.
Returning back due to shortage of time. The ride I was in had some very provoking students who tried to avail every minute of that journey back to hostel. That was the time when everyone took part in entertaining others. Brotherhood!
Had a stop at Bhera again. Shouted slogans together. Partly for the video our guys were making but mostly for the boast-off. And next day we heard that our HOD of anatomy was angry because only a few students attended classes while we were retreating from our daily routine. This means that some of the students who didn’t accompany us also didn’t bother to come to university that day. Any who fellas it was an amazing experience and we expect that next time all of you who didn’t attended the trip will be subscribing for this group activity!!!!
Thanks to Malghani and Zabreen. They made our vacation memorable. And taking such a responsibility in the very first year demands guts. Of course Sir Izhar and Sir Hassaan also need to be praised for their role in organizing the trip. And to everyone who tried to make this journey awesome.

Batch 2012-17

And here's a video version of the trip.
WARNING: Do not watch if you cannot understand humour :D


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