KELS English and KemUnited Present: 2nd Photo-captioning contest 2012!

KELS English
& KemUnited

Proudly Present
2nd Photo Captioning Contest 2012
The event that saw one of the greatest participation by the whole university.. is back !!!
You know the drill: All the creative young photographers out there, here's your chance to prove your artisic talents with a literary twist!

Theme: "From King Edward to Mayo... And Life Happens."
The theme limits the photo to be taken to the Boundaries of King Edward Medical University and its teaching hospital Mayo. But the genre of the caption is left to the participant. You can choose to go with some thing funny or serious and touching.. The possibilities are endless.

Photos would be judged on the basis of both the photography skills of the participants and the creativity and imagination that they'd put in their captions. Public response would be judged by the number of Likes on KemUnited facebook page. Photos will be uploaded for voting after the deadline is over.

So what are you waiting for people? Grab your cameras and let your imagination work its magic. Last date of entry submission is  26th May 2012.

***Exclusive KELS prizes (Trophies) and certificates for the first three position holders plus a consolation prize.
***The winning photos will feature in Kemcol 2012 !
Here's your very own memo-list for the competition:

Theme of the photocaption competition:   "From King Edward to Mayo... And Life Happens."
The photograph should be accompanied by: a cool/witty/funny/serious caption(word-count of the caption is left to the participants' discretion) 
Editing of photographs: Photographs can be edited/non-edited.
Submissions should be sent to:
Deadline for entry submission:  26th May 2012
A person can submit multiple entries.

Judgement criteria will be based on
*Quality of Photo
*Quality of caption
*Public response
General public can vote from 27th May 2012 to 3rd June 2012 11:59 AM on

The decision of the judges shall be final based on the above criteria.


1-Take a photo anywhere within KEMU or Mayo
2-Attach it in an email.
3-Write a suitable caption for it in the body of the email (Donot write it on the photo)
4-Email it to
Will be uploaded on the facebook page for voting after a normal processing time of 2-3 hours
Attend the KELS All-Pakistan Quiz competition where winners will be announced and trophies given to top 3 and a consolation prize!

Event Supervisors:
Muhammad Bilal
Moeed Ahmed
Laiba Khalid
Taroob Latef

Winners of 1st Photocaptioning Competition 2011
All Entries of 1st Photocaptioning Competition 2011

Excerpts from The Official Event review

Our Rise towards fame, could be a Downfall of our Khudi

How nostalgic a Single picture can be, for so many

That Sozo Water Park could have an arch Rival :P

That B.D. induced Air headedness can take you places

    That once in a blue moon, Physio can seem pretty too!

That you can still be a prisoner, even if the door's open!

That strong will and courage always earn praise

 That despite whatever we say, our atrial chambers still have room for KE

And that Anam Naz is one hell of a photographer! :D

And so that rounds up the happenings of the KELS-held Photo Captioning Contest. Kudos for such a successful event to the mastermind Faiza Hameed who didn’t stress a bit ( ‘Uff No entries till the 29th!! I kept pulling on my inexistent hair and biting my nails to smithereens... People need to learn to be more punctual! I mean I could've had a heart attack these past few days!), event incharge M. Bilal (sees rising ‘likes’… pumps fist in air… yells ‘PartAy!!!’ :D ) and KELS President Remisha Zahid (umm no jokes about my President :P )

So yes the storm is over, and all is quiet…
Don’t forget to spot the winning entries in this year’s KEMCOL.
Let’s end on how some of the pets reacted to the results... 



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