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Pak Studies: Imp Topics

-Via seniors.

  • Past papers are a must.
  • Some of the points jotted down during Pak Studies lectures. Just to give an idea about what can be expected in the exam. (As per the instructions of Sir Yahya)
Ideology of pakistan
نظریہ پاکستان
Quotations of Quaid and Iqbal regarding Ideology of Pakistan.

Reformatory Movements in sub continent.
-Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Saani (RA)
-Hazrat Shah Wali ullah (RA)
-Tehreek e Mujahideen/ Balakot/ Syed Ahmad Shaheed (RA)

Educational movements in Sub continent
-Ali Garh Movement
-Anjuman e Himayat e Islam Lahore.
-Jaamia Ashrafia/ The school of Deoband
-Jaamia Naeemia barelvi

Short Questions: (Some of the examples as per Sir could be as follows)

-The responsibilities and misdeeds of Congress ministeries
-Division of Bangal تقسیم بنگال
-Annulment of Division of Bangal تقسیم بنگال کا منسوخ ہونا
-Enlist the names of Prime Ministers of Pakistan. بھائی پلیز پاکستان کے سارے وزیر اعظم کے نام لکھ دو
-Enlist the names of Presidents of Pakistan.  سارے صدور کے نام بھی
and some brief historical points and events regarding such political event.
etc. اور ان سب باتوں کا تاریخی پس منظر بھی لکھیں

Long questions could be: (A few examples given below)

-Administrative difficulties of newly formed Pakistan, which adequate elaboration on انتظامی امور میں دشواریاں
1- Natural Resources of Pakistan. قدرتی وسائل
2- Agriculture resources of Pakistan زراعت
3- Importance of Pakistan from defence point of view. دفاعی لحاظ سے پاکستان کی اہمیت

- Reasons of lack of development in Pakistan
1- Illiteracy جہالت
2- Overpopulation لوگوں کی زیادتی
3- Lack of medical facilities صحت کی سہولتوں کی کمی
4- Poverty غربت

- How can we overcome the aforementioned difficulties?

-Factors of political awareness among people of sub-continent? بر صغیر میں سیاسی شعور

-Political Awareness among Muslims of sub continent.

On last day, he told these.
1.Educational movements
2.Aligarh movement
4.Ministries of Congress and their cruelty.
5.Division of Bengal.
6.Administration of Pakistan
7.Natural resources of Pakistan
9.Importance of Pakistan (with special regard to nuclear power)
10.Reasons of backwardness.And how to overcome them.

تعلیم کے فروغ کے لیے تحاریک
تحریک علی گڑھہ
انجمن حمایت اسلام
کانگرس کی وزارتیں اور ان کا ظلم و ستم
تقسیم بنگال
پاکستان کے انتظامی امور
پاکستان کے قدرتی وسائل
پاکستان بطور ایٹمی طاقت
پاکستان کی پسماندگی اور اس پر قابو پانے کے طریقے

Credits for writing during lectures: Junaid wali, Zuha Zafar


  1. Great information. I am starting at UMHS, another of the caribbean medical schools.
    Your information will definitely help me better prepare for my own experiences
    in the caribbean.

  2. JAZAKILLAH... :)


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