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You Didn't Fail MCAT

By Laraib Saleem 

MCAT season is over now leaving a mixed atmosphere of felicity and despondency.Congratulations to all those who are going to start the journey of medical school this year.Best of luck for the new beginning.Those who could not make it to a medical college this year are advised not to freak out.Believe me MCAT or MBBS is not the end of life.

Life has much more to offer than these tests and trials.MCAT is not a destination.It was just a little burdensome part of your whole life.A three hour test is not indicative of your abilities in any case.Being unable to score well in MCAT is not even a bit close to failure.You still own the potential to outshine in every aspect of your life.Do not let that potential fade because of some admission test.

There is also a little fraction of students who are forced to opt medical as their aspiration.As a consequence,they do not score well due to lack of interest.The only recommendation for them is that go and follow your dreams.Pursue the career you like the most.Don't mould yourself according to the society's so called definition of success.Choose your dream profession.Shine in that very field.Keep in mind that success always lies in chasing your dreams.

MBBS or BDS are not the only professions you can have.There are a lot of career options still left for you.Being a pre medical student never implies that you have to do MBBS or BDS only.You can go for pharmacy,physiotherapy,microbiology,biotechnology and numerous other fields.These options are in no way inferior to MBBS.Wherever you go,work hard and prove that you are still a genius.You still have that ability to excel in every single exam of your life.Have a wider outlook of life in which you yourself are the determinant of your success and not any kind of test.

There's no need to lose hope.You can still give MCAT another chance.You are just 'One more try' far from your destination.Gap year is surely a difficult one.It will appear as the most tough phase of your life.But believe me you'll get the reward that you surely deserve.Time doesn't matter in front of your dreams.Allah is there for you every single time you feel low.If Allah has planned to grant you something, he will do that for sure.His timing varies from person to person.Maybe getting into a medical college next year is what Al Rehman has planned for you.

Don't forget that Allah is the best of planners.We can never know the betterment in his decisions.Whatever he does is always in our favour but we never know.If man becomes able enough to understand the incomprehensible happenings in his life,what would be the difference left between man and God. So be contented with his plannings because he loves you more than seventy mothers.


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