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The AWKWARD moments!!

Current status:


… yup…… you heard me right…
“THE PRAAF” season

And the most awkward thing about this season is that except studies, everything else becomes interesting…. 
you become nostalgic.....
And you waste time admiring photos of the "good times"......

Whole year we plan and do stuffs what we want to and gather up moments of experiences that are sad, happy, funny or AWKWARD in nature…. And the last kind of moments happen to us aaayy looot!!
So here are some of the awkward moments which most of you must have experienced:

The AWKWARD moment#1
When you go back to university after summer vacations and you realize...

The AWKWARD moment#2
When you get caught up in Dr.Izhaar’s lecture on “class-fellowship”
(for all of those who have survived this, mutual feelings bro :p )

The AWKWARD moment#3
When you read the first question in test and...:
in which topic was this crap??

The AWKWARD moment#4
When u realize you don’t have a cat…

 (this one’s especially for the hostelites)

The AWKWARD moment#5
When everybody in the class is quiet and your friend and you are the only retards talking!!

The AWKWARD moment#6
When you shout the wrong answer in class with confidence……
(and your friends be like, “shokhi”)

The AWKWARD moment#7
When you still have to sit in repeater even though you acquired the “jibraan package” :p

The AWKWARD moment#8
you sleep long after a hectic test 
and When you wake up ,,,,,,,

The AWKWARD moment#9
When you get caught marking a proxy in class and well, you know the rest….

The AWKWARD moment#10
When you wake up at 7.55 am and go to sleep again because it’s Saturday and first lecture is of biochemistry…..
 ( you are too kewl to care)....

The AWKWARD moment#11
When you wake up at 7.55 am and run for the anatomy demo, but  the D.H doors are closed right at your face;
Courtesy: Ma’am Mahjabeen :/

The AWKWARD moment#12
When you are walking calmly in the D.H without overall......
you see Ma’am Zahra approaching.......
you run like a horse as if you've seen a monster
 and you end up bumping into the guy next to you……..

The AWKWARD moment#13
When you pass the test you didn’t even appear in…
Courtesy: Biochem department

The AWKWARD moment#14
When you gather up near the notice board “anvi may” and make gasping sounds as if something new has been pinned on the board when in reality its nothing but a prank.
Courtesy: shugal
(try it sometime, it's actually fun :D)

The AWKWARD moment#15
When you come late for a lecture and the whole class stares as if you were a criminal!!
.... jeez….. the only solution is, keep walking.
setting yourself before entering the lecture theater like:

The AWKWARD moment#16
When someone asks:'Yaar kitna parh liya tune?...
Pretend like you didnt here the person:
 “hain? Kya? Awaaz nai ari!!” :”) 

The AWKWARD moment#17
When the superest theeta whines among friends:'Yaar kuch nae parha'……
your reaction to this.....

Solution: …..Esi baatain IGNORE kr dayni chahye Q k ye “muzar e sehat k lye nuksaan day ho skti hain”….. :’)

The AWKWARD moment#18
When you fail a substage by one mark and your friends be like:
"Yaaro Pukhay he rehna bs!!"

The AWKWARD moment#19
When u say “MOM & DAD don’t worry, Everyone failed”
(works every time... ;))

The AWKWARD moment#20
When the whole class laughs at something and you laugh along even though you have no idea what happened!!

The AWKWARD moment#21
When teacher is looking around the lecture theater to call on someone, and you be like:

The AWKWARD moment#22
When someone who normally gives stupid responses in class says something intelligent:

The AWKWARD moment#23
When teacher makes an eye contact while teaching and you are like:
outside: nodding
Inside: sleep.... i wanna sleeppppp...... phaleez....

The AWKWARD moment#24
When teacher’s in lecture, “it is this simple, anteriorly we have maxilla, posteriorly pterygoid process,… bla bla bla……” and the next moment you know you are ...... Zzzzzzz :p

The AWKWARD moment#25
When  teacher points you out to answer a question, and you are poking the person sitting next to you to give any hint…..

The AWKWARD moment#26
When staring at the notice board with the result pinned on it and you are like:
Ya ALLAH pass kara di plz agli bar sath sath paru ga

The AWKWARD moment#27
When send ups get cancelled only two days before they were supposed to commence….

K.E is cool or what!!


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