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By Aimen Saeed Ex 1st Year

The clocks ticking fast..... Tick tock.. tick tock. tick tock. The countdown has begun: [robotic style] This article will self-destruct in: 5 . . 4 . . 3 . . 2 . . . 1.------------------------- Wait a second..... The situation here is even scarier than ""self-destruction"".... If you think that this countdown is to welcome the year 2015 then I must tell you k “”aap sara sar mughaltay par hay”’ because this countdown is not just an ordinary countdown but the countdown to the Dooms-day (ya Allah reham) or rather I should say ""THE PRAAAF RESULT""

The tormenting view of dreadful WALK to PATIALLA makes your hackles rise whenever appearing in your mind The clamorous corridors, humungous crowd in front of the Patiala notice board, surfeit of triumphs or failures, GOD knows.

So wondering what’s the hottest question of the year?? It is not: " Dude, when's the Sherlock season4 airing??"

neither it is
" Oye 2nd year welcome kab day rhi hay??""
nor is
""Go Nawaz Go ya Ro Imran ro ""
G han aaj kal har zubaan pay ek he question chaya hay......

The Kemcolians tired of liking the statuses of Their UHS friends wishfully wait to put the same FB statuses: "ALHAMDULLILAH PASSED - OFFICIAL SENIORS.... YAAY!!""

Actually the fact is whenever we think of this question the whole proff bearing-situation-buri halat comes to our mind and the memory runs through our mind like a movie trailer........... (missed a Qs , got only few MCQs correct, couldn’t attempt better) giving us Med-sufferers intense goose bumps.....



 *whispers: yar bta day behan hogi *





And most of the readers will agree that if your mind demands the result to be posted already , at the same time heart skips a beat " I’m too young to die" :((
Why do we get this arrhythmia-tachycardia, whatever?? Is it ecstasy or are we too excited to hear our ""Amaaal nama"".? O.o


But this whole period does bring oneself closer to the Creator: praying 5 times a day..... prayers becoming longer day by day...... And is k sath sath har guzartay insaan ko ye kehna " plz dua krna" jaisay k wo wali hay and us ki dua zaroor qabool honi hay. Rather it is true: " jahan dawa kaam nai krti wahan DUA kaaam krti hay"" And mother's prayers are sure to be accepted.

The other very interesting thing is that this has even affected our new year’s resolutions......
"ya Allah is dafa pass kra day agli dafa sath sath paru ga"" " beshak 50% he daiday Allah pak anay walay saal may no proxy"" ""promise I’ll never ever .... ev....ver sleep in class"" or my personal favorite: " Qasmay class to kbhi bunk he nai hogi""

No doubt the result has got later than ever and this is making us med students restless especially the ex-1st yr. that's dangling on the bridge between 1st yr. and 2nd yr., anxiously waiting to become official seniors............

May Allah bless us all. And May we all pass this restless situation and of course May we all pass the Proff with excellent score because we are "cream de la cream"

*fingers crossed*


  1. This actually gave me goosebumps. :O


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