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KEMCOLIANS taking it to the next level !

                                                                                                               by Larabe Farrukh Chaudry

"Kings and queens all at KEMU", you must have heard that one, well that's not just about it.
To an outsider, we are just a bunch of lunatics, outcasted by the world and dwelling amongst our forts of books.
Honestly, that isn’t completely false either.
But, in our defense I’d like to say that Kemcolians apart from being the freak lot are actually super humans.

Seriously, how many doctors do you see every day who could do Eminem’s "rap God" or Billy X's "jutni punjabi" even better than the original, and that I assure you is not an overstatement.

Well, we Kemcolians are taking it to the next level.

                               (Moaz bin Saeed and Aamer Sohail doing what they do best)


King Edward Debating society, housing the best debators and declamators of the circuit, is one of the most glorified debating bodies. These people could actually put your entire existence into question, leaving you asking yourself “What the hell just happened?”

     ( President KEDS Sharif Bashir alongwith Vice presidents Syed Ahmad Raza and Ruhma Ihsan)


If my doctor could sing to me, I'd have an excuse to get sick. Well, Kemcolians make the best singers, we have the Adeles, the Ali Azmats and the Atif aslams. Singing doctors? This world is a better place now.

                                                    ( Saad Ur Rahman in the spotlight)


Apart from writing all sorts of new scientific concepts and diagnosis in their test papers, Kemcolians have proven themselves to be one the most sophisticated and original writers you could find these days. These people live and breathe words hence winning the hearts of the readers.

(Nida Rauf president KELS along with Abdul Moez Khan, Fatima Qamar and Amna Ejaz)


Stand aside folks, because we know how to shake that gluteus maximus :’)
Incredible dancers, with those extraordinary moves will surely leave you starstruck.

                                   ( Syed Ahmad Raza performing at KDS annual play)

Just because we aren’t some CS geeks doesn’t mean we can’t show off our out of the ordinary graphic arts and cinematography skills, so who’s the nerdy doctor again?

                                 (Dhanda, the award winning short film by Oval Productions)


Having preserved our rawayat (tradition) Kemcolians master in the knowledge of Urdu shair-o-shairi and adab (literature). No one, I repeat no one in the circuit could do it better than them.

                           ( Annual Mushaira hosted by King Edward Literary Society urdu )


Even Irfan Ahson couldn’t deny what a prodigious lot of photographers we have here, just not some monkeys with  DSLRs for sure. Their breathtaking photographs have won innumerable awards and compliments from one of the most skilled gurus of the field.

                                                                                                                                 Credits: Awais Raza

                                                                                                                              Credits : Taha Masood


Someone give these people an Oscar for being such gifted actors that even the professionals can’t compete. King Edward has produced one of the most amazing, award winning plays and short films that have touched the hearts and lives of thousands.

                                              ( Ahmed Rafay Afzal stealing the show)


King Edward has one of the oldest and strongest charitable organizations, headed by the most incredible people, these organizations have successfully pulled off some nearly impossible projects, with the moto of “Service to man is service to God'

(President Haroon Rashid Gill with Student Patient Welfare Society 2015)


Could it get any better than this? We’ve got some amazing guitarists and drummers who could simply take your breath away.These guys know how to put up a show and nail it *goes all fangirl * Need not say anymore.

            ( Farhan Asharf , Ubaid Ali Rana and Umair Mazhar, too much awesomeness in one photo)


Kemunited, ladies and gentlemen, is the pioneer blog, the first of it's kind, with a repute none like the others. With  15+ lac views to date, it is emerging as one the most viewed blogs of the country. A group dedicated lads and lassies, doing a awesome job.

                            (Team KemUnited with the Vice Chancellor KEMU)

Check out this cool intro video to know what they are all about :

KemUnited - The Official Blog of King Edward Medical University
KemUnited - The Official Blog of King Edward Medical University Introductory Video Join Us :
Posted by Kemcolians United - The King Edward Medical University Blog - [ KemUnited ] on Sunday, 17 May 2015

So basically, being a Kemcolian is all about breaking the stereotypes and doing the extra-ordinary, the perfect doctors to be plus the perfect rishta materials, these people would never fail to amaze you.


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