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Fatum de FEAR

Tuba Abeer
2nd Year MBBS
He was kicked down by his mother in sentence of having his feathers germinated. Heart beat ruthlessly, but at the very next moment he was flying high in the skies, among those clouds which he could merely see from his nest. He was with the flow of winds because he was afraid of having his head crushed by those shiny forked pebbles down there on the ground....
. . 

She came back with a cock in her claw. Happily, she looked down into her mini-cave under a huge rock, to give her child a hope of having hearty meal with his mother. Roars made her realize that the fawn was busy escaping a wolf right on her other side. She ran disregarding "cock in the claw". She ran to present herself as a wholesome lunch to the wolf because she was afraid of looking her child like "cock in the claw"....

 . .

 He was standing infront of the mountain on one side, with his antlers upstraight, to effectuate his dream to see the other side. Hard struggles brought him up, to the top of mighty stone. But the other side was never his dream site. The beasts with their dripping mouths revealed his parents concerns about to be on that side. He decided to descent, not ahead, but to the back because he was afraid of not returning home after visiting his bloodthirsty dream...

 . . 

So, afraid of falling? Don't be! Sometimes it can make you aware of those innate abilities that you never knew existed... You have to fly if you don't want yourself to be slumped against the nadir!... Fear of death can make you go for death? Yes.. but probably being dead isn't a big deal. But murdering your inner for others makes it different. This suicide is obviously not that abhored!... They taught you to climb, but they didn't allow you to. So dominating they are you think. Reaching the top with aims high to disobey them, and then.... Fears give you a chance, a chance to live! Fears be so amiable... No??


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