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20 times House M.D. was TOO REAL

As a medical student, I believe House MD is the only medical show that actually addresses medicine and is not just drama. Even though, every episode is basically structured the same way and if you binge-watch it, it could get boring since its all the same but so is your life. So, yeah. Highly recommended for Spring Break, if you haven't watched it already.

There are so many memorable moments from this show but these twenty times it was WAY TOO REAL and as medical students we can all relate.

1. When you're told your crush is getting married to an MD

2. When theetas tell you, 'Yar, aik lafz nahin parha. Kuch nahin ata'

3. How you try to please the teacher taking your VIVA:

4. When it is your turn to go to the Paeds Ward:

 5. When somebody adds you to a study group on Whatsapp:

 6. When your teachers admonish you for giving the wrong answer (or no answer at all):

 7. When your patients are too hard to deal with:

8. When you get caught while marking a proxy:

9. When somebody asks, 'How are your bedside manners?'

10. When patients Google their symptoms and tell you they have cancer

11. When your teacher tells you there's a test coming up

 12. When non-meds ask you how you deal with medicine:

13. When your friend tells you that you need to start studying

14. When your parents lecture you

 15. In an 8 am Lecture:

16. When your friend takes exams too seriously:

17. When a ten-year-old wants to become a doctor

"So disappointed in you"

18. When somebody asks, "Parhae kesi jarahi hai?"

19. You ask your patient if they smoke, they refuse to have ever even touched a narcotic but when you open their file it says "Addicted to Chars (Hashish)"

20. Last, but not the least, your love-hate relationship with medicine:


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