Tips for Success for Firstulas--from Someone Who Couldn't Make It

By Saba Noor 

To those among you, who need it. If not now, may be after a month or after a year. I will talk on things i have either experienced or observed in kemu corridors, labs and cafe. I really hope that you will get something out of it to get through your life at KE.

1-You have entered into KEMU. Leave your past behind, your pains, distractions. Forget how many years of yours got wasted in making attempts in FSC or MCAT for good score. Simply let go of the desire you had for a field other than medicine. You should have thought that before filling forms for MCAT. Now it is lame to have any excuse because you have taken oath to be sincere to your medical career, so be it.

2-Don't walk around with thought that you have the toughest degree to achieve. Don't pin that badge of "crème lá crème". Because honestly, most of you are here because you produced correct answers from specific books on a piece of paper. Please...there are many excellent institutes in Pakistan. There is so much talent in arts, literature, AHS, media studies people. I have seen myself the way they study and manage thesis, projects, tests, quiz and so on. Just consider this field one among many, feel responsibility rather than enjoyment

3-Yeah, uni life is fun life. But only if managed well. You going to have substage, a class test, bake sale, a seminar and a family wedding all at the same time. And you will rattle. Don't make bad choices here. Not all of you are from colleges where you were trained to participate in debate contest along with Physics test. Don’t try to do all. Make priority list. Put studies on top. No one is going to see how amazing stall you set up at funfair if you have supply at the end of year. So studies first.

4-"Test mein bs roll num likh kr aa jao sheet attendance lag jae khaali day aao test chahay" Don't listen to this stupid advice of your dear seniors. Firstly, you aren’t here to get through taking shortcuts. It is a responsibility you have to take. Destinations betray us; the joy is in walking the path. Put your heart in. Do your part. Secondly, if you prepare test as much as u can. It will help you in preparing for prof. It will clear your concepts much better.

5- "Akhri 40 dinun mein sb ho jata hai" These are the people who are here just to pass. You shouldn’t go for this. You might get ill in last days or you may not be able to study well due to any reason in last month. Then? Moreover, putting off the work to last 40 days is going to put you in depression and anxiety. Save yourself and study on daily basis. Just give a read daily to whatever you are taught. Study hard for tests and sub stages. Appear in Send-up’s with full preparation, be it for two subjects only.

6- I know nothing about how to set study plans, which book to choose. Toppers might be great help to you here. But i will tell what little i observed. Attend lectures regularly and with focus. Don’t waste it playing Angrybird or scrolling down the newsfeed. Trust me, every futile thing you do wastes your brain efficiency. It fails to perform the productive activities with maximum potential. So just sit and listen to professors. And save your energy and time because they are teaching what you will be studying in Prof so why not listen to them on time. Don’t get confused in what book to choose. Stick to one book, the main book. Don’t fall into short handbooks. Those are for last 40 days-study lot. Watch videos on youtube on topics you are finding hard. Visual learning is fun and easy to memorize. One thing...don’t study general anatomy from Ghulam Ahmad. It's bogus and non-conceptual. Go for Tasadduq or Laiq.

7-You will find it so humiliating during Prof when you be waiting for lab attendants to tell you how to handle a stethoscope or BP apparatus. So be serious in practical labs. Participate. Be focused. Study models and viscera in DH rather than gossiping or reading from BD. In the end, you just cram the models and viscera. It’s unfair to your career.

8- The senior raj here is so influential that no one can remain unaffected. Its hereditary disease i guess in medicos to believe whatever seniors say. If a senior say that XYZ HOD is very chill, you will believe that you are so lucky. Another senior will be telling another junior about the same HOD that he is quite moody and strict. So who is right? Don’t be fool. The senior narrate stories to you according to their own experiences. You have your own myth to unfold. No HOD sees how nicely you are dressed up, no HOD has intention to fail you for his fun....they judge you on your knowledge. So just study instead of asking bajis and bhais about nature of professors, about important questions blah blah. Seniors said only see diagrams for histology, no need to read that funny histology book. And that year, no diagram was asked in question paper.

9-You all have been topper of your respective boards. Each of you has enjoyed praise of being "best student" in your colleges. Now you enter this uni and you start feeling inferior and unwanted. Maybe it's not my destiny":-D Kid, it's uni life. Everyone here is big gun. You are part of this. Exercise your faculties instead of comparisons. Its professional education, you can’t top every exam. You might fail. It’s okay if you learn from mistakes instead of escaping.

10-Self-grooming is a new industry of today. A total lie, wastage of energy and time, a distraction. You will develop habit of having in every society...nice dp...dslr picture...nice bio data on fb whom you should say salaam first and whom reply late to messages...look busy. It’s a trend setting in like fire. An unspoken evil. Don’t fall for it. Be yourself. Just keep one scale "Will Allah like this act of mine or not?" when deciding for anything.

11- The last point.... You must have seen society people marching in your class showing you video of their society works, that enthusiastic music in background must have made you say "Wow...” That style and fame and attitude of president bhai or baji must have attracted you to be part of the society right away. And you decide to jump in every society, attend every seminar, and take part in every event without deciding what exactly your talent is. Set your intentions well directed, friends. Don’t go for PR or group photos or fame. See what you love to do, see what purpose is there of yours for every stuff you do. Don’t become Jack of all trades and master of none. If you love cooking, be my guest to take part in bakesale. If you want to develop heart for patients, do join SPWS. If you have intentions of just making it to every clan, then stop please.
A purposeful life is successful of all. It’s His dominion and He sees intentions only.

That is all i wanted to share with you, fresh year students. My intention is to save you from consequences i suffered because of mistakes. All the best for everything. May you find Allah sufficient for yourselves throughout your life.

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