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Third year has been so far the best year of MBBS because it is the year that you finally get to bury the anatomy books (May they rot in hell) and escape the basic sciences into the fascinating world of medicine and diseases. It’s when you finally start seeing yourself as a doctor.

The biggest challenge faced by 3rd Year:  
The most difficult task that I found myself facing in third year was: Trying to get to pharma lectures because the door closes at 8:00 am.

If you see people running, falling, crawling, rolling and again getting up to race across the pharma lawn….....YUP, thats third year running towards lec theatre.

Exploring your talents:

This year is a great year to inject yourself in every extra-curricular activity in search of your hidden talents. Be it sports, dramatics, debates or arts; make sure you have your octopus like legs in each society.

So, what are your talents? I can sing and do gymnastics like:

What happens in wards?

When someone finds out he and his crush are in the same ward batch.

 He thinks, “Dear lord, Could I BE this fortunate?”

When the crush is “crushed”
Let’s just say some people look good only when observed from a distance like from across the DH. And others only as long as they don’t open their mouth to speak or to eat

When you are so dumb that you can’t understand what the patient’s saying:

The trick is to not let the patient find out just how clueless you are and pretend to understand his every word. Nod right away!

The thing is dear patient, “The complexities of your illness elude me”

When you can’t even use the BP apparatus:
Nothing describes the shame you feel when someone asks you to take blood pressure and you can’t even do that. How do you turn the freaking thing on!!!

When while taking history, you faint.

Yes, it happens to the best of us. Risk factors include:
1. Being a girl
2. Skipping breakfast (damn you pharma)
You regain consciousness to hear the patient saying, “Dr. Sahab, me apko apna pani do? Meray pass sprite bhi hai!”
Embarrassed, you reply “I just want to crawl into a hole and not come out”

When you look so much like a ghost that even the patient looks healthier (gets scared).


Well, Ain’t I beautiful?

When the teacher asks you to examine the patient, you start by taking consent and he says “NO”

“Uncle G! You were so nice to me a minute ago!”

When your colleagues are achieving big things meanwhile you can’t even manage your hair:
Do you sometimes feel like the only thing holding you back from success is that “stack of hay on your head?” If yes, then believe me you are not alone.
 Your class fellows are going abroad for electives, doing research and earning distinctions. Meanwhile you are stuck trying to manage your disobedient scalp hair.

When despite being a regular student, your attendance is short
You are exhausted mentally and physically battered after attending lectures daily and still when the attendance is displayed, yours is short. Like, How? Just How? How? How?

I skipped like only a dozen lectures this month, pfft!!

And with that, this is me signing off:


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