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Community medicine questions 2015


Tips for Success for Firstulas--from Someone Who Couldn't Make It

By Saba Noor 
To those among you, who need it. If not now, may be after a month or after a year. I will talk on things i have either experienced or observed in kemu corridors, labs and cafe. I really hope that you will get something out of it to get through your life at KE.
1-You have entered into KEMU. Leave your past behind, your pains, distractions. Forget how many years of yours got wasted in making attempts in FSC or MCAT for good score. Simply let go of the desire you had for a field other than medicine. You should have thought that before filling forms for MCAT. Now it is lame to have any excuse because you have taken oath to be sincere to your medical career, so be it.
2-Don't walk around with thought that you have the toughest degree to achieve. Don't pin that badge of "crème lá crème". Because honestly, most of you are here because you produced correct answers from specific books on a piece of paper. Please...there are many excellent institutes in Pakistan. Th…

patho viva questions 2015




Forensic museum models and specimens (upadated 2016)

Aoa people. ok so here are the models and specimens placed in the forensic museum that come in the practical exam. Focuss On the models of trauma ,fire arm,burns ,lightening and instruments. Please dont sweat over specimens of snakes and those realted to pathology like lungs,thyroid etc. They are important for pathology practical.