Histology Diagrams for 2nd Year MBBS

Ammar Anwar
3rd Year MBBS

Hey there everyone. I worked terribly hard to make my histo copy this year and then ended up not getting all of it checked (long story). But I managed to take photos of diagrams before the copy was torn mercilessly by the Histo lab attendants. Here are my histology copy diagrams for y'all. I will update the photos pointing out any inaccuracies. Hope this helps. Remember me in your prayers.

Will soon be uploaded on Drive with Labelled Histology Slides and Identification Points.

This diagram is missing Enteroendocrine cells in the blank lines between villi.

Here I have drawn a proper layered Muscularis Mucosae. In fact, the appendix has ill defined
muscularis mucosae. So draw only a few separate smooth muscle cells. Take a look at Ileum's Muscularis
Mucosae for example.

A bit blurred. I'll update it as soon as possible.

In this diagram, I forgot to draw Secondary Follicle.  Draw Secondary Follicle in between the Multi-laminar Primary Follicle and the Graffian Follicle.

For labelling. 


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