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USMLE Step 2 CK Study Scheme


Duration: 5months = 2 MONTHS (1st read) + 1 month 15 days (2nd read) +1 month DAYS (3rd read)  8 days (4th read) +4 days (MTB step2) 3days (MTB step3) 3 days for NBME

Materials Needed: Kaplan series

                           MTB STEP2

                           MTB STEP3

                           U-WORLD SERIES

FIRST READ: 2 months (approximate)

In 1st read, one should read system wise. e.g Cardiology, gastroenterology etc.  When one system is finished, don't rush to next system. Rather read it from MTB step2. This will cover MTB along with. (Remember, MTB in CK is equivalent to First Aid in step 1, rather MTB is little bit more important)

Medicine: 6 weeks

Cardiology 5 days (4+1)-4 days of Kaplan and 1 day of MTB

Gastroenterology and Hematology 5 days (4+1)

Pulmonology 4 days (3+1)

Infectious Disease 4 days (3+1)

Nephrology & Electrolytes 4 days (3 +1)

Endocrinology 3 days (2+1)

Rheumatology 3 days (2+1)

Hematology /Oncology 3 days (2+1)

Neurology 4 days (3+1)

Emergency Medicine 4 days (3+1)

Preventive Medicine 1 day

Dermatology-1 day

Opthalmology-1 day

Rdaiology-1 day

Surgery:   6 DAYS (4 +2 days)

Pediatrics: 5 days (4 days +1)

Gynecology+ Obstetrics:  1 Week (3+2 days of Kaplan +2 days of MTB)

Psychiatry/ Behavioral sciences (statistics part): 4 days (2+1 days of Kaplan + 1 day of MTB)

SECOND READ:  45-50days

In second read, in addition to revising Kaplan and MTB 2, one should add on U world. Do read the U world notes shared on forum before reading U world. That will improve U world scores; Read question and if the answer is right; don’t read the explanation; just read summary; if answer is wrong; go through the explanation and summary.


Cardiology 4 days (3 days of Kaplan and MTB & 1 day of Uworld)

Gastroenterology and Hematology 4 days (3+1)

Pulmonology 2 days (2+1)

Infectious Disease 3 days (2+1)

Nephrology & Electrolytes 3 days (2+1)

Endocrinology 2 days (1+1)

Rheumatology 3 days (2+1)

Hematology /Oncology 2 days (1+1)

Neurology 3 days (2+1)

Emergency Medicine 4 days (2+ 2 days of U world of Emergency visit)

Preventive Medicine     1 day

Dermatology-& Opthalmology-1 day

Rdaiology-1 day

Surgery:   4 DAYS (3 daysof Kaplan /MTB +1day of U world)

Pediatrics: 4 days (3days +1)

Gynecology+ Obstetrics:   6 days (2+2 days of Kaplan +2 days of U world)

Psychiatry/ Behavioral sciences (statistics part): 4 days (2+1 days of Kaplan / MTB+ 1 day of MTB)

THIRD READ:  ( 1 month)

In 3rd read , one should revise kaplan and U world . U world takes verylesstimein3rd read as all the questions are known by that time. So just read the notes uploaded in the forum or read your own highlighted points and solve the questions and go ahead

MEDICINE:  18 days

Cardiology 3 days Gastroenterology and Hematology 4 days (3+1)

Pulmonology 1 days

Infectious Disease 2 days

Nephrology & Electrolytes 2 days

Endocrinology 1 day

Rheumatology 1 days

Hematology /Oncology 1 day

Neurology 2 days

Emergency Medicine 3days

Preventive Medicine     1 day

Dermatology-& Opthalmology-Rdaiology-1 day

Surgery:   3 DAYS

Pediatrics: 3 days

Gynecology+ Obstetrics:   4days

Psychiatry/ Behavioral sciences (statistics part): 2 days

MTB STEP2 CK: 3-4 days

Raed complete MTB ck in 3-4 days in continuity

MTB STEP 3: ( 2-3 days )

This is not essential but if you read it, it will increase your total score by 15 marks. Spend 2-3 days in reading it .It is same as MTB step2 with some addition

NMBE: After reading the MTBs , take 2 NBMEs; if you score >250 , take step 2 in next 10 days; otherwise delay the date

FOURTH READ: ( 1 week)

After NBME, take 7-8 days in reading all subjects from Kaplan



PEDs-1 days

GYN/OBS-1 day

Psychiatry/BS-1 DAY


Read MTB in 3-4 days and Take exam On 5 th day

NOTE: Most of times, people get scores either equal or more than NBME score in real exam. So don’t take exam until you get 250 or more in NBME

Article by: Waqas Nawaz ,MD


  1. where do i find the uworld notes?

  2. Could you please tell me where I can find your Uworld notes...

  3. thanks for ur guidance! where can we find ur uworld notes?


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