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How to ace biochemistry?The best guide for 1st year

                            By Hamza Ali(CR 2nd year MBBS)

Let’s get one thing straight: Biochemistry is the easiest subject in first year. By default, that also makes it the most neglected one and hence the one that will give you most of your nightmares during the prof season. So, my golden advice to all of you: start studying early. Before I say anything else, I must add that there is still a lingering air of doubt as to who runs the biochemistry department. Suffice it to say, no matter who runs it, your job is to do biochemistry well enough to ace it no matter who’s taking the exam. All you have to do is work smart and be regular. The Guide: What I’ll do in this guide is I’ll give you a few important pointers and will give you a brief review of the resources (and books) that will be available to you. So, here’s a few important tips ·Get the syllabus outline. We use the very same one used by UHS; You can find it on the UHS website. Follow the outline religiously. ·Figure out which book is…

Got admitted? Welcome aboard!


By Hassaan Wajid (2nd Year MBBS)

 Welcome,Bienvenue and آمدیدخوش to one of the most prestigious and respected institutes of Pakistan.We can’t tell you how happy we are to have you people with us(which you will definitely know in the first few weeks by the way :D).It’s a tradition that we guide the freshmen so that they don’t start freaking out about the stuff here.So,let us begin with some basics

How is living in a dorm like?

You start feeling awkward at the very beginning since you are not in a habit of living like that,everything feels new and kinda disturbing.But with time passing,you get adapted and start enjoying it when you make some new friends around.

You may get homesick and pretty tense but you start learning  many new things gradually like how to manage away from home not being a “mummy-daddy bacha” and which hands to shake and which hands to hold during your journey of becoming a successful doctor.After a few months dorm feels…

Histology Diagrams for 2nd Year MBBS

By Ammar Anwar 3rd Year MBBS
Hey there everyone. I worked terribly hard to make my histo copy this year and then ended up not getting all of it checked (long story). But I managed to take photos of diagrams before the copy was torn mercilessly by the Histo lab attendants. Here are my histology copy diagrams for y'all. I will update the photos pointing out any inaccuracies. Hope this helps. Remember me in your prayers.
Will soon be uploaded on Drive with Labelled Histology Slides and Identification Points.

The Survival Guide - Welcome to Medicine (A Dose of Reality)

By Ammar Anwar 3rd Year MBBS 
Hello, all you nervous and excited souls waiting for the start of your medical career at KEMU, and a warm welcome to one of the best medical institutes in the country. Ah, to be a freshman and in love with KEMU! I miss that feeling now, after spending two years here. Enjoy while it lasts, because (surprise!) MBBS is going to suck the joy out of your life and the life out of you. If you would like to remain in a hopeful and chirpy mood and disregrard all those "rumors" that lurk around saying how difficult MBBS is and how difficult survival at KEMU is, you should stop reading right about now. But if you are curious to know the realities of being a medical student at KEMU, keep reading, but at your own risk (because I can already hear fragile dreams shattering everywhere). I'm kidding (not really though). Just keep reading, will you? 

Here are some of the things that you are going to experience and some of the things you should learn to accept and…

Forensic Radiology Specimes (Labeled)