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Happiness is ...

Well its an old saying that MONEY CAN NOT BUY HAPPINESS , well from the perspective I am going to show it is true :D

Happiness is … :

Calling your mom and asking about Dad

One of these days I was calling my mom and I asked how’s Dad? What’s he up to haven’t talked to him in a couple of days , when I hung up the phone I realized I am a blessed child , I have both my parents alive and there for me , that’s a real blessing and that’s the real happiness

Mama k hath ka khana when you go home after Long time

well curse mess ka chef , they keep on making same food of same taste with same chicken everydaty 'day and night' , not thinking about taste buds and law of human taste sensitivity 

 when you go home mama k hath ka khana is a Bliss , its a DIVINE feeling and thats when you feel how blessed you are 

Telling your siblings stupid secrets and knowing they won’t hate you for doing stupid stuff

Siblings are a blessing , be it a 2am study-days tension moments or some guilty batameez harkat you did , u can call them anytime anywhere and they ll listen give you suggestions and make you feel less guilty :P and u know they will always be there for you (apart from the typical fights they are part n parcel of your lives) 

Fighting with your bestie knowing you' ll End up patching up

you fight with your bestie , say all stupid and obnoxious stuff but you are not worried cause in the corner of your heart you know she ain't going anywhere , you keep on saying "me naraz hun me naraz hun " :D

 no matter what you forget it after a couple of minutes and you start gossiping again :P 

Sharing food with friends 

well hang on i know you mujst be thinking what the ** , sharing food is not happiness but hang on , imagine yourself sitting outside picadilly with lots of fries and food and bla bla but there ain't anyone to share it or THUNGAY maarny walay friends are not there , you ll feel lonely as hell believe me , try it , though you try to act as JOEY but deep down you know your food is adventure coz of your crazy people :D

Vacations without homework

vacations without upcoming test is a dream of every medical student in Pakistan :D R.I.P our education system , but once in a blue moon you get spring holidays without any test , module hanging above your heads well thats divine 

here is a happiness potato for all fries lovers


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