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Best Delegate Nagpur MUN India

KEDS made history at Nagpur MUN. Here is what Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS ;15) has to say:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Today, as a very Proud And First Ever President to announce 'The First Ever International Award' in the history of KEDS!
Our very ownTabish Javaidwinning the Best Delegate Award at Nagpur MUN India!
Well Done man! Totally Deserved it. Everyone is so proud of you. You are truly an inspiration for us all.
The Precedence has been set. IA more to follow."

Lecture Slides; surgery; Noninvasive workup

Lecture Slides; Surgery; Hemorrhoids

Lecture Slides; Peads; Proteinuria

Lecture Slides; Ortho; Rheumatoid arthritis

lecture Slides; Gynae; Contraception

Lecture Slides; Peads; Seizures in childhood

Lecture Slides; medicine; Chest pain

Lecture Slides; Peads; Neonatal seizures

Lecture Slides; Radiology; Revision

Lecture Slides; Medicine; Myopathies

Lecture Slides; Medicine; Headache

Lecture Slides; Medicine; Localization of lesion

Lecture Slides; plastic surgery; Microvascular surgery

CPC; Gynae; Ovarian mass

Lecture Slides; Urology; CA prostate

Lecture Slides; Plastic surgery; Lasers

KEDS- Adjudication Workshop for All Pak Parliamentary 2015

KEDS held an adjudication workshop on the 20th of May 2015 with Mr. Umair Ghumman.
Umair Ghumman, a renowned name in the world of parliamentary debates, is the former president of Lahore School of Economics Association of Debaters (LSEAD).
The purpose of the workshop was to train the KEDS members for the 16th All Pakistan Parliamentary Debating Championship, in order to ensure a high quality of adjudication at the tournament.

KEDS at NFC All Pak Declamations and Parliamentary Competition!

KEDS was at NFCs All Pak Declamations and Parliamentary Competition ,15th of May 2015.

Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS 15):

KEDS once again proved its young Talent atNFC Faisalabad! 
Hamid Ali and Maryam Fatima, The RUNNERS UP Parliamentary Debates! Well done KE-B! 
The Other teams: 
Ruhma Ihsan and Tabish Javaid (KE-A) 
Aleena Afzal and Junaid Masood (KE-C) also put a great show! 
In Declamation, The Talented Team of Muhammad Anas Tahir andNumra Urooj broke into finals! An achievement in itself as it was Numra's first ever declamation event from KEMU and Anas broke into Finals consecutively! like emoticon
And The MUN team! Put up a great show at PNA NFC MUN! Eesha Gul and Hajra Saeed were Awarded the HONORY MENTION Award!! Too good! like emoticon
The other members of the delegation: Minahil SaifullahMeeral Mandaharand Maida Faheem were also highly Appreciated by all! Such Diplomacy Ladies and in the Debut MUN too. MashAllah!

KEMCOLIANS taking it to the next level !

                                                                                                               by Larabe Farrukh Chaudry

"Kings and queens all at KEMU", you must have heard that one, well that's not just about it. To an outsider, we are just a bunch of lunatics, outcasted by the world and dwelling amongst our forts of books. Honestly, that isn’t completely false either. But, in our defense I’d like to say that Kemcolians apart from being the freak lot are actually super humans.
Seriously, how many doctors do you see every day who could do Eminem’s "rap God" or Billy X's "jutni punjabi" even better than the original, and that I assure you is not an overstatement.
Well, we Kemcolians are taking it to the next level.

(Moaz bin Saeed and Aamer Sohail doing what they do best)

King Edward Debating society, housing the best debators and declamators of the circuit, is one of the most glorified debating bodies. These people could actua…

Lecture slides: Medicine: Motor neuron disease

Lecture slides: Gyne/Obs: Fibroid

16th ALL PAK PARLIAMENTARY CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 - Official Event Review

Ayesha Saeed Malik                                    1st year MBBS

After the Declamation Championship King Edward Debating Society held another mega event between 22-25th of May, that marked yet another success on their behalf.

Delegates from different institutions were cordially invited to participate in the event. An enthusiastic participation from their side indeed, since KEDS had to accommodate 2-3 teams from the same institution at a time. 

After three strenuous days of fighting war of words and logic, in the preliminary rounds, various teams succeeded in qualifying for the quarter and semi-finals that took place on sunday. Yes, people actually sacrificed their beloved sundays to show up for their match, to compete for the mighty trophy of honour, demarcating the winner's territory. 

Then came the auspicious Monday - 25th may 2015. A day of perspiration for our finalists; KINNAIRD COLLEGE FOR WOMEN vs. FAST and UOL vs. GCU, a day of DO or LOSE. While on the other hand a regular …

Lecture slides: Orthopedics: Crush syndrome

Lecture slides: Surgery: Anal fissure/Perianal abscess

Lecture slides: Dermatology: Lichen planus

Lecture slides: Gyne/Obs: Abnormal uterine bleeding

Lecture slides: Surgery: CA stomach

6th Forman Parliamentary Debating Championship

KEDS again left its mark at Forman Parliamentary Debating Championship FPDC '15 .Heartiest Congratulations toIzza BazighandKanza Nooron being the English finalists of FPDC '15 after contesting along 40 teams.A little hard luck but IA u will bring home many trophies soon! MA you guys are our very bright future!! *Cheers*

KEDS is very proud onTabish Javaidbeing the 3rd Best Speaker of FPDC '15!! Congrgulations on this Spectacular Performance!! KEDS is very proud!!
Another feather in KEDS cap, Raza Shahzad as he was the 6th best Speaker in the very same tournament. Congratulations!