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Opthalmology Prof Bank 2013

Past paper pattern: 

Total Marks: 200

Written 100 marks

Mcqs: 30 marks
Short Questions: 20 marks
Pbq: 20 marks
Long Questions: 20
Internal Assesment: 10 marks

Viva 100 marks

Long case: 50
Short case: 40
Internal Assesment: 10

This year viva pattern was different than last years. According to the schedule u get a unit like if mine is unit 1 then long and short case is taken by an internal and external of unit 1 only.  On viva day you have to take your 20 signed histories and ward cards with urself.
Long case means a bed is alloted to u, u hvae to take history of patient, examine him/her, write ur history n examination on a sheet given to u and write ur d/ds. Internal or external, either of them will check your history and take viva, Ask u about dark room tests. 

Short case is few pateints are brought from opd, you r given a command to examine them, then your findings are asked. For this you have to do methods properly esp if u r in Dr. Imran Sahaf's unit. Ask students of his wards to teach you methods well as few of his techniques are slightly different. Instruments (their name and uses) and drugs (indications, side effects, m.o.a-mostly these r asked)

This year one day long case was with external short with internal, then next day it switched.

Prof Paper 2013:

Viva Questions:

Following are the viva questions (posted by our class) which i copied from our class groups.. ignre any unnecessary or offensive details as m not reading all of them :P :)

Major sir imran sahaf Case corneal opacity: Corneal ulcer Ptrygm Fngal ulcer chrctrstc featurz Recurnt ulcer Methods: light cnsensual rapd bhttt zadaaa puchtay Dark room: direct indrct othalscp k advantagz
Short case: sir mumtaz Psedophakia? Aphakia ki complicatinz Myopia Drgz: bs thora thora zada detail nai Instrmnt: wire spclm ka asli naam puchtay wo dekh lena kaheen se Baqi koi b aik intrmnt uthwa k use uska
Eye: Internal k pas long case aur dark room tests jis k bs principles wagera pta hne chahye. Long case mein bs diagnosis puchte aur koi specific examination kra skte. Bht asaan basic sawal krte. External k pas short case, drugs aur instruments hain. Short case pg bta deta hota k kea hai. Sb keh rhe k asaan aur chill hai. Bs shugal hai. Ab Allah kre hmare liye b shugal ho. Sb pass hojayen. Ameen!! Jo unit Usi unit me hona major or aik e extrnl hona uska so aj tw total 2 vivaz thay bs Baqi drugs aur instrument ka viva Eye me 2 vivas hn just. Jo head of dpt ap ko mla he whe long case n dark room test krwata he. N external k pass instrument, drugs,and short case hta he.
Dr amtul n dr asad are chill... Sir imran a bit tough... Jo long case ho us ko history likhne k bad detail se parh ln. Mera dr amtul k pass tha. N case was cataract. She asked to examine him, cataract ka treatment, option n advantages, post op complications n their treatment. Lasers used in cataract. Treatment else than surgery. N aphakia ki complications. Glasses ki complication. Different type of hemorhages in eye. N treatment. Mechanism of yag laser. Cataract ki defination. Remember its lose of transparency, not opacity. Patient with raised IOP n cataract. What is your treatment plan? Dark room tests me instruments ki identification. N use. Oblique illumination ka principle n method. N use of ophthalmoscope, perform direct ophthalmoscope. Advantages of direct n indirect ophthalmoscope. Why corneal loop is used. N its power. N thank you. don't forget to bring your ward card. I forgot that. external do hn. Ek dr mumtaz.... Pray k un k pass ho. Bht chill viva he. Un k pass drugs n instruments hn. Aur second external dr shafeeq hn. The idiot is from LMDC. N grade X sarru.... Ek short case allot krta hn. Detail wiz examine him, n tell findings in same sequence as in history sheet. Don't jump to diagnosis. Mine was aphakic eye, with after cataract. Questions, what are your case findings. What that opacity is. Name after cataracts, how you will treat her. Possible options. What types of lasers are used in eye. Mechanism. N selective use. Laser used in myops, reason for use. What is with rule astigmatism, treatment.
He didnt asked drugs or instrument. N is never satisfied from your answer. Dont bother. Best of luck:-D Thek ho gya Alhamdulilah... guzara.. Jiska jo unit, uska viva usi unit k prof. Lain gay.. Aur 2 vivaz hnay bus.. Aik short aur aik long case.. Short case k undar 2 cases hn gay aur instrumentz aur drugz. Aur long main dark room aur viva.. Buhat help krtay pgz, sub kuch pahlay he bta daitay.. short case ka diagnosis bi bta daitay, wo alag bt k mere bari patientz badal gyay thay.. Drugz walay wo pages p time na waste krna, buhat bukwas likha hwa.. Aur asad aslam ny ocular injury, cataract aur orbit sy bahar nai nikalna..
Short case: exam the ant segment.. corneal opacity thi. Managemnt? Types of keratoplasty? Pthisis bulbi ka ek pt tha. Diagnosis? Managemnt? Prosthetic implants btana h. A pt has come with red eye n back pain. Diagnosis? Managemnt? D.ds of red eye. Natamycin drug dikhai thi. Is ka use. Long: asad aslam. Cataract cmplications. In k mchanisms. Mature catarct mn retina kaise dekho ge is mn perception n projection of light n b scan btana. pooche. Cndensing lens. Is k use. Dgital exam of iop. Other methods. Bettr kn sa h... Complications of phaco.Tropia ki types.Versions kya hoti hain..Phaco n extracap k differences..types of movements.oblique illumination test..identification of loupe, condnsng lnse,direct ophthalmoscope..
Eye ki bilkul b tenshn na lena...general chezain pooch re..catract ulcer squiint lids aur glaucoma RD aur dbtc retnopathy parh lena...jnka sir asad k paas wo unke rtnopthy ki slyds dakh lain.aur dua krna k external shafique na ae tmhare pas.buht fuzul 2 viva daine..ik long case with dark room jo k wo internal lenga jnka tmhe alot hua.aur exrternal k paas short case aur drugs aur instrument Examination: 1. Pahlay generally poray patient ki body ko daikhna.. 2. Torch examination: Eyebrows, Lidz (both 4om frnt and side), sclera, cornea, iris.. Pupil (lightz off krwanay ka kahna): direct light reflex, consensual ya indirect, RAPD.. And accomodation..
3. Visual acuity: -Snellenz chart (har ankh ka alag alag karna, matlab aik ankh k agay hath rakhna): 4om 6 meter..
-Finger counting: from 1 meter. -Light perception. -Light projection *
4. Regurgitation test * 5. Digital tonometery * 6. Occular movements (is main accomodation bi krna)
7. Confrontation test: visual field k liyay.. 8. Ptosis: -extent - levator function - occular movementz - bellz phenomenon - mysthenia k testz
9. Squint: -visual acuity -hirshburg test
-Cover test, alternative cover test (to dif. B/w phorea and tropia) -occular movementz and primary deviation, secondary dev (to dif. Between paralytic and non paralytic) Long case main har patient p 3 ya 2 htay, khulla time hta. P.g bta daitay k isay kiya.. Aur sir asad aslam ny history khol k bi nai parhni.. Sir presenting cmplaint pochain gay aur apka diagnosis aur wahan sy viva start.. Retina, catarct, occular injuries and orbit kr laina... Eye ka. Unit 1 me sab ko hi long case cataract ata hai. Sab pgs bata daite hain. History pori likhni on bed exam karna. 3 log on 1 bed. Discuss jaru bk kholo ju marzi karu. Long case aj xternal k pass tha roz alternate hotay. Aiwe liya usnay.
Types of cataract. Wat is 6/18. Complicated cataract kya ha. rApd kya hai. Mera buhat bura huwa. Direct ophthalmoscopy karayi. Ophth hi kharab tha khair ryt eye. Ryt hand ryt eye apni... Shrt case sir imran. Pahlay hi bta daitay andar kya ha. Ja k finding batanni huti n chotay motay sawal. Blephritis tha aik. Me pahli 3 me thi tu itna pata ni chala. Khair aik keratoconus tha drug pocha atropine. Uses wagera. Antibiitics.. bas ... Inst ni pochi mjse... Sir imran se zada na daru. Ju pata chalay ga andar kya case ha book khol k dekh laina treatment wagera... N pgs r v helpful. Long case me ju masla hu ask them. N ask pgs only. Ju case alot kartay... Long case se related viva 2 3 sawal. Tarkha hi rae the. Tasali se koi viva ne liya. Na external ne na int ne.

 traumatic cataract tha short case me aur closed angle glaucoma... presenting signs me redness aur opacity e kehna hota... baki isi se related viva... treatment of glaucoma.... drugs me levobunalol and alcaine... instruments me.lens dialyer nd chopper n needle holding forcep..  treatment of buphthalmos b...
 corneal opacity thi , n lens sublaxation , corneal abcess r opacity me diff , treatment , hyphemia , n treatment , mam ne laptop me rakhay huay thy kuch images , mujhy hyphemia dikhya , baki ka pta nae , agar kuch na a ra ho to mam hint b dyti hyn ,  major case pe histry leni. one pt 2 stdnts. cataract e hota ha... us ka viva ho ga mostly related to case but out of case b sunte ha. is k sath dark rm tests b sath e ho jate ha. ek viva external k pas .. 2 short case ho gay. wo bata de gi mam k kaya ha pt ko.. us ka viva .. nd DRUGS b ho gi nd INSTRUMNTS b EXTRNAL k pas..
 unit 2. mam amtul bht aasan viva leti hain..''Examine the eye and tell the findiings'', caaract: management, types of ops., complications of ops.; disadvntages of convex lens(after lens removal)... Mam k pas aaj ophthalmoscope, condensng lens, corneal loupe pray huay thay. in k names, uses, puch rhei thein. .

unit1: My case was diabetic plus senile caratact...sir ne pupillary light reflex kraya regurgitation test kraya ...d/d of gradul loss of vision..and main points of patient vision wat I observd.
direct and indirect ophthalmoscope....advantages of indirect ophthalmoscopy...
swing light reflx.. consensual light reflx k liye 2 torches le jaana . ni to MUKKAAY partay ha.. UVEIIS nd corneal ukcer se b poocha .
external mostly case se related pchta,, dark rum tst mae direct ophthalmoscope ka pchty r perform krwaty.. bt ghlt b kr do kch nai khty bht sweet hain,, sr imran k pas shrt case tha hmari dfa r drugs r instrumnts,, short case pr viva lete mostly.. bt end mae apne laptop pr pics dikha kr pch rhy thy k yh kya hai,, instrumnts asan pchty zada tar se mcpherson pcha tha r uses,, pgs shortcase bta den gy bt kbi sr ko dirct diagnosis na btana jst ur findgs lyk swellng hai ya cngestn hai
Eye unit 3 viva  our short casse was with external. pgs r veryyyy helping. jb b wo viva wale room se bahir aen un se puchi jao k kya kya cases hen. wo bta detey. aik corneal opacity tha, uska sir puch rae the k kis degree k h. leucoma tha. q h? sir b'cz pura area cover kia hua etc. uska thora pucha k cornea k kitney area ko involve krta. treatment of corneal opacity. contra indications, complications of keratoplasty. logo se corneal opacity k causes b puch rae th. the other case was pseudophakia uska pucha kese pta lga etc. phaco k advantages. a patient comes to u 1 month after cataract surgery with decreased vision what can b the cause? Drug me moxifloxacin puchi thi mere se, iska spectrum kya hoga. Instrument me simco's irrigation aspiration cannula, use, is se lens ka konsa part nikalte hen. 
Is k ilawa short cases me aik squint tha, uska treatment etc puch rae th. us k tests.
Long case was with dr. Asad Aslam. cataract tha. mostly cataract e ata sbko. aur pehle aik pg baji hen wo sab questions bta detin k sir kya kya puchen ge  sir asked presenting complaint, apka kya diagnosis h. differentials kya honge is k. gradual painless me refractive errors, cataract aur open angle glaucoma zrooor btana h. phir sir asked k aik patient h usko hypertension h, glaucoma h cataract b h. without treating HTN and glaucoma, u take him to O.T, to during catract surgery kya complication hogi, say EXPULSIVE hemorrhage. aur aik patient ko catract aur chronic dacryocystitis h pehle kya treat kro ge aur q?? iska me bhool gai thi lekin sir ne kafi chance dia and finally i answered right  k ye source of infection h to endophthalmitis krae ga. regurgitation test kraya. +ve k causes. projection of light b kra rae th kafi se. corneal loop ka pucha. aur uveitis me cornea ki findings. mutton fat k.p kis me hotey? That's all. 
Unit 2:
Fit chill mahol. Cataract tha mera. Complication investigation types. Retinoscopy. Corneal loop. Regurgitation test aur digital iop check aur projection of light karwai ma'am ne
 External ko short case ka full examination bataya. Wo b cataract aur pseudophakia tha. Pseudophakia k sign poochay. Nucleus delivery kis se karte. Wire vectus aur? Iris repositor k function. Tropicamide ka men be khud he bata dia k mydriatic he.
He asked purkinje image. Aur ye b k eye drops k caps k colour red green q hotay hen
unit 2... mam amtul too nice.. general theory of dark room.. digital iop sabse he krtai..n general questions external is not so nice... subluxation.. causes marfans syndrome k features.. n instruement k 2 uses atleast.. utrata k b do puche mjse.. basically he asks till u dnt hav n ans...rubeosis iridis k causes b puche kisi sy..aphakia causes.. spectacles k disadvantages(aphakic k )ECCE ka procedure b suna tha..
Unit 3:
Yar cataract and errors zada pucha. As in everything abt them dekh lena. Dono bht nice hain. Aram aram se le re. Mostly cases b cataract k hain. Kal hmara a tw long b sir asad lengay. Drugs mei aj mainly steroids atropine puchi. Ek RD parhna a cz wo sir ne parhaya hua. External thora bht light reflexes ya perimetry krwa lete. Dark room krwaya ni ab tk ksi se. Short case ptosis buphthalmos corneal ulcer te. All in all zada msla ni  D/Ds loss of vision k bht puchay painful panless grafual sudden etc. Baki apne lie parh lena ;p
Baki bt se baat nikal k jo aur agay peechay puch lein wo tw phr kj b ho e skta. Bt abhi tk Alhamdulilah zada msla ni 

Sir ka koi fav topic nahe hai as in..kuvh bhee pooch letay..aaj shrt case thaa sir kai paas.instruments khaas nahe pasand sir ko par poochtay hain... Laptop par pics rkhee vi hain.meray se aik pic poocher maine bataya kai keratoplasty kee vi hai..kehtay tectonic hai ya therapeutic...tectonic thee. woh....corneal ulcers ka poochaa bht.. Aik pic exentration operation kee bhee bata do kai kyaa contents nikaalain hai.nahe thaa pasand araha ..aur CCC ka poocha.. Aur sab se random pooch rahay thai..
unit2 eye
do bring your ward cards n history sheets
aj mam amtul short cases le rhi thi, kafi nice hain, aj 4 patients thay, har student ko 2 allot hote hain
time hota ha pata chal hi jata ha PGs b bta dete hain cases ka , aj red eye, corneal opacity, subluxated lens wagera k cases thay, unki management b puchti hain

drugs ka pucha: name,indication, contraindication, mostly beta blocker, atropine r pilocarpine puchi (pilocarpine ki contraindication ni puchi wese)

instruments kafi puche, lens dialer r chopper boht pucha or ye b btaya k lens dialer pointed projection wala hota ha, hum usay chopper samajhte rahe

do revise cornea. cataract. glaucoma for unit 2 

external k pas aj long case tha, kafi achay thay, usi patient ko bula k findings puchi or dark room tests koi sa b puch lete, white reflex k causes, gradual bilateral loss of vision k causes, is k ilawa wahan k MOs wagera bta rhe thay k light reflex, accomodation relex pathway or RAPD pta hona chahye, aphakia, pseudoaphkia, ICCE,ECCE, Phaco k advantages or disadvantages anay chahyen

ik bed pe 2 students hote hain, agar history r exam jaldi complete kar lo to revision ka time mil skta ha, help ho jati ha, aj kafi acha mahol tha

topics for eye long case

lid margin nodule ( D/D)
limbal nodule D/D
eye trauma
blunt trauma esp. and its effects
lid malignancy


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