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Surgery Ward Test Guide

Surgery Ward Test Guide 

By Class of 2012

> surgery ward test: OSCE
1.x ray: tension pnemothorax, manage
2.pic of rectal prolapse. manage
3.pic of humbleys knife. indication? how to sterlize it
4.pic sigmoidoscope or wotever??. indication. complication
5.xray o pyloric obstruction. give D/D. what electrolyte imbalance occurs? suture. how you sterlize it. synthetic or natural?
7.what is tpn? how is it given? calculate for 60kg man 1.8m height.BMI? adverse effects o TPN? 8. after IM injection, patient develops redness at the site plus crepitus. diagnose? how to prevent? treatment?
9.patient presents with fracture of femur. managed in A & E. later he presents with tachynea, dyspnea .what is diagnosis and treatment?
10.picture of tummour extending from under ear (parotid area) upto the neck neck. dignosis? treatment? what nerve to take care of during surgery?

> viva: instruments: proctoscope: dignostic and theraputic indications. fissure ano clinical findings? hemrhoids how u examine/confirm diagnosis. retractors? xray ercp. cbd cut off sign ---> post cholescystectomy

> short case:thyroid exam in 3 minutes.

> long case.


there wr a total of ten spots,,each having a pictorial question/scenario/x-ray wid true/false type five options...

a)a scenario of a pt havin fever,tender ryt hypochondrium and diarrhoea...wid five questions(which i dnt remember)..thy wr to b answrd as true/false

b)an x-ray of intestinal obstruction showing multiple airfluid levels.


d)chest tube and related questions

e)humbey's knife

f)paraumblical hernia

g) silk suture and its uses

the rest three,,iv forgotten..sum1 frm batch B4 kindly add m up....

there were three different cases of hernia,thyroid and neck exam...v were supposed to describe our findings and wr askd a few questions....

a) Sir asked me to pick up any two instruments used in thyroidectomy and explain their use..
b)commnst cause of solitary nodule in thyroid and its managemnt and pt counselling??
c)ETT and its indidcations...hw is it sterlized??
d)how are sutre materials sterlizd??
e)there were four x-rays;;;;pneumothorax,,,intestinal obstruction,T-tube cholangiogram, and colonic obstruction...Sir asked me to elaborate each one o them...
f)wt is a T-tube..??wts it made of?hw is it sterlized??/wt r the uses of t-tube???wts the use of a t-tube cholangiogram in a pt who dznt have stones???

Mine was a ruptured appendix;;;questions asked...wt r the causes of lower abdominal pain in a female??can a normal ovary undergo torsion??wt is the normal structure in the body that can undergo torsion??how wud u manage appendix rupture??wts its latest treatment.....

1. burst abdomen pic
2. rectal prolapse pic
3. breast lump case
4. proline suture
5. non crshing intestinal clamp pic
6. lap trochar n canula pic
7. trauma case chest Xray
findings n management
8. abd x ray narrowing in transverse colon
9.abdominal trauma case
investigation of choice
definite diagnostic procedure
10. cant remember

Short case 1

thyroid exam


abdomen exam, lower limb exam of arteries n nerves

Xray barium swallow
CXR trauma pt.
how to use laryngoscope, proctoscope
NG, suction drain, naso pharyngeal airway, crushing n non crushing clamps, foleys types, retractors (deaver, lagenbek etc) indications n uses
hartman, N/S uses

thats all i remember


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