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Two Years of Medical Life

by Muhammad Ahmed Malik 
2nd year MBBS                            

Two years of medical life are essence of those experiences that we haven't experience in our past life . Some of these experiences have left strong memory traces in our hippocampus while some experience are so dumb that we want to get rid of them ! So here are some experiences of two years medical life .

1) The feeling of becoming a KEMCOLIAN is not less than feeling of conquering the world. The phrase All Kings and Queens are in King Edward has its own charm and attraction for a firstulla becoming a part of this prestige.

2) The feeling of being ragged and doing "Chee Phaa Tuss" for the seniors is one which after this we cannot experience during our entire life. The line "Chee Phaa Tuss" has a  heredity importance and is transferred to the firstullas by the seniors.


3) Doing dissection on a cadaver is first ever feeling of becoming a doctor.


4) First ever substage experience is dramatic. People start preparing for the show a week earlier , can't sleep a night before because of pre-substage hallucinations , put their best to top the substage but when the teacher passed them at 50 or 55 then seriously the feeling is indescribable.

                                  BD BD everywhere

5) Then there comes a first stage. People quit their normal recreational activities. They even log out their Facebook accounts. Do their best to pass the stage. This first ever experience make some people depressed .But soon they realize that passing a stage is not a big deal. You just have guts to pass the viva at any case. Spotting ALLAH k spurd ar baki written ki khair hai (farig karao) !!


6) February to April period is the best period in med-life.
This time period is jam packed with events , sports week and spring vacation. Events like lights of hope , welcome , class function and sports week make you so lively that you wish that these days would never end.

7) Then after this there comes a period when you have a long queue of tests. Every department try its best to crush you.All your liveliness fades away and you feel yourself like a machine. This is worse routine in med-life.

8) Summer holidays or more appropriate preparation holidays is an indication that mighty professionals are not so far. But laziness, sleepiness and aversion from books are the characteristics features of these holidays.
9) Then there comes Mighty proffs. Every medico presumes his or herself as a doctor house. During this period one experiences time dilation, nightmares related to mighty proff and other indescribable feelings. Written, Viva, practicals, spotting crushed you so much that you even forget how to behave like a normal. But after this period your life starts getting back to real world. Personally speaking this is the worse experience in med-life.

10)  Passing the proff and getting into second year is the best feeling and the best time . Everyone is busy in posting the  status of becoming a 20% doctor and celebrating the post-proff celebration.

11) How can one forget of becoming a senior. Now as a senior he or she is ready to take the revenge of ragging by applying the same principles of ragging on the juniors as seniors did with them .

12) Being a senior one feels his duty to bunk the lectures , getting debarred from the substage, stage. Those who have previous 100% attendance record now have 75% attendance barely.

13) Having an edge on juniors, seniors take full advantage of it and literally order the juniors to do their tasks even to make their practical copies . This feeling is not less than "feeling like a boss" feeling .


Now, in short two years of medical life have passed so early with so many experiences that one will never forget in his entire life . And on the other way next three years are there for so many experiences. After all, life is an experience book!!!


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