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3rd Year: Syllabus for second professional examination

  • FORENSIC Syllabus:

Forensic Medicine + Toxicology
• LAW (Chap 2,3,4) NRA only • Personal id + Trace Evidence (Chap 5) NRA +Notes mainly • Autopsy (Chap 14 ) Notes mainly + Nra. • Trauma (Chap 6) Nra +Notes • Transportation Accidents (chap 7) Nra +notes • MLC of Sex (chap 8) Nra +notes • Thanatology( Chap 10) Notes mainly +NRA • Asphyxia (Chap 11 ) Nra mainly + notes • Drowning (Chap 12) Notes mainly +NRA • Accidents at Home and environment (Chap 13+ chap 6:pg 59-65) NRA +Notes • Autopsy (Chap 14 ) Notes mainly + Nra. • Regional injuries (chap 20 – Parikh)

( Parikh )
Non-Metallic Poisons : Phosphorous +Iodine
Metallic Poisons : Ar, Hg, Pb,Cu.
Snakes Somniferous Poisons : Opium n Morphine
Inebriant Poisons : Alcohol Sedatives n Hypnotics : Chloral Hydrate + Barbiturate
Fuels : kerosene
Agrichemical Poisons: Organophosphate Compounds
Deliriant Poisons : Dhatura +Hyoscyamus +Cannabis Indica
Spinal Poisons : Strychonus nux vomica
Peripheral nerve poisons : Curare
Cardiac Poisons : Digitalis purpurea+ Nerium Odorum + Yellow Oleander
Asphyxiants : CO +H2S
Analgesic and Antipyretics : Aspirin +Paracetamol
Stimulants : Amphetamine + Cocain Cyanide Poisoning

  • Pathology Syllabus:

• Basic Pathology: • Cell • Inflammation and Repair • Blood • Diseases of Immune System • Neoplasia • Genetic Diseases • Bacteriology (Basic n Clinical ) • Virology (Basic n Clinical) • Mycology • Parasitology • Immunology

Chapters :

Robbins – Chap 1-5 +6(only genetic diseases)

LEVINSON :- Bacteriology – Basic :Chap 1,2,3,4,6(Table only),7,8,9,12,13.
Clinical : Chap 14-19 +21+23-26
Virology – Basic : mainly Pearls +Chap 29,32,34 –whole.
Clinical : Chap 38,39,40,41,42,45 +Pearls of rest chaps
Mycology – 48,49,50.
Immunology – Chap 57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66, 67
Parasitology – (Shahid Anwar ) All UQs +Classification of Protozoa and Zoomastigophorea + Trypanosoma + Strongyloides stercoralis + Names of PARASITES causing Diarrhea, Anemia, Appendicitis.

  • Pharmacology Syllabus:

• General Pharmacology • Autonomic Drugs • Cardiovascular Drugs • CNS • Blood • Endocrine • Chemotherapeutic drugs • Diuretics • Git • Respiration

General Pharma = Section –I
ANS : page no. 134,151,152,156,158,178,202
Autacoids : 246
GIT: Sialagogues,Antisialagogues,Emetics,Antiemetics,Carminatives,Purgatives.
Respiration : Antitussives, Expectorants, Mucolytics. Bronchodilators

(Mini Katzung)
ANS : Chap : 6.7,8,9,10.
CVS: 11,12,13,14
Diuretics : 15
Respiration : 20
CNS: 21,22,23,24,25,26,28,29,30,31.
Blood: 33,34,35,36
Chemotherapy: 43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50( Metronidazole n Tinidazole +Nalidixic acid only),52,53,54.
GIT :59.
 27,55 from mini kat are also included

General Pharma : Bioequivalence,Therapeutic Equivalence, Vol of Distribution,Effect of Vd on drug half-life,Clinical Situations resulting in changes in drug half-life,optimization of dose,loading dose.
ANS : 2nd messanger systems in intracellular response,Direct n Indirect-acting cholinergic agonists, fig 4.11,Atropine,NM-blocking drugs,fig 6.6,Direct acting adrenergic agonists,phenoxybenzamine,beta adrenergic blocking agents.
CNS: Drugs used in Alzheimer disease,Methylxanthines,Pre-anasthetic medication, balanced anesthesia,Halothane,Nitrous Oxide,fig 11.8,tardive dykinesia, Fig 13.8,M.O.A of Morphine.
CVS: Aspirin,Thrombin inhibitors,Vit K antagonists,Alteplase, Streptokinase, APSAC,Drugs used to treat bleeding. Endocrine :Gonadotropins ,Insulins,fig 24.6, Insulin preparations n treatments,Synthetic Amylin Analog, Sulfonylureas,fig25.4,contraceptives,fig 25.13,Adrenal hormones.
Respiration :Spaces,Leukotirene antagonists,theophylline.
GIT: PPIs,antacids.


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