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Blessings of KE

By Larraib Saleem (2015-20)

We have been in KE for four months but it feels like this journey started years ago.The feeling of belonging to this land since long prevails everyday.During all this short time span,KEMU has been the most amazing experience so far in my life.Even though we are the batch facing the renovation crisis with most of our time being spent in the legendary old auditorium.We hope our juniors will be able to avail the physiology lecture theatre :p.We are the batch who don't even know who is our HOD for biochemistry.( total confusion hai) :/
But KE has blessed us with such awesome things we never imagined of.

1.Dome thingy :

                           We firstulas believe in capturing pictures of the historic domes of Patiala at least once in a week and putting them as DPs and cover photos.Along with the picture we never miss the hashtags like

2.Variety of people :

There is a large variety of people in my class and I am sure this is the same with other years as well.From region to habits, my class offers all kinds of people.We have the clapping masters who start clapping even at the lame things one can ever imagine.We have actors and singers too who grab the mic and the stage as soon as the teacher steps out.We also have debators,poets,critics and intellectuals.Great minds,Immense talent and what not!


                 I didn't mention the "THEETAS" above because they are a separate specie.They are the ones who study everyday,listen all the lectures and raise their hands to answer every question( like HOW? HOW).People like me are mostly sleeping during the lecture or preferably bunking the lecture :D.Everytime a theeta answers a question I always wonder where is all this written and where was I ! Under a rock or in a cave :/.

4.Substage chills:

                             How can I forget the goosebumps substage gives us every week.Every week while studying anatomy and then forgetting it after every microsecond makes me think
'How did I come here? Was I intelligent an year ago? How I made it to KE?'

5.The Great Anarkali:

Being adherent to the historic and legendary Anarkali we can get anything we want ranging from books from Zubair to gol gappay of food street.Like everything :')

6.The Royal Pigeons:

The pigeons at KE are the real gamers which believe in welcoming you in a shitty way every time you pass by them.
*Well played Kabootar Well played* -_-
There are many more charms of KE still left :p But ! But !
In the end it goes without saying that the KEMCOLIAN tag is the best tag and that Kemcolians are the most multi talented people you can ever come across :')

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