Medicine OSPE: Important Drugs and Instruments

Compiled by: Muhammad Mohsin Ali (Batch '18)

These are the important drugs and instruments for medicine OSPE as per EMW.


  1. Digoxin:
  2. Beta blockers:

    Major cardioselective Beta blockers are: Atenolol, Esmolol, Metoprolol, Bisoprolol
  3. Salbutamol:
  4. ACEIs:
  5. CCBs:
  6. Diuretics:

  7. Diazepam:
  8. Lidocaine:
  9. Adrenaline:
  10. Atropine:
  11. Dopamine:
  12. Dobutamine:
  13. Nor-epinephrine:
  14. MgSO4::
  15. NaHCO3
  16. 25 % D/W: Used to restore blood glucose lvels in hypoglycemia, and as a source of carbohydrate calories. 
  17. Heparin:
  18. Insulin:


  1. Vials:
  2. ETT:
  3. Laryngoscope:

  4. NG Tube:
  5. Foley's Catheter:

  6. IV line:
  7. Bladder Wash:
  8. LP Needle:

  9. Urine Bag:
    If you haven't seen this yet, I cannot help you.
  10. Double Lumen Catheter:

  11. Sangstaken Blakemore Tube:


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