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Community Prof Bank 2014


10 questions in total 2 from reference writing(book, journal or news paper) 1-2 from visits... should know the incharge/head and facilities provided there. 1-2 each from epidemiology,family planning,nutrition,biostats. 

(What different batches get) 

Table no 1: what are methods of family limitation? are they reversible? Table no 2: what is food fortification? give two example Table no 3: what are the service provided by RHC? Table no 4: Home made ORS? Table no 5: EPI schedule at birth? Table no 6: Causative Agent of Chicken pox and Herpes Zoster Table no 7: Dose of BCG in 5 month old child? Table no 8: What is Type II Error? Table no 9 and 10: Reference Writing of journal

 -Types of IUCD -hospital ,yellow,green buckets and in mai kya daltay hain options were material...non sharp hazardous ...non hazardous materials -Deficiency of vit A,C,D ...write one disease caused by it... -5 Endemic diseases in pak... -Vaccine given in preg n its schedule (tetanus)

 1- enumerate resources 2- enumerate iucd complications 3- 2SD area covered 4 - yellow fever vaccine durations and candidates 5 - enumerate occupational diseases 6 -7- journals reference writing ( each reference writing table is followed by resting table so jst jot down the info given randomly and orgainze it on the resting table ) 8 - flourine def and excess diseases 9- type 1 error 10- characteristics of normal distribution curve 

 Mam Saira: 

achay se research dekhti hain aur se related hi questions kerti hain...ur topic of reserch? ur batch leader? result? etc... log book b check kertein per us se kuch nai poocha... aur internal assessment b... what is Objective? how can it be made measurable? What is Quinacrine sterilization? its complication? What is KAP? Operational definition of aptitude in KAP? Solid Waste Management? Mam ny mjse rezerch ka topic pucha . Standrd error or bias my dif. Analytc studies ki typs. Descrptv ki typs. Mja ak b ni ati thi. Khti koi 8 han. Surveilnc uski typs. Myny woi durct in drct bol dia. social anatomy pucha. Social sceienc . validity and reliability diffrnc and skewness and outliers. mam saira is really sweet she asks regarding research mostly plus larvicides , sampling , screening , PQLI , parametric tests ( t test n chi square ) non parametric ( fischer exact test) , demographic proflie main say koi aik parameter pooch laitin lik IMR , life expectancy values .. Maam saira.... Topic of research Result? Bias? Types? Bias in ur research....(was selection bias) Percentile decile wagayra maam poch rae hayn. Diff. Btwn percentage and percentile. Maam kay viva k liay u should know epidemiology,biostatistics,research,sampling,demography.99%vivas are from these topics Research...topic n result ..thats it...kabhi kabhi design n bias n sample pooch laiti hain... For maam...research n biostats r a must ...aur maam nai ajj PEM kwshikor n marasmus kay water...primary health care...measles elimination stategy MMR in Pakistan, Under 5 mortality rate.Pillars of safe motherhood. Who vaccination schedule Minus desk zeri desk plus desk.


what is Green House Effect? How the rays are trapped within atmosphere? If Aedes Agypti carrying dengue virus bites 100 people, how many will be affected? If 100 children are infected with polio virus, how many will be affected? rabies treatment? Accident resulting in will u treat it? He actually likes rabies tetanus scabies in comm. Dieseases puchte main. Treatmnt of Rabies Scabies Typhoid Oral typoid vaccine(vivotif..ty21a vaccine ..1 hour before meal with water or cold milk ..) Green house effect and gases Bcg Definition of Community Medicine: Science of control & prevention of disease treatment of scabies,odds ratio,anti larval measures for water stagnant in water coolers.treatment of rabies. what is anemia and ratio of anemic people in Pakistan ? daily requirement of Cl,Mg,F etc. define social science, social anatomy. def of epidemiology and treatment of rabies. Internal: research related questions and principles of PHC difference between confidence interval and odds ratio. green house effect Def of epidemiology,diseases transmitted by common house fly.

Do learn vitamins & minerals normal values and diseases due to their deficiency & excess.


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Anatomy/Histology Gallery
Read the instructions here 1st Year

Histology Slides for Professional Exams
Folder 1- Labelled Folder 2 - Labelled Folder 3 - Labelled
Histology Revision Slides Updated (2011)
by Laiba Khalid
Lower Limb Anatomy Spotting Labelled

Embryology Models Some models are labelled and others mentioned in comments

Anatomy Museum Models (unlabelled) This album covers Upper limb, Lower limb and Thorax regions of anatomy

2nd Year
HISTOLOGY Diagrams Hand-drawn CARDS 2ND YEAR MBBSThese are hand-drawn histology diagrams by Demonstrator Dr. Shaista (Dept of Anatomy, KEMU) and submitted by Anosha.NEUROLOGY/ Neuroantomy SPOTTING  (LABELLED SPECIMEN) 2ND YEAR  Each structure is labelled and a great job done by Anosha. Neuroanatomy / Brain 2nd Year Important topics by LaibaNeuroanatomy Models Labelled  Gross models labelled by Maryam Shahid Abdomen & Pelvis Anatomy Spots Labelled Excellent job by Maryam Shahid
Anatomy Learni…

USMLE Step 2 CK experience by Rizwan Khan (254)


     I recently got done with Step 2 CK exam & I want to elaborate my experience and the mistakes that I made during my prep so that any of my colleagues who are preparing for this exam might benefit from them. I wont go much in detail about how to prepare and where to prepare from since it is already highly debated on the forum and in the previous posts but would focus more on my personal experience and the bad choices which I made during the preparation phase.
SELF-ASSESSMENTS AND QBANKS Uworld 74% Kaplan Qbank 69%
Kaplan diagnostics  = 80% (70 days before exam) Kaplan Simulation Exam 1 = 71% (50 days before exam) Kaplan Simulation Exam 2 = 76%  (40 days before exam) Fred simulation for CK = 84% (39 days before exam) NBME 2 (offline) 21 mistakes (30 days before exam)
NBME 4  =    263 (13 days before exam) UWSA =  259 (2 days before exam)
Real exam = 254