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How It All Changed

By Laraib Saleem (2015-2020)

Time changes.Just a year ago,the same month was the most depressing phase of our lives.No matter what, the journey from tortured pre medical students to the poor MBBS victims was the best turn life could ever take.
Alhamdulilah :')
I can clearly recall how we held those miniature books of matric and F.Sc and now we carry our very own bulky and humongous Guyton.This is not the only aspect that showed alteration.MBBS has added many more colours to our lives.

•From being those immense theetas and great depressors of our respective classes to the innocent creatures who preferably sleep in the lecture and barely know the topic being taught in the class,we changed.

•Front seat used to be the most favourite spot in 
the class of almost everyone of us.Now front row is the biggest torture.Sitting in the front row means the teacher is going to have an eye on you during the whole one hour.That is something unaffordable so last row is the best relief from this torment.

•Listening to each and every word of the lecture 
and then noting it down was something we did ages ago.Now no one misses the opportunity to sleep in air conditioned old auditorium especially during the golden module days.

•Knowing the solution to any query was not at all a big deal.We used to raise our hands to answer every single question asked by the teacher(Now the same hands mark limitless proxies MA).In the present scenario,some teachers while peacefully delivering their lecture at once start the questioning answering session.In such a situation we don't even know where to hide ourselves.We don't want the teacher to question us because we are too cool to know the answer.

•Being quite studious,we were the apple of every teacher's eye.We owned that favourite student tag.Now the teachers don't even know if we exist on this planet or not.The only interaction you can have with the teacher is:
"You! Yes you.Get out! Get out of the class.How dare you move during my lecture?"
However,sometimes these words can take their intense form as:
"Tangein tor dun gi,moun tour dun gi,hath tor dun gi!"
(I hope everyone knows that teacher)

•"Mama,I topped the test" changed to "Mama,I passed the test".This miserable condition arrived so early.The jump from 90% above to just 50%.Indeed the most abrupt transition so far.

 *Disclaimer:This blog is not meant for theetas.They can try reading it at their own risk.

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