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FCPS- I Preparation Guide for Radiology

FCPS- I  preparation for Radiology 

 Dr. Saba  (Kemu Class of 2006-11)
F.C.P.S Resident Radiology.

Anatomy is the key subject…paper two is whole anatomy..·         Grab netter page by page and word by word..
·         Take help from snell’s review for gross anatomy..
·         For neuro anatomy, portion of Kaplan anatomy can be used or a small book named high yield neuroanatomy is also good
·         Embryology is asked quite superficially but it is a part of paper,,it can be prepared from high yield embryology. Its an excellent book for it.
·         Histology is rarely asked.. take any local keybook and don’t waste more than 2 days on it.(Amir’s histology).DO NOTT FORGET TO DO ALL MCQS OF ANATOMY FROM MURAD ATLEAST THRICE…
This paper requires thorough anatomy study, relationships of different structures, courses of vessels and nerves, bony landmarks all are required in gross anatomy.. u can leave all muscular attachments word by word, but atleast learn the bony origins and insertions.

And prepare anatomy in the end as it is the most volatile subject, easily forgettable.

Rest of the subjects…paper1
It’s a mixture of all other subjects…which can be easily prepared from 1st aid..paper 1 is almost all general knowledge of mbbs..if u have good core knowledge, its very easy..
·         Prepare physio well,,if first aid seems insufficient, BRS physiology is a very easy and fantastic book..DO NOT GET DISTURBED BY THE TOUGH PHSIO MCQS OF MURAD, radiology ppl are not asked such things
·         Prepare system wise pathology from 1st aid, its more than enough,, not so many things are asked out of it.
·         General pathology must be prepared in detail,, it can be done from Kaplan or BRS pathology..
·         Biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology and biostatistics…all are small modalities,, DO NOTTT WASTE TIME ON THEM…prepare them from 1st aid and in short time..,I really don’t remember a single question out of all these except tuberculosis..cover them from 1st aid and if not possible, u may leave them :P

Few general tips
·         Part 1 is game of all nerves,, don’t get anxious, don’t get frustrated..
·         Be focused, be relaxed throughout ur prep and during exam also
·         Anatomy is very volatile, don’t worry about it but if u have grabbed netter and read snell’s review thrice,, u ll easily sail through it..NETTER IS VERY IMPORTANT
·         Don’t worry about minor subjects,, these are not asked very frequently
·         Do not try to do mcqs before covering text ll disturb ur preparation..
·         Do not try to cover each and every mcq book in market,,except anatomy of murad…but if u have tym,, go for them..
In the endd,, radiology is a superb field, waiting for ambitious ppl..WELCOME TO THIS BLACK AND WHITE WORLD OF MYSTERIES J all the best kidzz J

Dr. Saba  (Kemu Class of 2006-11)

F.C.P.S Resident Radiology.

For F.C.P.S Prep.  Medicine & Allied
& to how to use mcq books  & First AID ,
refer to this link :



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