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Potatoes of KEMU

By Eesha Razia (2015-20)

Oh yes, indeed KE has a lot of cool kids and by now all kemcolians have become well aware of humans of kemu, stars of kemu, graduates of kemu, firstulas of kemu, success stories of kemu and even retards of kemu…but that is so unfair to ignore the biggest lot of the all….that is “ potatoes of kemu”.

Being a potato myself, this biased attitude has pained me like hell…I mean come on people. We give you the audience, we give the background, the general applauders, we are the crowd, ignoring us is so not fair. So today I’m gonna give you a brief insight into the life of the unknown, unpopular but still there, potatoes!!
  “Its miserable and magical, oh yeah!”


                          In the beginning, like all the cool kids we too had real high hopes but the thing is that all my class mates turned out to be some breed of F16 jet planes. I mean I was still just getting used to the ‘amazingly beautiful’ infrastructure of KE and looking for friends when these people had already made their squads and done their debuts. And we just stood open-mouthed… (shukar hai makkhi nahi chali gayi..xD)


                    Thank God studies was one thing every cool, stupid, nerd, intelligent, dumb, backbencher, every type of student found equally difficult and strange as we had no idea that:

I mean yeah we knew studies hadn’t ended and that we weren’t just gonna start with disease and medicine but hey...excuse me...4 types of anatomies…modules..? Nobody ever mentioned that…


                      While a lot of my class fellows literally sprung upon the societies and the seniors like bees, they actually turned out to be the party poopers for the potatoes! To start with, I really thought that becoming member of a society was all you needed...Joke of kemlife…! To start with you really need a talent but as it happens in our case,

Then as if *talent required* is not enough, we also require a squad, managing time, doing tireless work when the events come, (and so far from what we have seen first year is basically meant to be the sweepers, keepers, waiters, maids, and chairs uthaany waaly) but also  befriending seniors. That’s the key, the bloodline, the heart and soul, literally ‘the everything’ to make name in society, in fact in uni!!

And the potatoes just don’t have enough confidence for that. We always shy away from talking to any bhai or aapi saying “ we will look weird”



                       They do enjoy the events though...with that low voice whispering in the back of their minds…No big deal...i could have done this too…if only I had a little more courage!

Life overall:

             “We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time”                        

Basically first go to uni...saying ‘Sara shughal to uni me hai’...then see the popular kids and be like ‘aap aa jao har jaga’

Go to the cafĂ© saying ‘let’s just eat something different and delicious today’ then see the items there and be like ‘well….im not hungry anymore’

Go to the lecture saying ‘we can study at least’ then in the lecture ‘o man this sucks we shouldn’t have come…in fact there was a meeting of those interested in organizing the upcoming event...should have gone!’

On every new event be like… ‘Yar bohat ho gya ab kuch krna hai’ and have lengthy conversations as to what can be done…sound as confident as possible, then go to home, realize that to get this all done you have to sacrifice your sleep, hence declare ‘I’m not in the mood…really’

When the event comes ‘we should totally go just attending an event can be fun too.’ and during the event ‘yar is ne bhi kiya participate, yar wo organizer hai, OMG! Even that group is in...’ but try to laugh and smile anyway and look normal while having to praise others…

And end up feeling depressed and inferior…but then cheer up each other, crack jokes, go home happy with plans of studying, do a ‘dam darood’ on ourselves at night and go to sleep with this thought:


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