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Team KEMU at CMH Olympiad - Review by Aqsa Mumtaz

Unleashing The Artists Inside.

Arts is an underrated field in the eyes of those in the health care profession. Few doctors and medical students will take time out of their packed schedules to express themselves in a few strokes of colour, the dazzling hues of paints. This month CMH achieved a huge milestone in this regard when it held an Intercollegiate Arts Olympiad to encourage medical students to test the limits of their innovation.10 teams from various medical colleges of Lahore gathered in cmh for 3 days to compete with each other in sixteen events which tested not only our intelligence, creativity but also our confidence and social skill.The team from KE was from third year and included Manaqibb Zain, ALi Naveed,Hassan Saeed, Moiz Tahir, Nashit Kaleem ,Haisum Bajwa , Aqsa , Fabia ,Fatima Sajid and Grace.Our team got famous even before going but then having a Chinese in your team has its perks :P

Day 01:
Excitement could be felt in the air as we entered the cmh premises  to start this roller coaster ride. The inaugural ceremony was followed by flash mob and students were seen standing on their toes just to glance at the dancing moieties. ( step up much ehh??)
the first two events  were constructo (designing a given object from scratch) and mind maze and they were fun while they lasted  (or we lasted in them :P ) The next round was sizzling cauldron and  who would have thought that a distinction holder could qualify in the next round of cooking :P well our team qualified into the finals and though we did not win, a lot of people are still asking for the recipes :P 
Fish bowl(fancy name of dum sheeraz) and on spot arts and photography were happening alongside sizzling cauldron.The pictures submitted by our team received praised even by the faculty members.

Day 02
The day started with scavenger hunt and all teams were seen running to various corners of campus doing the most random tasks. From posing with cats to mumifying our team members, we did the weirdest tasks ever.It was followed by * game of thrones* which was modified hangman and although we failed to guess our word we enjoyed watching the public execution (more like humiliation) of our team leader :P  our team not only proved themselves in gaming they shocked everyone by their remarkable performance on “papa kehte ha bara naam kraye ga” and “bolo bolo tumne kiya dekha”. Nobody thought that the students of KE had it in them to reenact these songs in such a splendid way.

Day 03.
Tired and exhausted , we went to cmh for final day of olympiad to be welcomed by the most exciting games. slinger ( live angry birds :P) hunger games and snakes and ladders. While the girls were getting bitten by snakes , the boys were busy stuffing their mouths with all sorts of food and they also ate whole cake blindfolded. Our team in snakes and ladders went all out by doing nagin dance on getting bitten by a snake and mimicking guys as a penalty but hey we won :P The short movie on theme *Lahore Lahore hai* made by our team won the hearts of audience and was ranked among the top movies. The last event was cosplay and cmh was filled with an amalgam of fictional characters who were fun to watch. From harry potter to snape and sybil trelawney to luna lovegood, team KE gave them a good show of Harry Potter themed cosplay. 

The olympiad ended on a happy note with a visit from Meekal Zulfiqar and a much anticipated hi-tea. :P. Organizing such a big event is hard nut to crack but cmh did it and did it in the best way possible. They not only provided us with a platform to socialize with students of other medical colleges but also gave us a fun filled and much needed break from the monotonous routine of medical life. Our team did not score much but we had fun and yes thats what matters the most.


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