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Pediatrics Study Guide | High Yield Topics

By Abeera Akram

chap 13: meningitis, enceplitis,epilepsy,febrile seizures,CP. tb menigtits ke treatmt from inam enceplitis treatmnt from inam herpes,measles,mump enceplitis nai karna .. cerebral malaria. epilepsy preferbly frm inam status epileptitcus from here. hydrocephalus karna raised icp read sol, acute stroke nai karna mental retardatn b ni microcephly b ni. chp 14: imp r mystenia, flopy infnt, GB duchene read mystenia frm inam degeneratv disorder nahi karna Gb from inam bs

cgp 15: imp r ttp ,hemophlia anemia cause list fe def anemia b thalasemia sicke cel macrocytic megaloblastic acquired aplstic. enzymmatic defct ni karna.. coagulatn defcts, Dic, disorder of platelets. chp 16: leukemia ,lymphoma imp splenomegly causes lymphadenopathy causes bss. chp 17: niii krna chp 18: rickets nd hypothyroid , short stature only chp 19: dr akmal laeek likes glactocemia PKU.

peads ch 1 for long short case ch 2: growth, develpmnt, table 2.1, table 2.5, developmnt neonate gross motor mcqs ch 3: only epi baki awein he precautnz readd, bcg read,polio read,tetnus k adverse effcts, diphteria advrse effcts, pertusis containddicatns measles k b adverse nd contra indicatns. Ch 4: imnci diarhea, sorethorat, ear,fever malaria measls, ch 5: ni krna chp 6: do breast feed nd malnutritn nutritn ke def, table 6.1 formula to calculte calori, infnt feeding breast feed sara wid table, five star read, weaning def ,weaning food, table 6.1, functnz, malnutritn sara ch 7: ni karna

chp 20: so so chp q may cum nd long case too. jra, septic ni krna, sle, kwasaki nni,hsp ni, chp 21: down syndrome chp 22: imp r glomerulonepritis ,nephrotic evaluatn read, fliud nd electro ni krna, acid bse b ni, hematuria list, acf,ccf nai krna,uti karna bss chp 23: ni krna 24 b ni chp 25: learn names of all antidotes for mcqs general mangmnt hydrocarbon injstn bss. peads complete :)

Chp 11: only celiac nd chronic diarhea baki med wala table 11.1,2 chap 12: imp chp imp topics tof,vsd,asd,pda. fetal nd neonatal circulatn congentital heart diseases. cynotic heart diseases transpositn of GA. ccf etiology imp, diagnosis cardiomyopathy nai karnaa.

chp 10: imp h imp waley thorougly baki good read simple clinical signs, acute epigolttitis,bronchillitis imp,pneumonia imp,pleural effusion ,pneumothorax, asthma imp, managmnt of acute asthma imp, managmnt of chronic read,cystic fibrosis

ch 8: jaundice for wrtn resuscitn for osce. def, rescsitatn,temp regulatn in newborn, birth asphyxia,prematurity, respiratory ditress, neonatal sepsis, torch, jaundice, post term infant, IDM,neonatal seizures


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