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Blogger Profile: Zanira Ali

' Writing is my passion. It is the most powerful tool used for centuries to influence and shape the thoughts of men'

Zanira Ali  is a sophomore at KEMU. She believes in the existence of positive and negative energy, aliens, magic, Karma, feminism and humanism. She loves to read books. Among her favourite ones are 1984, Animal Farm and inferno. Her usual past times are watching tennis and football, playing NFS, keeping a journal, cooking and building castles in the air. She just wishes to be a better human  before she graduates. 

Her Blogs:

A Levels students: You can make it to KEMU
'The blog features some tips for the O/A Level students who aspire to practice medicine.'

'The day I set foot in the university I had no idea the conventional was about to change. When I was told we were the 'lucky batch' because we were going to experience the modern module system my happiness was beyond bounds. I told everyone about how the university was finally taking an initiative to improve the orthodox educational system.'

'This blog will give you an insight on Kemlife. 11 things that every freshman goes through'

'How many of us have fantasized about life in another century? I know I have. So I decided to do a little research in the past couple of days about the evolution of medicine and I was amazed by quite a lot of things that I came across. Medical science has evolved so much in the past couple of centuries (Thank God for that). Almost everything was run on chance in those days. From the most bizarre equipment to astonishingly stupid theories (as it appears to modern man today) such as bloodletting, people have experimented with them all. Frankly, I am grateful that they did, for experimentation leads to perfection. Here are a few facts that you will probably find interesting. Enjoy :)'


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Lecture Slides: Urology; Renal cell Carcinoma

1st Year IMPORTANT TOPICS (Anatomy)

By Farkhanda QaiserOkay finally here it is. The all-important guide for the 1st year students. I’ve compiled all the prof and sendup questions of last year as well as the remnants of class tests that I had.But before you go on to read them, keep in mind the following very tested tidbits:For profs, NEVER leave any topic untouched and unread. Go through all topics so that in viva, you have atleast some idea about what the examiner is asking.NEVER lose your sendup question paper because there are high chances that some of the questions will be repeated in profs as you can see in the following example of anatomy question paper and same goes for the MCQs. Most of them are repeated. So here’s what we had done, in our facebook class group, we had made a discussion topic, and everyone told the MCQs of sendups and discussed them. Well, you may think us nerds or whatever but trust me that discussion proved very fruitful for all those who participated in it.I think enough has bin said about orga…

USMLE Step 1 Experience by Ayaz Mehmood (Score : 99/266)

USMLE Step 1 Experience by Ayaz Mehmood (Score : 99/266)
Salam everyone, let me start in the name of Allah who’s the greatest benefactor of all mankind. I am going to write a detailed composition regarding preparation for USMLE Step 1. I am a final year student at King Edward Medical University and I took my exam on June 10th. Final year is the year before internship/ house job in Pakistan. I just got my scores: 99/266

Let me introduce some myths surrounding USMLE Step 1 which are especially prevalent within Pakistan; I am not too sure about India because I heard their students typically appear in their final years.

 Myth number 1:Do not appear for USMLE Step 1 within your graduation

 Verdict: Baseless, illogical reasoning

Explanation: This is so prevalent in Pakistan it’s almost pathetic. One of the biggest concerns surrounding our students is that Step 1 is a huge risk to be taken before graduation. Let me put it in another way: Step1 would always remain a risk whenever it is taken, …