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Middle of the Final Year - The exhausted minions

Maryam Ayub
Final Year 

PS: This blog is mostly for final year but you still may find your exhaustion type ;) 

So I wrote Beginning of the End at the start of final year when I had all the fuzzy warm feels. Now it's nearly half way through and the only thing I see around me is exhaustion. I am exhausted , my friends are exhausted , my whole class is exhausted (anyone who isn't exhausted doesn't deserve to be a part of final year). So I thought I will write about the type of exhaustion different people have. And you can decide which one are you?

1. USMLE Exhaustee: 
In other words the people of reading room. Some of them have been studying for six months, some for  year and some even longer. And though I have the good fortune of never looking at a steps book, I imagine it's not easy just re-reading a couple books for two years. ( After couple of years I am assuming you are re-reading because nobody's that slow.  Seriously just give the exam already). These are the people who are seen very rarely in college and can be seen dropping in and out of classes for as little as possible. With their blank , presumably depressed faces. 

2. Maternity/ Gynae Exhaustee:
If you are not seeing a guy or girl of final year for two weeks rest assured he/she has maternity duty. Their bus leaves at 10.30 for the unknown. They will not be there for the society pictures, society functions and even Sundays. I have not been in their shoes yet  but I have been dreading the moment since fourth year. And my friends who have been done with it seemed to be internally (and externally) screaming all the time through. 

3. Surgery Exhaustee:
If you thought only Gynae was going to be hard then ding-ding-ding you were wrong. In surgery you just can't seem to escape evening. Trust me my friends and I , who barely attended some ENT evenings last year , tried. But even though we luckily escaped the 7-12 or 8-1 am duties , even a couple of hours of evening is slowly but surely killing me brutally. Add to it unforgiving heat and the fact that final year seems to have a knack of angering doctors , there's a strong possibility we won't make it alive to Gynae. 

4. Medicine Exhaustee: 
Most of the kids seemed happy in their Medicine wards. There is always a possibility of difficult evenings but if you get the right Incharge you can handle them. Although you may find yourself to be as blank in medicine as you were at the start of the ward, medicine overall passes much more pleasantly. 

5. The Society Exhaustee:
With the hailstorm of events in April-May , the rest of us got our wards and DHs off. The society people (the social? What is the right term? ) got short attendances , heat exhaustion, ghar walon ki daant and in the end maybe a little satisfaction for events well done . (What can I say I am a pessimist)

6. The Day scholar Exhaustee:
With the plenty of days being off at 10 the day scholars wake up , get dressed and come to college only to trudge to auditorium or back homes at 10. This is something which hostelites with their ever-on ACs can never understand. Add to fact the evening wards at 4 or 6pm the day scholars spend most of their days on roads. (Except some who crash at their friends houses but that is a woeful tale of another time. 

Note: There was another category for people who are handling engagements, nikahs and weddings along the above mentioned exhaustions but my friends think that engagements and susral talks already take enough of our class' times so sorry people if you are exhausted because of your "to-be"s there's no place for you in the blog. You brought this on yourselves whether happily or forcefully  ;) 


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