Final year: Guide to MEDICINE!

Final year: Guide to MEDICINE!

I found medicine way more fun to study than surgery . There are a number of books available but it really depends on you as to which one you want to make your basic text book. the books available are
2.PJ kumar
3. inaam danish
4.Oxford pocket medicine (a must have)
5. Kaplan (usmle)
For methods:
1. bedside
Do get the following book of differential diagnosis as well
The syllabus includes
1. cardiovascular system
3.acid base balance
5. rheumatology
6.nervous system
7.respiratory system

I made davidson my basic text book... I found davidson way more simple and easier than Pj kumar ... then again it was the other way around for others.. still others were contended with inaam danish ... i would suggest to go through a single topic form all the books and then follow one u find easier to understand .. And yes class LECTURES do help u in the end .. The lectures worth listening to are those of Dr. irshad , Dr. shahid sarwar , Dr sajjidubaidullah .... Medicine is huge and one single text book doesnt have everything in it ... and you dnt have time to go through every single book ... the lectures given are concise and have almost all the things we need to know about .. do note down the lecture by these teachers and then go through your desired text book ... Kaplan is excellent in building up ur concepts ... its def a must have ... its to the point and has all the info u need to remember at the end of the day .. oxford pocket medicine is must have ... once you have gone through ur basic text book .. it really helps in summing up the entire topic and helps u remember the things u need to remember
During the two months of your ward .. cover all the important topics .. u CANNOT complete the entire medicine in 2 months .. but try and do as much as you can .. this is the only time u will study medicine the entire year .. ... Bedside is more than enough for the methods ... it gets you through your short case in final viva ... learn it by heart !! ... practise the methods as much as u can .. as often as u can ... your entire short case of final viva depends on how well u can perform the methods...
You should have the following equipment at all times with you in the ward
1. stethoscope
2.B.P apparatus
4.measuring tape

Although i rarely carried any of these and i am sure most of you would be still doing that .. but carrying them is..


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