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5th Annual Photo Captioning Contest Results 2017

So the results for the Photocaptioning contest are finally out!

1st Position

Entry # 8

"To be able to appreciate life on this side of the wall, when you are living the dream of many, is not unusual. But to be able to have a grateful heart when you are on the other side, spending a mid summer day in scorching heat is real living. Gratitude through the highs and lows, blessings and adversities is what stirs magic in all things ordinary."
Photo and caption by Rida Fatima Sajid

2nd Position
Entry # 9
"The tenebrosity of the world depicted the sentiments of the core, she gazed through the murk of the evening sky, should have left her in melancholy of the happenings around, but the light within pierced through her eyes and dazzled throughout." Photo and Caption by Zainab Aslam

3rd Position
Entry # 31
"Does it not startle you that no amount of mud is dimming her beauty? Those mud covered clothes, those tangled hair, that smudged background or those dirt smeared feet? Noth…
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Fatum de FEAR

Tuba Abeer
2nd Year MBBS
He was kicked down by his mother in sentence of having his feathers germinated. Heart beat ruthlessly, but at the very next moment he was flying high in the skies, among those clouds which he could merely see from his nest. He was with the flow of winds because he was afraid of having his head crushed by those shiny forked pebbles down there on the ground....

Table of Specifications 2nd Year



MCQS: 9 from CNS; 6 each from Renal and Endo, 3 each from GIT, repro and special senses


"Residency at Doorstep" USMLE Seminar by King Edward USMLE Forum

King Edwards USMLE Forum Session:
" Residency at Door Step"
It is my pleasure to announce date for session we promised:
15th May at 9 AM to 12 PM in Patiala Video Conference Room in King Edward Medical University

All medical colleges students are invited to attend this session.

Speakers: Farrukh Abbas, Waqas Nawaz. Usama Aman

Agenda: preparation of usmle, factors affecting match, USCE, backups, USMLE while doing MBBS

Please review all videos on you tube related to USMLe by King edward Forum. This will be 2 hr session in which 1 hr will be given to speakers and 1 hr to audience for questions. 

Please consult Rashid Javed and Muhammad Mohsin Ali Dynamo of Kemunited for details

We will try to post this session as live video on facebook and later post it on you tube

Looking forward to see you all on May 15th. Please spread this new to all medical colleges forum so that maximum people can be benefitted.

To register for event, send us your institute and contact det…

The K3wl Kemcolian Syndrome (KKS): Do you have it?

It has been quite some time now since the day I first set foot at KEMU and there were moments when I had to rub my eyes and pinch myself just to check if I was awake because some people make you actually go like:

Yes! These eyes have seen much and finally I think it is time to bring to light 'The K3wl Kemcolian Syndrome aka KKS' so that all of us who suffer from it can at least know that we have it. After all, the first step is always realization. The criteria for diagnosis is quite simple. If you have any three of the below listed 10 signs and symptoms, I hate/love to break it to you but you have KKS.

Without further ado, here we go.

1. If you are in atleast 2 different societies but all you have actually done is absolutely 'nothing':

 And every time someone asks you about it you go like 'I show up with my pretty face! What more do you want?'                                 

2. If your inner Simran awakens every time you go on class trips:

It is not just for g…

13 Reasons Why: Shaadi Season Edition. By~Romesa Qaiser Khan.

Warning: If you are someone who has gotten married or engaged recently or else are one of those people who are actually capable of being happy for other people instead of getting triggered like my sad, forever alone soul- this rant is not for you. 

We all see it. It's the giant elephant that crushes your soul every time you so much as try to refresh the news feed on facebook. A shaadi here, a shaadi there- actually shaadis everywhere. And if you're one of those adult-children who can't even take care of yourself, much less enter a life long binding commitment with another functional human being- then you'll catch the drift about just why shaadi kinda equals barbaadi for every single and not-ready-to-mingle individual.

Reason 1: From bhai to bae. Aik anokha safar.

It is a universal truth that if you are a desi person who has managed to reach the ripe age of 18 with a cousin around, you are definitely in need of a rishta from them. Who cares if you don't get along? If…

So, here comes Final Year. A year that is destined to make you “Dr.”.  Final year is fun. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to study. In fact, In final year you have to study more. But in a different way. After passing all the four profs, you'll have enough idea what important and what not. Ti which stuff, you have to give your time..and which stuff doesn’t need any revision at all. Here is some guideline. Important note: In final year you have to study whole year.:p Try to cover maximum syllabus during ward times. And give your ward test as if it’s a prof. this will eventually help you in prof prep. Do all the methods during your ward time. Present cases in wards, OPDs. Assist surgeries. Make presentations. Be clear about one thing. In final year you have to study yourself. No one will spoon feed you.  You have to learn yourself. You have to present cases yourself. Presenting cases in wards will  help you in preparing long cases in prof when you are …