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New House Officer's Orientation Guide

New House Officer's Orientation Guide by Dr. M. Tauseef Omer F.C.P.S. Resident
Paediatrics Medicine & Neonatology
Mayo Hosp.,Lhe.

Cleared M.B;B.S.  !
You thrived Well.
Now its time to link your previous theoretical knowledge & clinical skills with newer and better clinically oriented knowledge ! Medical World is so big , & So is the hospital where you are joining as HO- Mayo Hospital. This little guide will help you orient yourself to the working environment of Mayo & also to what is required from you.

House job can help you decide what is the most suitable Specialization for you.At the end of your Rotations you may be able to figure out if you are a doctor for bone repairs, or cutting n stitching bowels, or to handle crying babies , or the one who reads x rays and watches TV with ultrasound probe in hand!
Or , before your House job begins , you may visit wards of your "interest" , meet senior doctors- see their working routine and environment and decide abo…

Lecture Slides: Gynecology; Anemia In Pregnancy

lecture Slides: Surgery : Carcinoma Gallbladder

Lecture slides:Plastic Surgery:BURNS

Sports Week 2015 Decor

KemArchives : Sports Inside '15

We are two days in sports week already and its already hell-lotsa-fun, Stay tuned and we bring you the hottest , the spiciest ,and obviously the best.

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When Your First Substage goes Urrrrrrrr !!!

By Aimen Saeed

Remaining a “topper” through out your life, and then getting an "F" or even failing a test is a like bomb shell being dropped on you like a bang!!!! (this is especially rue for the theeti 1st yr) But know one thing that actually, failure is a blessing in disguise. It is nothing but just a small breach in your way to make you stronger and competitive for the other upcoming challenges yet to face. And especially in medical life, you really can’t survive without facing failure, without confronting the fact  that you might get messed up at some point where things go out of hand and you feel like : :
But but but…….. truly telling, after "my" first experience of getting an "F", I would really say that failure is in itself a feeling to enjoy!! Yup, you heard me right. And talking about failure, the most adventurous story of yours, in a medical school, is how you failed your first substage !! 

Behind the Curtains with Dr. Mansoor Baseer Pal

Behind the Curtains

Dr. Mansoor Baseer Pal 
The Most Feared Professor of KEMU by Moeed Ahmed, Laiba Khalid and Taroob Latef

Chairperson of ENT (Unit I)

KEMC Graduate Class of 1981, FRCS (UK) Senior Registrar Walsgrave Hospital UK Assistant Professor Fatima Jinnah (1991-1999) Professor AIMC (1999-2003) Professor KEMU (2003-present)

Author of numerous published papers, Dr. Pal holds special interest in nasal and sinus surgery

Cynical on the outside but just as soft hearted on the inside, Dr. Pal was as forthright as one can be, evaded no questions and spoke fearlessly on every matter.
A renowned weight lifter and arm wrestler of his time with a thriving love for England, Dr. Pal’s face lights up every time he talks about his late father and wishes he had walked in his footsteps to pursue Physics as his career.
What are your hobbies? How do you like to spend a regular Sunday ? Layt k cricket match dekhna aur late k adha sona adha jagna aur tv dekhna. But fail to d…

Lecture Slides: Surgery ; Abdominal Distension

Lecture slides: Pediatrics: Chronic diarrhea