When Your First Substage goes Urrrrrrrr !!!

By Aimen Saeed

Remaining a “topper” through out your life, and then getting an "F" or even failing a test is a like bomb shell being dropped on you like a bang!!!! (this is especially rue for the theeti 1st yr)
But know one thing that actually, failure is a blessing in disguise. It is nothing but just a small breach in your way to make you stronger and competitive for the other upcoming challenges yet to face.
And especially in medical life, you really can’t survive without facing failure, without confronting the fact  that you might get messed up at some point where things go out of hand and you feel like :
"uggghhh my life's a mess"

But but but…….. truly telling, after "my" first experience of getting an "F", I would really say that failure is in itself a feeling to enjoy!! Yup, you heard me right. And talking about failure, the most adventurous story of yours, in a medical school, is how you failed your first substage !! 
OR, I rather prefer to say it this way :

“Substage urrrrrrrr gai!!!”

So here it begins:
Being promoted to 2nd year MBBS,
Le respected seniors: “2nd year…. Sab say asaan,,,,”
Le me: “but Baji ,,,,, head n neck is killing me,,,,,,,”
Le seniors : “nai nai it is piece of cake….. boht asaan ….. you just have to study one night before substage and … woahlaaa!!’

but the real cake is like a face palm!!

Okay..... that really boosted up my spirits..... but the messy fact is that  at the end anatomy got me like:
study me or i'm gonna kill u!!

I even started getting nightmares...... phhfff....

But I didn't give up…. Kept on trying to get the “eijga paija” of head and neck…..
Finally the day came…"the day of good for nothing substage"… 
Here, let me tell you that for some people, in particular to my friends, the day of substage has always been a very tense one. May be because of their  hyper-active sympathetic system….
And especially the turning point of the day is…. Whose gonna take your viva!!??…..
That's right.....The moment you get to know which professor’s music you are going to face is synonymous to your subtage's result being declared before you have actually given it!!
Yup,,,,, and I got one of “those” teachers…….
 And my reaction was like:
this cant be happening!!

And the more crappy thing about that substage was that I was one of the unlucky ones 'jin ka viva sab say pehlay hota hay"

So that's that..... 
Yup ... I panicked.....  it is said that if you are tensed Laugh Out Loud........
over ho gya.... nai??
Trust me... it didn't work......
The teacher seemed to be in a very bad mood..... 
wow "meray sitaray to paka gardish may thay"!!
The viva began,,,,,, questions after questions ...... all seemed french......
Thoughts whirling n my mind "hain...? ye kahan tha??"

The moody professor in the chair  "Say "WOT"!!"

With me making "anatomy bongia" the professor really felt like doing this t:

Thanking God  that atleast this didnt happen!!

On the other hand I was trying to make pretty faces like
Me in front of the frustrated teacher

I was trying really hard to correct the blunder, thinking really hard to at least answer one question right, like:

And the teacher was now out of her mind, like:

Then I tried to make innocent faces but to no use,,,, finally I had to say:

I came out…. The result was obvious….......
*insert sad music here*
I felt really bad because dahh this was going to b my first “F” in history of KEMU yet…
Enough of the drama already!!

But actually no... It ain't kemcolian's level to create any kind of drama So I kind of felt a sigh of relief because there is first time for everything ...... pehly substage urriiiiiii...
And today Alhamdullillah I did good in the "stage" of Head n neck and will pass it  In Sha Allah. 

So All's Well That Ends Well !!
P.S: i aint telling you to delebrately fail your subtsge but just dint lose heart because failure has always something more to teach you other than working hard for the next time, and that is remaining strong in the actual life ahead, in the life where you will have to face actual problems other than tests and substages!!


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