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BakeSale 2012

Students' Patient Welfare Society hosts once again the most appetizing week of the year, the week of our BakeSale.. Here's us presenting you the BAKESALE 2012 !!

All for a Cause !!
This year its the I.C.U. and H.D.U. of West and South Medicine Wards of Mayo, that we aim to upgrade through the funds of BakeSale 2012.

Last Year Stats ..

1st Day, 2nd Year generated Rs. 68950/- 2nd Day, 1st Year                 Rs. 45945/- 3rd Day, 3rd Year                 Rs. 126105/- (Last Year's winners) 4th Day, Final Year               Rs. 44780/- 5th Day, AHS                        Rs. 26000/- 6th Day, 4th Year                 Rs. 25230

Final year: Guide to MEDICINE!

Final year: Guide to MEDICINE!

I found medicine way more fun to study than surgery . There are a number of books available but it really depends on you as to which one you want to make your basic text book. the books available are
2.PJ kumar
3. inaam danish
4.Oxford pocket medicine (a must have)
5. Kaplan (usmle)
For methods:
1. bedside
Do get the following book of differential diagnosis as well
The syllabus includes
1. cardiovascular system
3.acid base balance
5. rheumatology
6.nervous system
7.respiratory system

I made davidson my basic text book... I found davidson way more simple and easier than Pj kumar ... then again it was the other way around for others.. still others were contended with inaam danish ... i would suggest to go through a single topic form all the books and then follow one u find easier to understand .. And yes class LECTURES do help u in the end .. The lectures worth listening to are those of Dr. irsh…

KELS English and KemUnited Present: 2nd Photo-captioning contest 2012!

KELS English
& KemUnited
Proudly Present 2nd Photo Captioning Contest 2012 The event that saw one of the greatest participation by the whole university.. is back !!!
You know the drill: All the creative young photographers out there, here's your chance to prove your artisic talents with a literary twist!

Theme: "From King Edward to Mayo... And Life Happens."
The theme limits the photo to be taken to the Boundaries of King Edward Medical University and its teaching hospital Mayo. But the genre of the caption is left to the participant. You can choose to go with some thing funny or serious and touching.. The possibilities are endless.

Photos would be judged on the basis of both the photography skills of the participants and the creativity and imagination that they'd put in their captions. Public response would be judged by the number of Likes on KemUnited facebook page. Photos will be uploaded for voting after the deadline is over.

So what are you waiting for people? …

Ten things I *hate* about Kemcolians...

Disclaimer: The writer loves her alma matter and its people very much, that's why she wrote this blog first... Ten things I love about Kemcolians.. It's all written in good fun !
Ten things I *hate* about Kemcolians... by Sidrah Latif
And ten things that I hate (as if my hating will create any difference to the perpetrators of these grievous crimes but let me shoot away. Something about speaking in the face of adversary, I am *sniff* so brave! *Bawls*)
1. 1-Asking question in question-not-allowed time on a no-question zone:Kemcolians will ask questions, and let me tell you the lamest of all which will make you want to bang your head against the coconut tree in your blue lagoon reverie you had conjured during lecture. And they will ask in a no-question zone i.e. lecture theatre, in a strictly-question-not-allowed-time i.e. the end of a lecture which was valium natured in putting you to effective sleep. They dare because they are stupid. Ever seen the lecturer turning purple when yo…

13th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation – A Battlefield of 60 Warriors - Official Event Review

13th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation – A Battlefield of 60 Warriors Come. Speak. Conquer. Let the Battle begin. by Taroob J. Latef

I could get all academic and discuss the trappings of words that spun dramas, three-dimensional debates and debaters, a clockwork organization and not to mention a most suitably adorned hall, but I am pretty much as far as you can get from being a technical person and it’s much more vibrant to discuss this show in a layman’s terms: it held an era in itself! I doubt anybody wouldn’t have had a heads up when they first stepped in the Library Hall. The sign and symbol that it has always been for KEMU, was even more so today. Everything was grand, be it the magnificent banner hung down amid two streamers bearing our crest (let, how many times it was suspended before it finally assumed position or how many lemonades were drained down afterwards, be another story altogether) or be it the emblems of KEDS and KEMU on all the shelves around. Be it the wowing stage i…

SPIRIT OF VOLUNTEERISM...A session with Dr. Izhar Hashmi.

A session with Dr. Izhar Hashmi. Organized by: KEMCOLIANS AKHUWAT CLUB.

25th April....
11'o clock...
I ,enthusiastic to see Dr. Izhar Hashmi(many of you must be knowing him,,especially position holders who have visited YDC and HADP...He is a great kemcolian of 1989), saw secretly THE DOOR OF D.H... :p (OOOO..unguarded!!! You know now a days strictness there) I stepped out of D.H. and rushed to anatomy lecture theatre...(a sitting of the cabinet of KAC with Dr. Izhar was planned there)...... But i was disappointed to see anatomy lecture going on there (ugh :( ). I went back and saw shafaq tabassum baji and maimoona mohsin baji (who let me realize that the time is 12'o clock)...
11-12'o clock...
I , at least slipped out of D.H. ten times (although i knew sir Izhar will come after 12..) Every time, i came out, exchanged smiles with the organizers (shafaq baji and maimoona baji) and went back...
Ah...attendance of D.H. finalyyyyy... Rushed to lecture t…


GIVE BACK TO K.E.M.U.!!! Plantation Project by Kemcolian's Akhuwat Club

Kemcolians Akhuwat Club is a society of KEMU founded in 2011 which aims at

 Spiritual and moral uplifting of  youth by series of lectures, workshops etc. Helping needy students with our own funds. Fund raising for cleanliness, dust bins, medicines and for Akhuwat Keeping spirit of volunteerism and Islamic brotherhood alive as set by AKHUWAT

Workshop By Syed Hussain Haider
Souvenir Mugs
Souvenir Notebooks
Project NGO Visit
Communication Skills Workshop


Beautification of K.E is a core mission of KAC. In accordance with it we took the challenge of transforming the wrecked ground at the back of anatomy, which was a garden 8 year back again into a lush green garden.