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5th Annual KELS and KEMUNITED Photo Captioning Contest 2016

Hey, there Kemcolians!

Watcha doin' these days? 'cause we bring to you, once again, the coolest and the most fun event ever, especially for those with a DSLR hanging by their shoulders, ready to make click!

Want to brag your photography skills eh? Because now is the best time to do it. Be the 'Yousaf Karsh' of KEMU. Be that ultimate guy behind the camera. Be the Rockstar we all wish to get our display pictures from. Now's your chance to be university-wide famous, so come out of the dark and reveal your spectacular talents, come out because the spotlight awaits your grand presence!

The 5the Annual KELS and KEMUNITED Photo Captioning Contest 2016 brings out your creative side not in terms of capturing nature's divine beauty on camera but to caption it picture perfectly as well. It may be dark and mysterious or it maybe hilarious and light-hearted, it maybe anything that falls into the category of either serious or humorous, it maybe anything you want it to be. So remove the drapes and let sunshine pour into your innovative minds and unleash the great Picasso and Shakespeare in you. Unravel your genius.

What you need to do?

1. Take a photo.
2. Caption it.
3. Send it to

A few important details you need to pay extra heed to:

1. Theme is ANARKALI and KEMLife. 
2. Deadline is 17th April 2016
3. There will be a separate contest and hence separate awards for serious and humorous category.

  • There should be no text over the picture.
  • Only English captions are allowed.
  • Captions should reflect your original thoughts. Do not copy/paste quotes and/or previous captions.
  • No heavy handed processing is allowed, only minor editing.
  • There are two separate categories: Serious and Humorous. Therefore, kindly mention your category in the 'Subject' of your mail.
  • Your photo should be strictly related to the theme. Do not send a comic/meme like picture.
Your photos/captions will be judged by a panel of esteemed judges, based on your photography skills as well as the creativity behind your captions. Public response, in the form of likes on Facebook page of Kemunited, to your picture will also be included.


There will be 2 prizes for each category. So you can either be your happy-go-lucky selves or an enigmatic mystic. Either way if you're the best, which we have no doubt that you are, the prize will be yours for the taking.


The deadline is 10th May so gear up folks!

Happy photo captioning everyone! All the best!


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