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Tips to attempt written papers

By Kainat Zaffar Laghari

A few tips how to attempt your paper :
A must read for first year students :

1) first of all about MCQ portion which is definitely a bit tricky but u have to sit calm and read it calmly and carefully .  Dont panic if u dont know the answers. Even at times u dont know half of the answers but thats okay u r not alone.

2) dont leave any MCQ.  Just mark it.  mark the closest option near you. That's All

3) SEQ : at time there are such questions which are quite unfamiliar to you but if u know from which
topic the question is just write anything relevant to it.  Believe me u ll not get ZERO in it.  Specially in physio at times there are some questions like How, what's the mechanism??  Even if u dont know both u know WHAT the thing is relevant to just write about it.  You ll definitely get some marks. I have tried it

4) flow charts : try to make flow charts of mechanisms asked.  Avoid writing lengthy and BORING
paragraphs.  It bores the examiner.  Write them in the form of flow charts or little highlighted  Points.  It will make a good impression for sure

5) PBQ : if u r sure what the disease or diagnosis is then write the one but if u ain't sure then write 2, 3 names which come across ur mind at the time.  It ll help u save marks

5) LEQ : as i said earlier try to make them not boring. Add diagrams to it, make flow charts, points use color markers and highlighters.  try to make ur paper AS PRESENTABLE AS POSSIBLE.

6) if u know the right stuff then write it.  If no then write something relevant to it. As i said dont leave the Question unattempted

7) in EMBRYO try to make diagrams. Write A little but not too much try to xplain your point via diagram.

8) Make colored boxes and write the points in there

9) last night before exam try not to be tensed or depressed . just try to relax and avoid studying too
much . even if u want to go for past papers and solve em .

P. S : i learnt all this from my seniors :-)

I hope this one's useful for you. Have faith. U ARE HERE FOR A REASON Out of 45000. Just Believe yourself.  Trust Allah.  You ll be successful.

Best of Luck!


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