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Welcome to KemUnited! The official blog of King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan. (Formerly King Edward Medical College). Of the students, by the students and for the students! It focuses on news/events/happenings around the campus and provides guidance articles, past-papers and study-aids.

You Didn't Fail MCAT

By Laraib Saleem 

MCAT season is over now leaving a mixed atmosphere of felicity and despondency.Congratulations to all those who are going to start the journey of medical school this year.Best of luck for the new beginning.Those who could not make it to a medical college this year are advised not to freak out.Believe me MCAT or MBBS is not the end of life.

Life has much more to offer than these tests and trials.MCAT is not a destination.It was just a little burdensome part of your whole life.A three hour test is not indicative of your abilities in any case.Being unable to score well in MCAT is not even a bit close to failure.You still own the potential to outshine in every aspect of your life.Do not let that potential fade because of some admission test.

There is also a little fraction of students who are forced to opt medical as their aspiration.As a consequence,they do not score well due to lack of interest.The only recommendation for them is that go and follow your dreams.Pursue the career you like the most.Don't mould yourself according to the society's so called definition of success.Choose your dream profession.Shine in that very field.Keep in mind that success always lies in chasing your dreams.

MBBS or BDS are not the only professions you can have.There are a lot of career options still left for you.Being a pre medical student never implies that you have to do MBBS or BDS only.You can go for pharmacy,physiotherapy,microbiology,biotechnology and numerous other fields.These options are in no way inferior to MBBS.Wherever you go,work hard and prove that you are still a genius.You still have that ability to excel in every single exam of your life.Have a wider outlook of life in which you yourself are the determinant of your success and not any kind of test.

There's no need to lose hope.You can still give MCAT another chance.You are just 'One more try' far from your destination.Gap year is surely a difficult one.It will appear as the most tough phase of your life.But believe me you'll get the reward that you surely deserve.Time doesn't matter in front of your dreams.Allah is there for you every single time you feel low.If Allah has planned to grant you something, he will do that for sure.His timing varies from person to person.Maybe getting into a medical college next year is what Al Rehman has planned for you.

Don't forget that Allah is the best of planners.We can never know the betterment in his decisions.Whatever he does is always in our favour but we never know.If man becomes able enough to understand the incomprehensible happenings in his life,what would be the difference left between man and God. So be contented with his plannings because he loves you more than seventy mothers.

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By Hira Yaqub
Eid e Qurban; The Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.)... But how can we follow it correctly?

We know Allah loves us and wants us to give something in His way. But we are neither Prophet Ibrahim (A.S. ) nor are we Prophet Ismail ( A.S.) who motivated his father and was ready to embrace death.

 So what does Allah want from us; meat ,money? Is the money or meat we give away equal to sacrificing our son? He wants us to sacrifice our beloved thing just as a son is to his father.

Their meat will not reach Allah , nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and give good tidings to the doers of good.
Al-Hajj, Ayat-37
He wants us to sacrifice our EGO which is one of the most cherished feelings we as humans have.

He wants us to break the walls of pride and superiority creating hindrance between the rich and the poor. We cannot just satisfy our conscience by giving them our left overs and "utran" and keeping them at an arm's length.

           And when it is said to them: "Spend of that with which Allah has provided you," those who disbelieve say to those who believe: "Shall we feed those whom, if Allah willed, He (Himself) would have fed? You are only in a plain error."
Yaseen ayat 47

He wants us to overcome our laziness and self-centeredness whenever we prefer it over working for people's cause.

And this religious event is not about just one day: it's the day of reviving the real spirit of this Eid and making plans of working on this line for the whole year. May Allah enable us all to follow the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim ( A.S.) in the real sense (Aameen)

P.S. Eid Mubarak to everyone

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MCAT--Some Pre-Exam Tips and Instructions

By Khadija Mohab Khan (Batch 2015-20)

Dear Juniors ! You have worked really hard during last 2 years but you have to be very careful on the  day before MCAT and the MCAT day . Here are some general instructions :
1.            PRAY HARD for your MCAT. You have studied enough but ask ALLAH Almighty to put His Fazal in your hard work.
2.            Be Confident but Humble.
You should be satisfied with your preparation. You have done your best effort. Now It is up to ALLAH Almighty.

3.            ON THE DAY BEFORE MCAT :
•             Relax!
•             Do not study. You have studied enough. Now relax. If you can't help studying , go for revising vocabulary only.
•             Get together everything you need for the test , Admittance card , ball points , clip board and watch.
•             Pray for your test and ask all your sincere fellows , relatives and teachers to pray for you. Ask your maid and driver uncle to pray for you. This matters a lot!!
•             Go to bed early. Get a good night's sleep.
4.            ON THE MCAT DAY :
•             Say fajar prayer.
•             Recite Surah Yaseen.
•             Must take a light , healthy breakfast.
•             Don't panic when you enter the examination centre.
•             When they hand over MCAT paper to you , first check if all the four portions are complete. Check for any misprinting. If you find any misprinting , you may contact invigilator before starting your test.
•             After filling your roll number correctly , MOST IMPORTANT thing is Q-ID.
•             The first row in bubble sheet is of Q-ID. It denotes the color or code of paper assigned to you. God forbid , If one forgets to answer this question , all of his/her  efforts will go in vain.
•             Then , start solving your paper with cool & calm attitude.
•             You can solve in whatever sequence suits you. I started with Biology,then English , Chemistry and physics.
•             REMEMBER not to spend too long on questions you don't understand. Mark them ( in your test booklet , not your answer sheet ) so you can come back to them if there's time.
•             Check periodically ( every 5 to 10 questions ) to make sure you are marking correct answers in bubble sheet. God forbid , If one has marked answer of Q-110 in column of Q-111 , all the remaining mcqs will be wrong.
•             Read mcq statement carefully and read ALL 4 options. Never ever read till option B and mark B even if you think it is correct. Because may be Option D contains 2 correct points ( one same as written in B and another correct point ). So , option D will be correct in this case. That is why , It is necessary to read all 4 options.
•             Rule out Incorrect Answers : You may only be able to eliminate one or two incorrect answers , but every wrong answer you eliminate increases your chances of picking the correct answer.
That's all I was advised. And I followed .
Hope they also help you ! Best of Luck ! 
 May ALLAH help you all! Ameen !

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To You, my beloved, Pakistan!

<Music plays on television>

“Ay Rah e Haq k shaheedoWafa ki tasweero”

“Captain Ali Farooq has embraced shahadat today during a operation against a Terrorist militant group in Swat.”
The news reporter’s voice announces in a robotic tone.
I listen and grief overcomes me for a split second. And then my mobile beeps and my attention shifts. I don’t remember if I prayed for him or not.

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Doctors, god complex, the 'whys' and the 'shoulds'

Do doctors have god complex? If you ask me the question plain and simple, I would have to answer yes. Doctors do have god complex.

Have you ever watched a surgery or a patient in medicine opd and wondered how mere hours or minutes would have drastic effects on his life? To that person doctor is some sort of god or atleast a saviour from God. If you aren't in medical field you can try to remember an episode of House MD or Grey's Anatomy and notice the power, the rush actors try to portray when they are pretending to be successful doctors. (Btw IRL the doctors aren't as nice as they are portrayed in Grey's either to their patients or to each other. For full disclosure maybe it's just based on my experiences at Mayo

I think most professions are just Mankind's poor way of trying to replicate one of God's qualities. Civil engineers defeat mountains and water, people in electrical and software fields make use of things which can only be seen virtually, artists create beauty but I think medicine has come closest to being the miraculous profession. If you think about it in the miracle of childbirth, God has imparted His quality of creation to the mother (in one way or another). In the same way doctors can literally alter the biology, as it exists, on a microscopic level in a person's body. 

I guess it's this power , the rush of gratitude the doctor is shown by his patient, the padestel on which he is put, the offerings he is given (as if he is a mythical god of the temple which is his hospital ) makes a person feel superior . Not for every moment in his life, certainly not forever but yes, enough for people to feel as if the doctor has somehow become beyond their reach. In classical terms some doctors have it most of the time, most have it some of the time but no one has it all the time. Because God never suffers a loss. But doctors do. Frequently.

We have established that doctors do have God complex and to some extent why do they have it. But "should they ? " is another question entirely. Because if you look at it another way medicine is just a profession. We study , we get degrees, we get jobs, we get paid, we go home , we live our lives and we die. Just like everyone else. So why should the doctors allowed to be felt superior than the other professions? The teachers alter lives too. Many a times very drastically. The astonauts literally cut through skies. The farmers grow life out of mere soil. I think they kind of should and they kind of shouldn't. Before I am staked let me explain my stance. In school the teachers are treated as idols. Or atleast very special (By younger kids specially and probably the would-be nerds). So why shouldn't doctors be allowed to feel special in hospitals? The armed forces are always heroed and showered with love and benefits (specially in our country but also all over the world) because they supposedly save lives so why shouldn't be doctors be allowed the same? Doctors feel like they deserve respect because in our society doctors and engineers spend their teens competing for the spots. No I am not saying others don't work hard but yes doctors work among some of the hardest from the time they are youngest to the time they get bald and wrinkly. So maybe doctors shouldn't want to be treated as gods but the doctors do deserve to be treated with respect if not for their hard work or sanctity of profession than for the fact that you are putting your lives in their hands and I , for one, won't definitely tell the persons who are gonna cut you one day that no , they don't serve respect. Unless you are a politician . Then you can probably get away with treating doctors like trash because you are not gonna be treated in this country anyway. 

I think the true place of doctors lies somewhere between being treated as a god and being treated as a  free volunteer or in some cases as a personal health slave. Somewhere above money managers and politicians but close to teachers , scholars and aid workers. And I think sooner the doctors and the societies realise it, the better it is for all parties concerned. 

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Clinical Electives in Pakistan

AKU, SKMCH , SIUT and PIC are considered the best hospitals to opt for when considering electives in Pakistan.
Read up on the reviews and decide which one might suit you best!

Hospital : Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi
Specialty : Obs n Gynae
Elective student : Amna Khalil , King Edward Medical University, Lahore

Application and fee

You will find everything you need to know on

The form for this year's clinical electives in as follows:

AKU conducts electives all year around, just be sure to apply two months in advance!
I was fortunate to be accepted for an elective placement in the speciality of my choice but in the application form you apply in order of preference, so if your merit doesnt fall into your speciality of choice, they will place you into your second option, choose wisely!
There is a mere Rs.2000 application fee and then a processing fee of another Rs.2000, and thats that.

You can apply for accomodation and it is at a very reasonable Rs.15,000 for a month in either the on-campus or the off-campus hostels.
I was adjusted in one of the off-campus hostels, which are fully furnished, with attached baths and a tv room and a kitchen on each floor and ironing, washing and pick n drop facilities around the clock.

Afternoons at hostel

Daily routine 
You basically rotate with the consultant you get assigned to.
On our first day, we were given a basic orientation of the hospital and sent off to our respective specialities where we recieved our schedules for the month.
I had clinic almost everyday, expect for Wednesday which was elective OR day and the day usually started off with morning rounds, followed by either morning, afternoon, or evening consulting clinic and then I was free to go to labour room if I wanted or just relax and head to the pool.
Weekends are off but since I was super enthusiastic about the whole thing, I would go to clinic on Saturdays as well.
The students, the faculty, the staff , everyone was super friendly and helpful and none of my queries would ever go unentertained.

Clinical experience
My experience was extremely stimulating and it has almost made me seriously consider pursuing a career in Obs and Gynae , which is the specialty I did my clinical electives in.
I had plenty of time to  brush up on my  history-taking skills as we would see almost 20 - 25 patients in the clinic everyday and then the best part was following some of those cases to the very end Post-op days.
Other than history taking , I would perform PVs and speculum examinations routinely, take HVS samples and pap smears.
Its amazing as you get a lot of practice in terms of what labs n radiology investigations to send for and when and then interpreting the results in both antenatal follow ups and gynae cases.
But my favorite gadget was the sonic aid and the highlight of the day was making moms-to-be listen to the heartbeat of their babies, absolutely miraculous!

I also had the opportunity to observe and wash up on a number of procedures like numerous cases of LSCS, EnC , insertion of IUCD, Hysterectomy, Hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsies , laparotomies including a very interesting case of  bilateral ovarian cysts!

At AKU, patient counselling is at its finest and I learned a lot in terms of how to patiently counsel and explain to the patients what was happening to them and why and discussing what options they had.
 It was a stark contrast from government hospitals as the pateints at AKU were inquisitive and almost authoriatiave about the treatment and had already read up a lot on their conditions! 
Each consultant had their own way of counselling, some would draw doodles, some would explain it in detail, and I tried to absorb as much as I could.

Tuitioning during the elective
In between clinics, or afterwards there were plenty of opportunities to discuss the cases that presented and their management and differentials.
With my consultant, the amazing Dr.Azra Amerjee
Also my consultant would give me topics to read up on after every clinic which we would discuss subsequently e.g I distinctly remember a case in which there was evidence of ARPKD on the fetal anomaly scan and I spent hours in the paediatric nephrology section to read up on its mortality, so it was invigorative studying and i really enjoyed that.

Perks lalalala
The elective card around your neck gives you access to the library and the doctor's cafetaria and you can pay and utilize the sports facilities whenever.

Iftari for two

I am a water fanatic and the one thing I fell head over heels for was the pool and thats where I spent almost all of my Sundays so yes! a great place to head to , to relax.

 The library is pretty amazing; a little too well air-conditioned, with a great assortment of books , and comfy well lit corners to hide in ; it served well as my hideout spot for the month.

My spot

Also, AKU has seminars and workshops going on around the year, we ourselves were lucky enough to catch a CME Seminar on neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry and listen to the expertise talk about the subject and earn ACCME credit hours as well.

An inspirational experience
All in all I would highly recommend an elective at AKU ,it is an excellent learning experience and a potentially rewarding time for anyone willing to throw themselves in.

AKU nights 
By the end of the month you will be walking out with an evaluation form, an LOR from your consultant and if you are lucky a number of credit hours but most importantly a lot of experience and some great memories and new friends!

Hospital : Sindh Institute Of Urology and Transplantation, Karachi
Elective student : Sumbul Andleeb, Sindh Medical College

Application and fees

Application procedure is pretty simple .
All u have to do is write an application and attach NIC with it . 
But you have to submit it at least 12 months before , they get a lot of applications and they select on first come first served basis.

Clinical Experience

It was an experience of a life time. Everyone from the janitors to the senior doctors were super helpful and nice. From day one we were treated as doctors and not students. We were given the opportunity to run the OPDs  and be the first assistant in surgeries. It was an exhilarating experience.
Our lack of experience and knowledge never came in the way of their teaching.Daily we were rotated in different wards and were assigned a mentor for the day ,who would ask us questions about stuff we already knew and teach us about the cases he was dealing with. I learned a lot and not just the medical stuff but also about empathy and  human suffering. 

Personally,I think every medical student should do electives or some sort of volunteer work in SIUT.
It will change your perspective about medicine and life ,in general.
The environment is so positive and the chance to meet the most humble person you will ever meet in your life Dr. Adeeb Rizvi should not be missed. 

Hospital : Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital , Lahore
Elective student : Fatima Qamar , King Edward Medical University, Lahore

Application and fees
SKMCH has limited slots. So apply a good few months in advance. It's always preferable to apply in those months when fewer applications are received, like Ramazan for instance.
You've to be in final year for a clinical elective.
For research and other basic sciences you can apply in 3rd or 4th yr.
Application is available online.
Contact their HR coordinator, Novaira Syed. You can reach her via phone or meet her in person. Weekend is off for the HR people so go on any other weekday. Ask her for available slots and only then get a bank draft made. It's Rs.1500/-

SKMCH&RC offers on-site accommodation to elective students.

Clinical Experience
You can rotate for 2 weeks to a month. The thing about electives is, you always have to step up your game.
You ought to have some background knowledge, it leaves a good impression.
You can come early to attend ward rounds although the schedule they provided me mentioned only the OT and clinics. They also had case discussion meetings on days when clinics were short.
The system is amazing and up to date.

All patient information i.e. history is typed directly on to the computer and all previous histories and lab tests etc were accessed the same way.
 I had a lot of fun, scrubbed in on quite a few surgeries.


Self service cafe! It is pretty good.
There is a lake around to enjoy and sometimes you can run into celebs haha!( I met Inzi bhai)

With the legend himself
 Also, the FRIENDS cafe is just across the road.
You get to access the library too.

Overall rating

I'd score it a 7/10 mainly because this was my first elective and I was unaware how to go about it.
Remember the key : Step up!
The doctors there did appreciate my work as I got to scrub in otherwise they admitted themselves that more often than not, students aren't given such opportunities.
Therefore, plan your month well.

Hospital : Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi
Specialty : General Surgery
Elective student : Fatima Qamar , King Edward Medical University, Lahore

Some pointers :

You can do an elective at AKU ONLY ONCE so choose well and prefer the clinical one and wait for it till final year.
Both AKU and SKMCH require you to completely change your clothes. They provide the scrubs themselves.
The first thing to do before it all is to get into the ward's whatsapp group, that's how the residents keep in touch with you.
 It helps to have a friend along though, even if you're rotating in other specialty.

AKU evenings

Daily Routine and Clinical Experience : 

This is an elective I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great experience overall, from learning to the student-patient interaction as well as student-consultant interaction.
They allot you a consultant themselves and my consultant was a colorectal surgeon.
 So my schedule was something like this :

Monday- Clinic + Grand round ( this was a scary thing, basically all consultants, residents, HOs and students of the ward sat in one room.
2 people gave a case presentation that was thoroughly discussed.
 It was a smashing critique but great learning too. I also presented twice. )

Tuesday/Wednesday- rounds
Your consultant expects you to clerk her patients.
Like, at any time, 3-4 students are under one consultant. They could be phase 1s (3rd yr) or phase 3s (final year). Divide amongst yourselves and ensure you get at least one patient.  Then it's your job to take history and examine the patient.
Their pattern is a but different but not impossible to learn. Also, they rely on lab reports a lot. So once you're done with the history & exam , type the patient's MR (registration )number onto their computer system. (You need a login for their remote desktop connection, sahl. Request a PG or student to lend you their username and password.)
 Go to investigations and note relevant tests.
So after the residents round where you had to know what their next step in management and plan was, and your own clerking, the consultant came around 9 or 10 and did a round. That's when you're supposed to present a patient to her.

Thursday- OR
OT's can last till 4pm to 9pm, starting from 9am., depends on your consultant.
(The system at both AKU and SKMCH is via valid IDs. Elective students have temporary ones that dont work so often you'll find yourself standing in doorways waiting for someone else to let you have access.)
Friday - Clinic
My consultant had a double clinic.
Every patient who registered, their private file was extracted from the hospital.
 And a stack of unattended files were placed at a counter.
We used to pick one, the staff called the patient and we took them to a room to take history and then examine subsequently along with reading the labs.
Clinics were my favorite.
Since I was living with some relatives, night stay sounded scary.
Emergency nights
But they had a female lounge to crash for the night ,it was carpetted, air conditioned, locked with a passcode. (Ask any student to give you that.)
Emergency worked the same way , the consultant again expects you to have a patient or two clerked because many are admitted later. But they don't keep a close check on you on calls. And therefore I'm guilty of admitting to play tennis on one of my calls.
 Weekends were off.
Evening tennis

Hospital : Punjab Institute of Cardiology , Lahore
Elective Student : Ayesha Shahid , King Edward Medical University, Lahore

Application and fees

You will find all the relevant detail at :

Take a form from PIC from Maam Afshan and fill it , attach all docs with it including NOC / bonafide.
Jot down due dates on which you want to do electives.
Apply earlier to ensure your registration.

Daily Routine

It mainly started from summer vacations day 1 and was of 14 days duration with Sundays off.
Timing was 9a.m onwards until you get your attendance signed.

Clinical Experience 

You go around in OPDs,  Paeds block, male/ female block, Emergency, and Labs.
No OT.

In OPDs we observed follow up cases mainly .

Other than that we learnt to interpret ECG and observed labs like ECG, ECHO ,THALLIUM SCAN, STRESS TEST ,ANGIOGRAPHY, ANGIOPLASTY, ETT e.t.c and learned about their indications, contraindications and pre requisites.


It was a good experience and I think that the best time to do electives in PIC is in final year when you have sound bases.
And those who are interested in cardiology ,electives are best for them as you can revise your CVS system easily!

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Guideline for MCAT 2016

By Larraib Saleem (KEMU 2015-2020)

Mcat is now almost less than two months away so here are some of the basic guidelines and tips that may help the pre medical students.

•MCAT has a basic rule 'Stick to the Books'.The whole MCAT paper will be based on the textbooks of pre-medical level preferably fsc textbooks.Just stick to them.There is no need to consult any kind of notes and helping books.Books are more than enough.They will serve the purpose well.

•Each and every line of the books is important particularly biology.In biology the same lines are copied and pasted in the exam.So you need to go through each and every line of the books.Just read a particular topic keenly and thoroughly two to three  times in order to prepare it.There is no need of cramming. Grasp the concept and try explaining that topic to yourself.

•The academies and their regular tests are a great source of depression for the majority. Focus on your own preparation. Don't bother how others are performing.Prepare every test and try to give your best shot every time.It doesn't matter how much you score in the regular tests.They are just for your practice.The main thing is that you prepared that topic well.Believe me MCAT is different from these regular academy tests.MCAT is easier than these academy tests so no need to get worried and anxious.

•Get the past papers in printed form as soon as possible.Keep the papers with yourself everytime.Try solving the questions from the past papers from now.You will get an idea of the type of questions asked each year. You will be able to have an overview of the important topics,formulas and diagrams.Past papers are something must to do.You have to go through them.

•Along with the past papers,keep the syllabus of UHS in printed form.Before preparing any unit,read the syllabus.Keep in mind that UHS syllabus is not thorough.It's just a highlight of the topics included. So you have to do the relevant topics too.For example,if you are supposed to prepare the topic of heart,read not only the structure of heart but also the Cardiac cycle.We got a mcq based on the duration of cardiac cycle.In our time, only the topic of synapse was included but we got a question from the graph of nerve impulse.Give such relevant topics a single read.This will help you for sure.

•Many people find it difficult to develop a proper schedule in MCAT.They get sleep deprived but still tensed.Then they are concerned about the study hours.Keep in mind MCAT has less study hours than cramming based fsc as you just have to read the topics conceptually.No matter how long it takes to understand a single topic,give that topic its deserved time.Study till you are done with your required work.No need to have specified study hours.Don't get sleep deprived at any cost.You must have heard that MCAT is a game of nerves so give your nerves a proper time to relax every night.Study actively the next day
•If you have joined some renowed academy for MCAT,don't miss the regular lectures.Get a notebook and divide it into 4 portions.One for each subject.During the lecture,try to note down the important points told by the teacher.They will guide you about the modified forms of some formulas and diagrams.They will help you regarding the type of questions that can be asked from each topic.So note that down.

•Some students do not join academies and then get worried.Remember that going to the academy never guarantees your admission in a medical college.Academies and their tests assist you in time management and stress management.If you think that you can tackle this issue at home,there is no need of any academy.You can totally rely on self study if you are confident of your preparation strategy.One of my class fellows never went to any academy not even in MCAT and now she is in one of the top-notch medical colleges.In the end it all depends on you.Just analyze yourself to find out if you can manage with or without some academy.

•Practicing the MCQs is essential while preparing for MCAT.After preparing any topic,practice the related MCQs.For this purpose,many books are available.You can use the entry test series by KIPS or any other renowned academy.You can also solve MCAT MCQs by Dogar Publishers.Use whatever source is available but don't forget doing this activity.

•Discuss the difficult concepts with your friends and teachers.If you are unable to grasp a concept,discuss that freely with your friend and teachers.This methodology clears many misconceptions about a particular topic.

•If you are solving the mcqs on a bubble sheet,do fill the bubbles completely.Don't develop the habit of filling the bubble incompletely(like putting a dot )with the hope that you  will fill it later.You will never find enough time to do that.So If you are sure about the answer, just fill the bubble.

•While solving the mcqs,do the easy ones on the spot.If you are unable to solve any difficult mcq in second or third attempt,leave that.Don't waste your time on a single mcq.Try doing such mcqs when you are done with the rest of your paper.

•For a full length paper, at first do the subject you find easy.Go with order of easy to difficult.The suitable order for majority is Biology,English,Chemistry and in the end Physics.You can go with the whatever order you are comfortable with.It depends on you wholly.

•In most instances,there are some exercise questions in the book that are UHS related.For example in Physics some short questions and numerical problems are totally relevant to the UHS syllabus.The same goes for other science subjects.So when you are studying a topic,give 10-15 minutes to such relevant material.This will be useful and helpful to a great extent. 

•If you are preparing a topic,make sure that you read it keenly from book with proper understanding.Then go through the related information(modified and simplified forms of formulas and diagrams)that may help you while solving the mcqs.At last,solve some mcqs to have a final grip on the topic.

Best of luck for MCAT. May Allah help you ace it in the best possible way :)

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By Hamza Ashraf Zia

“For me, the best vacation is just relaxing on the couch” Scotty McCreery
It was the afternoon of 30thjune, 2016 as I was in huff and buff over my holidays issue. Soon the wait was about to be over and holidays were here. College turned out to be a phantom for me as everyone went to their hometowns.  I was abuzz with plans to study in holidays. In our time, everything revolves around the  word "PROF",and so, I decided to study hard by burning the midnight oil  in these Holidays.

 I saw my car coming towards college gate, I popped up , and rushed with my bag, meeting my dad since he was there to pick me up. To hug one's father is a feeling that lasts longer than years. I was oblivious of how these holidays would go in vain. We travelled through Mall road  to home where there was plenty to do; Shopping, eating, Gaming, Relatives,  Hang outs and much more to digress me. Soon, as I entered my home, there was a huge mammoth of relatives in my dining room, delighted,I went to meet them, and absorbed into discussion. I usually talk on latest movies and politics.

Days flew past with Ramadan going by like a bullet. In mornings, I woke up at 12 PM after a lavished sehri at 4 AM in morning. This was a well spend Ramadan with appetizing iftaris, sehris along with beautiful hearing of the Holy Quran makes enthralled, and submerged in praise of Nature's creater. Holidays were going  just by eating chinese, bollones, Biryani with "tarka" along with sheer khorma. Ramadan ended and finally eid came. 

But the 3 days of EID passed so fast and till today, no study has yet began but intentions are high. They are hijacked by Shakira songs, and rating movies like Sultan, Conjuring two, and legend of Tarzan released. Moreover, some relatives coming from abroad will further evade me from the aim to complete my syllabus plus nightmares come after watching Conjuring disturbing a person psychological. Albeit, it is human psyche to walk off after things providing curiosity.

Ow, the story is that almost 6 weeks have gone by and still a standstill. After all the Eid milan parties , gatherings,and outings finally , a trip to murree  in proximity is planned. Murree will be fun with friends, selfies to tikkas to the pleasant winds of July. It shall be a refreshing moment to cherish and plan ahead. Sticking to studies in holidays is similar to climbing a vertical steep cliff.

But all I think is that Future doctors, specialists ,and consultants all require a degree of love, compassion and devotion for patients. Giving him or her, a space for relatives, loved ones friends will burgeon him for acting professionally in life. He will not schadenfreude his patients with monetary fears
In the end all I can do is to just wait for a miracle to happen. Thats the only way left now for me to study.  

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Pride and Prejudice- Woeful tales of Pakistani doctors.

 By~ Romesa Qaiser Khan.

"Yeh tum larkiyon ne medicine seekh ke kya karna hai? Abhi kuch salon main sari ghar beth jao gi. Choro ward, mazaay karo."

"USMLE karke tum sab ne bahir bhaag jana hai, phir baray humanitarians banay phirtay ho"

"Kemcolian ho, kemcolians saari dunya main chaaye huay hain aur tumhain yeh bhi nahi ata"

Sooner or later, every one of us comes to encounter this blatant tanay-baazi at least once in our three years of clinical medicine, or if things get very real, within the first two years of basic sciences as well. The universal lamentation of the fact that we don't have enough doctors, our doctors are incompetent, our doctors are selfish- these aren't just limited to senior physicians but often come from our patients and are echoed by society too.

And if we're completely honest, it DOES seem to be true. More than half of our batches are made up of girls, inevitably many of those girls ending up settling down and getting married even before house job (after all as they say, medical main rishta na kiya, to phir kya jiya?) leaving a net deficit of practicing physicians before a class has even graduated. Of the rest, the ones resourceful enough or lucky enough to be able to give the high life a shot will start touring amreeka for electives and uploading airport selfies well before their final year result is announced. But what about the rest? The idealists, the patriots, the resigned- the ones who, are either left behind by circumstances or better yet, choose to stay out of a sense of duty and obligation and honor? How are they rewarded for being unselfish?

Answer: They're not. Five years of scoring well below par, not due to a lack of effort or because of being dumb, and well below other private universities, the new graduates have to go through the circus of attaining a paid house-job in their specialty of choice based on the merit-caste system, striving for a pay that is less than the pocket expenses many of them received monthly during their academic years. Some of them will not succeed and will settle for being unpaid. Others will make a meager 5k in army hospitals and console themselves with the catechisms of "serving humanity".

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8 characters which definitely don't exist at Mayo (and probably mostother hospitals)

1. House MD
First years, second years, and premature Kemcolians please leave all thoughts that there would be a super genius doctor who can tell anything and everything so people suffer his/her bad attitude. There are no super genius doctors here and we still have to suffer bad attitudes. There are some well learned, smart, well read or clinically competent doctors for sure but nope no one in House's ballpark. 

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12 Summer Resolutions that didn't turn out as expected

By Eesha Raazia (2015-2020)

Summer marks the arrival of holidays, although it’s not the luxurious three months holidays for us medicos, still even the forty-day break brings heavenly bliss. Looking forward to the holidays comprises making some long to-do lists, obviously with the amount of work we have piled up during the modules and the amount of sunburns, summer sun has gifted us. We have all these extravagant plans and our minds are focused on one fact: “I will make the most of these holidays.” (Yeah, right! You wish!). We have all kinds of plans ranging from practical to moderately-practical to practically-impossible to impossible-in-each-and-every way.)

Let’s have a look at our resolutions and how they resolved.

1.  Studying will obviously top the to-do list of a medico with holidays actually marking the last bonus prep time you have. There are practical notebooks to be made, unprepared tests to revise, untouched books to be dusted and oh yes! There’s the sweet Prof Season approaching. Anticipating much..?  However, no matter what you do when the holidays have arrived motivation level drops to -273! And the entire vacations scoot by in just making schedules for the work that we are never gonna do.

2.   Then we go on to exploring our artistic side and always have that innocent plan: “I will do some art.” No matter if the people mistake my horse for a dog, it still brings inner satisfaction. (It does, please I swear trust me, and it’s not funny! Come on!)

3.    Girls are most likely to include things like cooking, baking, and learning to make ‘gol rotian’ in their lists as well. This is our pride and no shame. No matter how much fun perverts make, we innately love kitchen and we can’t help it.

However when you enter the kitchen in summer days and most probably while fasting you
suddenly realize that ‘its obvious people like me weren’t born just to cook and stir, we
have bigger purpose in life and until I find it, I’m gonna be in my room sleeping or doing

If we somehow you do find the nerve to cook this happens: 


 4. Since it’d be the holy month of Ramadan we plan to be regular in saying prayers, recite the holy Quran, fast and most importantly avoid all backbiting, gossiping and negative thoughts, they spoil the fast. You don’t wanna stay hungry longing for iftar for nothing; we obviously want the ajar so we keep our evil mouths and brains shut. Everything was going according to the plan. Then this came:

5.    With our nerdy life styles we almost never take out time for exercise and working out but we will this summer. And obviously will not give it up like previous summer! Exercise keeps you young, relaxed and healthy and it burns calories. However the very first try made me cry all night in pain from the goddamned cramps all over my body. And I weighed and looked the same even after that one whole freaking day of work out! How they lie about “you will see the results in no time” yeah, right. Didn’t see them in a whole day’s time, you evils. In short I realized either I’m gonna end up dead or have to quit. Hmm…I wanna live!

6.    A day or two before the vacations I got the chance to look at myself in the mirror. And there it was, my next summer resolution: Getting ‘untanned’ and somewhat presentable!

The Europeans might want to start their schools with those awful ugly tans but we certainly find no such wishes in our hearts. So when the vacations came I racked my brain, shuffled through the beauty magazines and watched all those stupid `5 easy ways for instant result’ videos on internet but no use was scrubbing , cleansing, foaming, washing,  exfoliating, and eventually cursing my beauty products, summer sun and life. Well, I did find a way to at least not be reminded about my hopeless looks all the time.

7.    Not getting up at 2 pm! This was one of my most enthusiastic i-will-do-it-no-matter-what resolutions. I set up alarms, 20 of them because one simply does not hit the snooze button once. I went to bed at 10. At freaking 10. I did not get up at 2 is again either? And next day when I woke up, it wasn’t because of the sunlight falling directly on my face from the windows (although that was also happening). It was because of my family swearing at me things like “ you have been sleeping like a horse for 15 freaking hours, get the hell outta that bed before we give you a bath here” but I guess there simply doesn’t exist  a holiday on which you can wake up before at least 1 p.m.


8.    Losing some pounds didn’t seem a bad idea either and I already had the perfect plan for it with an alternative as well: work out or diet. Since ‘working out’ didn’t work out so let’s move to the alternative; dieting. Well dieting went perfect on first day, only fruits and vegies, fine on second day and third day my mind was ripped in a dilemma.

Doughnut and its relatives (junk food, fast food, this food, that food, unhealthy food!) won easily and behold! The fourth day was food day for all those delicious foods that had been shut out for so long and were protesting against this discrimination deserved it as compensation. Although every now and then someone determined to make my life awful tried to remind me about the dieting but I need this food, I seriously do man!

No matter how hard I tried, I failed. Then Ramadan came along and I thought it won’t be a big problem now. We will be fasting, we’ll automatically lose a few pounds and with a little effort we will be able to pull it off but then you sit down for iftar and you see the samosas, pakoras, chaat, rolls, fries, sherbet all you are able to think is:

9.    So summer vacations are for relaxing. One totally has to plan a vacation trip to some hill station or beach or some relatives that live in a faraway city. That will surely make the holidays worthwhile. However once you have checked out your budget, you always end up saying: “there’s nowhere more relaxing than home sweet home.”

10.    Before the vacation I had decided not to waste my time on social media instead I will read a book or learn and try some life hacks or do anything else but not this. Talk about being realistic!

11. In our normal days we don’t make any time to sit and have small talk with our families being pre-occupied with university studies, friends and activities. This vacation I decided to spend quality time with my family. Well, it didn’t go as I had planned because it turned out my siblings are just like me, plain stupid! So no use.

My dad just can’t believe that I’m only talking to him and not planning on asking for money, his car, new phone, signature on freshly failed tests (hey dad, you may not know but I’m in university! I don’t actually need you to sign my tests anymore -_- ) or new parents after this talk!

And mom is simply determined to blame me for our low income, poor social relations, small house, and under-development of Pakistan and peace issues in world. She suspects I have a hand in 9/11. What else do I do on those horrible tech devices (laptop, mobile or iPad? She could be referring to any of these) so I just end up blowing up.

12.Eventually after failing at all above and dying of boredom, I lie sloppily feeling miserable, pathetic and desperate for something fun to do.

And then like the first ray of sunshine, like the rain in desert, like the light at the end of a dark tunnel (I’m not exaggerating); I found the answer to my boredom and the perfect way to waste my time in enjoyment. Watch seasons! Of course, that was God’s answer to all my prayers, (well, maybe it wasn’t but it’s a perfect way to waste time for lazy people like me!)

Hence I concluded that it’s not summer without summer holidays and there are no holidays unless you have made a million resolutions for them and there is no fun unless you have failed to carry out every other plan and simply ended up wasting your time. But I also concluded its fine since holidays are meant to provide us relaxation and if we get it by just lazing around then it’s still pretty much okay, right?

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