12 Things A Firstula Kemcolian should know


1)  YOU are not the Apple of every teacher’s Eye anymore. Yeah ! Sad but true :P
2)      You are ALWAYS WELCOME in every SOCIETY (Forget about the appreciation)

3)  Messing with your seniors might be HARMFUL (only for ur worth in that particular society ) otherwise its all Okay

4)  ZERO POINT is the property of seniors only , you can have it on SUNDAYS
5)  Saying YAAAR to ur seniors might be really LETHAL here
6)  You are not gonna TOP every test , getting 50% in substage is worth-thanking
7)  You cant be a NERD whole the year , get over it Already

8) Save urself  from THE SHITTY WHITE ATTACKS

9) Your life here might become full of UPS & DOWNS but you are never gonna give up

10)     Stay away from THEETAS they are everywhere OR be a One
cause you ll see :

11)     you might find KE “CHOOTA” and “PURANA” as compared to other medical colleges , but keep in mind  : KE, KE hay  and u r going to realize that SOON
 cause that feel of being KEMCOLIAN never fades

12)     MIND IT :
If you think you are COOL cause u made into KE ,
YESSSS … YOU ARE RIGHT! Its gonna be the COOLEST era of ur lives

We wish you ALL THE BEST for the Ride 


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