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11 ways to rock those scrubs!

                                      Dress to kill for an evening the OT!

Michael Kors is going to be out with his surgical gown line "Dr.Kors" in spring!
We are going to start our fourth year.

And the time has come to don the OT-kits! *can't wait can't wait*

Those of you who feel like flour sacs in the scrubs, you have been doing it wrong!

Having witnessed a number of fashion faux-pas when it comes to scrubs and having made a lot of mental notes about DOs and DON'Ts of scrub fashion sitting at zero-point, here are a few tips on how to look hot in scrubs!

1. Choose the right color
Scrubs used to be white you know, but then they switched to green or blue because green/blue helps the surgeons see better.
Looking at something green from time to time can keep someone’s eyes more sensitive to variations in red.
Now that you know, there are just so many colors to choose from!
You can choose from a proffesional dark blue , a calming light blue, panadol pink, the classy burgundy, the usual halka green that everyone wears or the darker shade or any earthy tone!

2.Get the right fit!
Tailor-made or otherwise, be sure to get the right fit!
Choose according your body type!

Bare ankles may be in fashion but they are a big no-no with OT-kits!
Pants should not be so long that you might trip on them, but they should not be “high waters” either.

No peek-a-boos!
Be mindful of the V-neck cut. If the V-neck cut of the scrub top is too low, wear a t-shirt or an undershirt below!

A good fit crisp cotton over-all looks best!
Get one of those Vinset ones, a shop just ahead of Alkareem wali gali, on the right side has got them in stock!
They are definitely the best fit!

If not, go for a jacket!

A leather jacket would be the most classy option!

and if not that, everyone is swooning over those baseball jackets *__* Uff!

Whatever suits your style!

And please ladies! no chiffon duppattas!
If you must, go for a scarf, floral, printed, digital,block print, anything!

Get rid of the stains!
It is important to look professional and your scrubs must be in top form, clean and ironed.
Here's what I found on Pin interest, might be useful!

Neechay slipper ho aur upar scrubs? They make em look like PJs!
What to wear?
Flipflops? No!
Slip-ins? Nah!
Crocs? No way!
Ya tou banda khaali Mayo ki canteen sey Aaloo k parathay khanay ja raha ho , phir tou you got the just-got-out-of-bed look right with the scrubs and the slippers, warna nahi!

Sneakers? HURRAY!

Yes, finally its OK to wear your joggers EVERYWHERE!

The sneakers trend jumped from the street and onto the runways in Spring'14 with the Chanel and Dior couture shows in Paris and finally the trend has caught on in Pakistan too.

Luckily,it looks like they are here to stay for '15!
They are said to work best with monochrome pantsuits, and our scrubs look only slightly different right?

Waisey bhi running all the way from Patiala to Mayo to the Wall back again is no easy feat with the flip flops!

Let your feet rejoice!
P.S On the upside, no tans!


2015, and its time to let those cropped hair grow out into a long,luscious mane!
Beshak har jaga jhaattaa khol k phiro, but with scrubs, its best to sweep back those tresses!

You can opt for messy side bun, a loose knot, or a super tight bun at the top.

And If by any chance you look like you just walked out of the American Horror Story with a joora..


 then just go for a sleek ponytail or a french or a fish braid, there is just so much to choose from!


Who needs a choker when you have that Littmann around your neck? *-*
No doubt,a stethoscope is THE HOTTEST accessory you could ever flaunt!
But the right to wear a steth, like a Bournville, has to be earned.

So for the time being, go minimalistic!
A watch and simple studs would do.
Go for classy brown leather thin strap watch or the gold faux Rolex chunky, whatever you are comfortable with.
The rubber watches in neon colors were the coolest thing in '14, lets see if they stick around in 2015.

If you can't fish out enough for a Swatch, set out on foot for a trip around old Anarkali and you might surprisingly discover a timeless piece from no one other than the ghari wala who sits at the nukkar!

P.S If you come across one in Tifanny blue, please let me know!

What goes best with that V-neck?
Well what else than a hint of beautifully sculpted collar bones!
Walk, run, do scrunches, do those chest lifts, its time to brandish those bones!
My friend, Amna, suggests the "GM diet" which promises to help you lose around 5-8 kg in a week, you can try that out as well!

9.MAKE -UP -Less is more!
Red may be the fad, but the OT is definitely not the place to show off that Mac Ruby woo you just bought.
Stick to a nude matte or the gloss.
Add to that the Cara Delevingne brows and a neat feline flick ( use a spoon to create the perfect winged effect) and you are all set!
And if that doesnt suffice for you, how about a tint of neon eyeshadow in contrast with your scrubs on the lower lid and huge lashes?
(Vaseline and talcum powder is the trick ladies)

Ladies, please WAX.
or wear a long sleeved shirt underneath.
No one likes those monkey arms on display!

Smile! n look confident!

n oh don't forget to take that #FirstdayatOT selfie however cliched it may be!

Can't wait to go and get me some scrubs!
Holidays be over soon.



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