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Prof Insomnia much?

So the most dreaded time of the year draws near.
10 days to go.
(aaaaaaaaaaaaa, *totally freaking out*)

One question bothers me the whole day in prof, and that is not whether I would be done by my timetable wala kaam by the end of the day, no sir, what bothers me the most is ;
"Will I be able to sleep at night?"

Usually I am so adrenaline pumped up during exams, that I would be mentally drained by six in the morning (the time I usually go to sleep ) and yet neend would be qoson door.
Never in my three profs at K.E have I ever slept a full hour before any written or any viva, cause I just can't.
But I have, nonetheless figured out a few ways to cut down on the anxiety insomnia.
I know a lot of you who are plagued by the same problem (cause there are only two types of people in the world either insomniacs or the ones that can't get out of the razai) so here you go ;

Drink lots of water during the day.
A hydrated brain is more likely to go into hibernation with ease.

You may be mentally exhausted but that doesnt assure a good sleep, you must exhaust yourself physically too.

Chal chal k rattay lagao!

Quit studying a little before sleep time and take deep breaths with your palms open and walk around a little and think about the other things in life.

If you are also night owls like me, seal all the light from your room so you can sleep till the wee hours of dupahar.

NO CAFFEINE too late at night.

Recite Darood shareef
The counting sheep thing is insaaane.
This is the awesomest though, keep reciting darood shareef and you will be at peace soon enough :)

Dream-catchers, blindfolds , the works
I am a very very crazy insaan , I used to put my pillow in a plastic cover in the fridge cause cool pillows make for better sleep, I used to spray scent all over my pillow ,  hang a dream catcher over my bed , wear my blindfold and then , this is going to sound so weird, but wiggle my toes , like a toe dance, until I dozed off.
My crazy sleep ritual, but you can take pointers anyways, haha!

My baby!

So now lets come to the real things.

Hamdard ki Somina!

 My dad does these weird hakeem dawai experiments every now and then and he got me this , its basically nuts , nothing dangerous but this is like elixir to me!

Take a tablespoonful , in warm milk, like fifteen minutes before the time you intend to sleep and it will deal with all the panic attacks and palpitations and hopefully you will enjoy a good sleep.


Now this.
THIS IS THE EXTREME LAST RESORT, and I usually take it only in vivas or the dupahar after the written when the mcqs won't stop popping up again and again in your head and you are thinkin uska A kia tha ya B (Note to reader : Hamesha B karna btw, ziada probability hoti hai ;) )

Beg the CSH walay uncle and he might give you two three or get a patta from elsewhere.
It ensures a good four to five hour sleep and no drowsiness and other after effects that you might experience with other meds.

Take care, sleep well, and please remember me in your prayers!
Best of luck to y'all!


  1. I just got your article and in this you mentioned Hamdard ki Somina! i am actually patient of depression, anxiety and panic attack disorder and taking antidepressant medicine regularly, i wanted to ask that does Somina really work? and can i take it with medicines? your reply will be appreciated.



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