16th ALL PAK PARLIAMENTARY CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 - Official Event Review

                                Ayesha Saeed Malik                                    1st year MBBS

After the Declamation Championship King Edward Debating Society held another mega event between 22-25th of May, that marked yet another success on their behalf.

Delegates from different institutions were cordially invited to participate in the event. An enthusiastic participation from their side indeed, since KEDS had to accommodate 2-3 teams from the same institution at a time. 

After three strenuous days of fighting war of words and logic, in the preliminary rounds, various teams succeeded in qualifying for the quarter and semi-finals that took place on sunday. Yes, people actually sacrificed their beloved sundays to show up for their match, to compete for the mighty trophy of honour, demarcating the winner's territory. 

Then came the auspicious Monday - 25th may 2015. A day of perspiration for our finalists; KINNAIRD COLLEGE FOR WOMEN vs. FAST and UOL vs. GCU, a day of DO or LOSE. While on the other hand a regular horrid day for commoners like me, marking the start of yet another hot week of summer at school. 

The day started with English speakers coming up first, to speak on the topic: This House regrets Pakistan-America friendship with KC in proposition and FAST in opposition of the respected topic. A close-hand match was observed between the two teams, both astutely opposing the other's line of arguments. 'Clash of Opinions' appropriately describes the contest between the two rival teams.

After a 10 minute respite the Urdu speakers were called upon the stage to take their respective places. The topic allotted to them was: Ye aiwan muqananeen par har kism ke karobar par pabandi lagata hai with GCU speaking in opposition and UOL in favour of the topic. The feisty arguments between the two opposing teams continued for an hour. The scales of balance kept on shifting till the very moment the results were declared.

Meanwhile certain statements of the spokesmen were recorded, the reply to which were given by the NEWSLETTER KEDS (KNN) in the most hilarious way possible.

KC: " men will think in whichever way they want to think, so its better you stay cautious"
[sahe hai behan sadda kutta kutta tawada kutta tommy.]

"For example, I have a boyfriend 'theek hai' "
[For example I am Barrack Hussain Obama 'theek hai']

BEACONHOUSE: "When the government said Reham Khan married a 70 year old Imran Khan they forgot to mention the fact that DAMN! That guy's HOT!"
[Akhir ye jo PTI se muhabbat hai, ye kisi aur se muhabbat to nai]

FC-B: "The opposition presented us with 3 arguments;
                  a) mango
            b) potato
            c) tomato
[So you had your lunch. And you presented with three arguments;

UMT: "Saima, Noor, Reema chor gai glamour ki dunia ab is ghareeb industry se Ayyan Ali to mat cheeno"
"Ayaan Ali ki waja se nojawanon ka GPA behtar hua hai"
[gandi soch!]

"Ayaan ne chalain lawyers ko selfies lena to sikha dia hai"
[Aur lawyers k ghar ka atta woi selfies bech k ata hai na]

"Pakistan k andar jailon mai Ayaan Ali jaisi atish hussan ko qaid karna zulam hai"
[Dil ki baat kar gia zalim! Kasmay!]

AIMC: "Mai chars peena chahta hun. Mujhay koi peenay nai deta"
[Arey koi to rok lo!]

FC-D Zain Tahir to PU girl: "Mohtarma app buhat khubsurat lag rai hain. Ap beth jain."
[Tharak ka koi waqt muqarrar nai hota akhir]

UOL-A to PMC: "Kiya 1 and half liter wine, 15 glasses k equal hotay hain?"
[Wait, let me call my personal pinsaari. Aidda halaal sawal!]


.1 What do you think of kemcolians as hosts?
     GCU: Please come well dressed.
     [Idhar ap shadi pe nahi ai. Aur khud to jaisay ap Prince     Charming ban k ai ho na]
     LMDC: Seem very excited, especially the girls. We get excited looking at them.
     [Ap jaisay bachay to Omore ki tune sun kar bhi excited ho jatay      hain]
     AMEER-UD-DIN: Idhar khoon safaid hai.
     [Khoon chahiye ya trophy?]

    UET: Pankhon ka intezaam karain
    [Aur agar na karain to?]

2. What do you think of the sashes?
    AMEER-UD-DIN: Budget buhat ziada hai to iski jaga khana           rakhwa detay.
    [Hosla karo bhai. Ghar se kuch kha kar nahi ai?]

   FC-D: Is se behtar tha shorts banwa letay garmi buhat ziada hai.
   [Ap ke shorts walay din abhi tak gai nahi? Baray ho jao yar]

   UET: Waiter lag rahay hain.
   [lagta hai ap pehlay kabhi restaurant nahi gai ho]

3. Best pick-up line?
    UET: Apkay jootay buhat achay hain.
    [khanay hain?]

    LLC-B: Is it alright?
    [Shayad. Mai kyun bataun?]

     GCU: Achaaa....hum ko sikha riya hai?
    [Oh, ap to professional niklay. Autograph dena!]

3. President Sahab ke baray mai khiyal?
    GCU: 3rd class tamil film ka villain lagta hai.
    [apki movie choice pe ikees topon ki lanat!]

   PU: Ashiqui 2 ka hero lagta hai.
   [Isiliye movie flop....mera matlab hit hui thi]

   LLC-B: Kundi na kharka sohniya, sidha andar a.
   [Ghar ki bell kharab hai?]

    FC-D: Jab nazar se milai nazar, maza a gia.
    [Lagta hai apki wavelength match ho gai hai. Mubarik ho!]

    UET: Akelay na jana hamain chorr kar.
    [Haan, warna ap gum ho jao gai. Bachay ho na]

4. Message to other teams?
    AMEER-UD-DIN: Hum se bach k rehna GCU!
    [Hamain ghussa aya to hum ne rona shuru kar dena hai]

   PU: dekh lain gai hum apko FC.
   [Dekh lo, dekh lo, ji bhar k dekh lo, jin se harna hai unhain dekh      lo]

   FC-D: AMC awein mar khao gai hum se.
   [sehat dekho aur baatain dekho]

Finally the results were announced! 

The Trophy of the championship went to KINNAIRD COLLEGE for English and GCU for Urdu category.

The Best Speakers of the event were:


Blogger's Critique: Yet another success on KEDS part. Keep it up. Wishing you all the best for coming events in the coming years.

The best part however, was the humour conjured by the KNN team. Well done on your brilliant attempts at putting life, colour and vigour to a somber academic event, and ringing out genuine laughter with your prompt and audacious replies. Lastly, thank you very much for sharing your masterpiece with me.

p.s The air conditioning seriously needs to be tended to.
                                      au revoir!


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