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Life At KE So Far

By Hamza Ashraf, 1st Year.

Well, competing in contrivance to myriad students during O-levels and FSc. and being selected out of booming 60,000 figure in MCAT consequently, barging my way into this prestigious abode of inquisitive learning. It seems to be something out of someone else’s dream, yet here I am. Thanks to almighty Allah.

 I never could’ve anticipated that one day I would be a part of the cream of this nation, shaping it’s eventual future. However, my dreams were realized after a laborious struggle, and all that hard work paid off. To be honest, my voyage had a lot of bumps and whirls down that long intertwined path. Sometimes, I just wanted to give up, kick back and let the world move on, but i wasn’t going to go down that easily. Belief in Divine help and the prayers of my parents gave me the courage to put one foot in front of the other. Now, being a kemcolian, i can chill in peace.

Now, here are some of the boons:

1)Feel Proud: “Altapete”, the tag that you take with yourself 
is something to feel  of.After all, our institution is one of the antique in Pakistan and has groomed some of the world’s most skilled surgeons.

2)Parhai?...Nah,Let’s Party!: yeah  it’s true.If you are not a nerd (theeta) ,enjoy bunking lectures, join societies, anticipate yourself in events, ponder over the old city, make jubilant mates and best of table-tennis in pharma(LOL)


3)Feel Free to study: That’s right boys and girls. You excel if you study what, and where from you want to study. If you’re not at ease with books after that harrowing experience in FSc, you should await to to explore new horizons like video lectures or presentations. It is upto your own will.

4)Job Security; Once you go through the mill to earn the epitome of kemcolian, you need not to be apprehensive about living a life of dilemma as the passage to success in medicine at KE opens up avenues to the evergreen global village around you.

So people,  all the very best for your future endeavor. Make 
your way to KEMU and get ready to live the most appetizing 
moments of life. Believe or not, you will live with nostalgia 
after graduating from this treasured institute.


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