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Welcome to KemUnited! The official blog of King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan. (Formerly King Edward Medical College). Of the students, by the students and for the students! It focuses on news/events/happenings around the campus and provides guidance articles, past-papers and study-aids.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Doctors or Traders !

The remuneration you have when you see a smile of serenity and gratification on the sufferer’s visage, only a Doctor can tell you, and he is the only one who can relish those feelings. This contentment of healing the sufferer is the real essence of this gallant profession. Doctor is a symbol of hope, sympathy and above all ‘Life’. It’s not a conventional profession one may plunge into for wealth; these people are the chosen ones I believe. This is something that makes it the noblest of the professions.
But are the present day doctors up to this spirit? I am afraid the answer is certainly ‘No’. The word ‘Doctor’ is certainly at the verge of losing its dignity because of some people who have made it more or less a ‘Trade’. The patients are somewhat customers to them and it has maligned the repute of this profession to that tangible a magnitude that some people are now even reluctant to go to doctors.

A story I’d like to relate lively witnessed by me, a middle classed kid had been recommended an operation and with hope in his eyes, he managed to negotiate with a doctor on the half price for the operation, but the day his operation was due, that doctor went on leave. The other doctor continued the proceedings, even he was anesthetized, but somehow the doctor asked the child about payment. Being told the amount the child had, he was mercilessly sent away home to bring the complete amount amidst the unfinished operation. And the child went away with a broken smile.
Alas! There are humans I see but where has the humanity gone. I’ve seen some doctors doing much more, I’ve seen them exchanging patients, I’ve seen them medicating wrong intentionally, I’ve seen them refusing to examine because it was not their duty time, I’ve seen them being rude with the sufferers, summarizing, I’ve seen them ridiculing the humanity.
The point is “How a Doctor should be”. He should be just like what the profession demands. The crux of medical profession lies in feeling the pain of patients. A doctor bridges the gap between medical science and society. He is the one through which scientific knowledge is expressed in the best possible way and society is benefited. So, responsibility lies on a doctor to deliver such information with utmost honesty and supreme care. He should be cautious and vigilant in his judgments and must know the ultimate consequences of his decisions as it may lead to drastic effects including costing the precious life of the patient. He should maintain a proper doctor-patient relation sympathizing with his relatives and always giving ultimate preference to the health of the patient. There are doctors which can be epitomized as being the crowns of the profession, who laden with the feel for humanity are doing their duties selflessly, benefiting the ailing humanity in a striking manner. But the other side of coin is really heartrending that needs to be tackled publically. Those cold hearted doctors are playing with fire and certainly making a bad name for this noble profession.
Being a medical student, this question strikes my contemplations and pinches my head all the time, what are “We” going to be, “Doctors” or “Traders”? “
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Saturday, November 21, 2015



Ammar Anwar

2nd Year MBBS
I am not going to sugar-coat it.
KEMU main Ragging hoti hai aur buhat hoti hai.
Before coming to KE I used to think KEMU main tou sab shareef theetay he hotay hain, koi Ragging nai karta ho ga, but I was wrong. This extremely nonsensical and idiotic tradition is still present everywhere and that includes KE as well. I was ragged, you are going to be ragged, and everyone gets ragged at least once. It all depends what kind of seniors are doing the Ragging. Meaning no offence to the seniors, with respect to the type of Ragging they do, initially you are going to group all the seniors as either good seniors or bad seniors. The ones in the 'good' group are the ones who will do the light Ragging in the university, maybe even in the hostel but this is mostly the kind done by the female seniors in the university. The bad seniors to you will be the ones who do the Ragging in the hostel rooms at unknown locations in groups and terrify you to death. But worry not. Given below is a comprehensive guide on the kinds of Ragging and how to escape Ragging.
The 'Good' Ragging
Yes, this isn't KEMU.

This is the kind done mostly by the female seniors. They are going to be in the form of groups and in the university they are going to ask you to do fun little things like singing a song or the national anthem or asking some random guy or girl for money. This is completely harmless and you will enjoy yourself without getting humiliated. And the seniors will get a satisfaction they ragged someone. So it's a win win for everyone.
The 'Bad' Ragging

Sorry guys, but you are going to experience this kind of Ragging, especially the hostellites. Groups of seniors will come to the Broome Hostel, the nest of young KEMCOLIANS and they will knock your door till you open it. Probably will threaten you about kicking the door down in case you are purposely not opening the door but don't worry. No one can kick a door down. The best way to save yourself from this kind of Ragging is to turn off the lights around 10 pm and then go to sleep early, keeping the door locked. They'll come and go, keep knocking but as long as you don't open the door yourself they cannot by any means take you from the room. It he unfortunate event of an open door, they will gladly invite themselves in and start interrogating you. Kon ho, kahan se aye ho, the usual deal. Don't be disrespectful in answering them. They are after all your seniors and no senior should be disrespected whatever he might be like. Answer all their questions and then you'll be asked to go with them to a secret room, the room number of which will be unknown to you. The hotspot for Ragging is the New Hostel. This small group of seniors will take you to a room where depending on your qismat another huge group of seniors will be present. You should not lose your wit here, because about 99 percent of the seniors in the room will only serve as an audience. Only one or two mouthy seniors will command you to do or say stuff. Now here is a precaution. They are going to make you say vulgar things and things that no one should speak ever, but worry not. It all passes, though not so quickly. The time that you will be ragged for will be around an hour if the seniors are forgiving. Some unforgiving ones make you stay there for upto three to four hours. That all depends.
Which brings me to my next point.
You set your own limits
Yes, never forget this. You are the only person who gets to decide what to say and what not to say, what to do what not to do when the seniors ask you to do it. In short, you get to set your own limits.
The seniors ask you to do many objectionable and vulgar things. You can politely refuse. Politely. Remember to never disrespect no matter what. If you cannot say anything they ask you to, don’t say it. Know this that they will be a bit harsh to you jokingly of course and will rudely tell you to obey their commands, but as I have stated previously, they can never make you do anything by force nor can they touch you. Touching is completely off the limits.

Never Disrespect
I think I’m writing this for the 4th time, but please never disrespect the seniors who are doing your ragging. Don’t try to threaten them with anything and don’t try to be rude. If you cannot do something, politely refuse. But no rudeness and no disrespect.
The Mood Change
The seniors are like dragons breathing fire when they are ragging you and at the end of the ragging they change so abruptly that when my ragging ended it was hard to believe that those were the same seniors as they were a few moments ago while ragging me. They will give you their contact numbers, offer guidance and tell you to come to them in case you have any kind of problem in studies or otherwise. In other words, once the ragging ends, you are friends with that senior.
Now I cannot really vouch for anything, but there are two kinds of seniors in this respect; one those who are actually very helpful and will help you whenever you message or call them or ask something on Facebook. The other kind will never see you again, or at least meet you here and there every once in a while but not voluntarily offer guidance. But mostly they are the former, and quite helpful to say the least.
The Treat
Once the ragging ends, the seniors are going to take you out to Lakshmi Chowk where 99% of the seniors take their juniors after ragging. You will be helped to a generous Chicken Karahi dinner and it will be fun to eat at the late hour. The alternative is that they will get food delivered to the hostel and you’ll eat in their room or your own. Either way, you will get a free dinner or a pizza out of the ragging so it is not totally a loss.
Many people think that ragging is a positive interaction. In my personal opinion it isn’t. There are many who think that they made great friends with seniors which they hadn’t had it not been for the ragging. I disagree with this point as well. There are societies for the best possible positive interaction. You don’t need to get humiliated for positive interactions with the seniors. These are, at least, my views on ragging. So if you are looking forward to getting ragged and making really “cool” seniors your best friends, ragging is probably not the best course. Join societies and you will get to make some of the best seniors in the university, your friends! And trust me, I speak with experience.
So the bottom-line is: Don’t volunteer for being ragged.
Yes, the ragging is awful, the kind that is done at the boys hostel at least, and you’re scarred for life after that experience but it does make for some pretty good laughs when you look back at the end of the year. I was pretty disturbed because I wasn’t expecting ragging to be like it was, but I found myself laughing at my own self remembering the ragging. You do some stupid stuff and that makes you laugh for sure, so ragging is pretty good nostalgia material.
Your Stance on Ragging

The choice is all yours.

Personally, I am very much against ragging and if it were under my authority I would never ever let this idiotic practice carry on for even a second. But I was ragged and ever since that time last year, I vowed to never rag a student when I become a senior. A lot of the classmates and students in general believe in the rule “hamari hui thi tou ham bhi karen ge”.
Well, no.
This is the most ridiculous thing people say to defend this act and this should not be your stance on ragging. Many students take this very lightly and ragging affects them the least, but there are some others who are deeply disturbed because, quite frankly, their image of KEMU shatters the moment they are ragged. I was one of these people who were disturbed by ragging and I take no shame in admitting that I was really terrified at that time and quite disturbed as well. But that phase passed quickly and everything returned to normal!
My point is, you will be ragged, you will go through 1st Year, pass through the professionals and become a senior. Then choose wisely at that time, whether or not you want to take part in this stupid tradition or you want to help to end this once and for all. The choice is yours.
How to not get ragged
To escape the university ragging, don't visit the canteen for about a week or so, also most importantly DO NOT WEAR A LABCOAT! I know every firstula is very excited to wear a labcoat for the first time as a Kemcolian, but please do not wear it while roaming about in the univeristy because THAT is the first sign that will get you noticed by the seniors, also do not walk uptight and straight like a typical firstula. Stay relaxed, keep your calm and try lying to any senior that asks you which year you're from. Say 2nd year or anything and if you look like a 2nd year wala baccha you'll probably be fortunate enough to escape from the clutches of the seniors.

To escape the vulgar hostel ragging, lock the doors at night, don’t answer the door if someone knocks and certainly don’t open it and turn off the lights at 10 if you want to not face the situation at all. That is well and good. You wouldn’t have to argue with any senior in this way.
The other alternative is to call a Jamiat Senior for help. Jamiat is an Islamic group of students that is very clear about its anti-ragging stance. So they always come to help if you are being ragged and you somehow manage to message them or call them. Or if your roommates have been taken for ragging. Either way, call them and they will certainly come to help, In’Sha Allah.
And if you do get ragged, do not stress out. It will pass and just be another memory to you. Pleasant or not - it largely Depends on you and how you take it.
Best of luck!


Here is the notice displaying the contact numbers of Asst. Hostel Wardens who will come to your rescue if your roommates or you manage to contact them during or before the ragging. 

Next up in The Survival Guide: Societies.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Prof Insomnia much?

So the most dreaded time of the year draws near.
10 days to go.
(aaaaaaaaaaaaa, *totally freaking out*)

One question bothers me the whole day in prof, and that is not whether I would be done by my timetable wala kaam by the end of the day, no sir, what bothers me the most is ;
"Will I be able to sleep at night?"

Usually I am so adrenaline pumped up during exams, that I would be mentally drained by six in the morning (the time I usually go to sleep ) and yet neend would be qoson door.
Never in my three profs at K.E have I ever slept a full hour before any written or any viva, cause I just can't.
But I have, nonetheless figured out a few ways to cut down on the anxiety insomnia.
I know a lot of you who are plagued by the same problem (cause there are only two types of people in the world either insomniacs or the ones that can't get out of the razai) so here you go ;

Drink lots of water during the day.
A hydrated brain is more likely to go into hibernation with ease.

You may be mentally exhausted but that doesnt assure a good sleep, you must exhaust yourself physically too.

Chal chal k rattay lagao!

Quit studying a little before sleep time and take deep breaths with your palms open and walk around a little and think about the other things in life.

If you are also night owls like me, seal all the light from your room so you can sleep till the wee hours of dupahar.

NO CAFFEINE too late at night.

Recite Darood shareef
The counting sheep thing is insaaane.
This is the awesomest though, keep reciting darood shareef and you will be at peace soon enough :)

Dream-catchers, blindfolds , the works
I am a very very crazy insaan , I used to put my pillow in a plastic cover in the fridge cause cool pillows make for better sleep, I used to spray scent all over my pillow ,  hang a dream catcher over my bed , wear my blindfold and then , this is going to sound so weird, but wiggle my toes , like a toe dance, until I dozed off.
My crazy sleep ritual, but you can take pointers anyways, haha!

My baby!

So now lets come to the real things.

Hamdard ki Somina!

 My dad does these weird hakeem dawai experiments every now and then and he got me this , its basically nuts , nothing dangerous but this is like elixir to me!

Take a tablespoonful , in warm milk, like fifteen minutes before the time you intend to sleep and it will deal with all the panic attacks and palpitations and hopefully you will enjoy a good sleep.


Now this.
THIS IS THE EXTREME LAST RESORT, and I usually take it only in vivas or the dupahar after the written when the mcqs won't stop popping up again and again in your head and you are thinkin uska A kia tha ya B (Note to reader : Hamesha B karna btw, ziada probability hoti hai ;) )

Beg the CSH walay uncle and he might give you two three or get a patta from elsewhere.
It ensures a good four to five hour sleep and no drowsiness and other after effects that you might experience with other meds.

Take care, sleep well, and please remember me in your prayers!
Best of luck to y'all!

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Monday, November 16, 2015



Ammar Anwar 
2nd Year MBBS

Hello, dear juniors. I welcome you to “THE” King Edward Medical University. I’m sure you guys have had quite a lot of fun in the post-MCAT holidays and you still cannot believe that you’ve made it to the dream University of Millions of students in Pakistan. Well, you have! Congratulations! You now know that you have what it takes to rise above the competition and that is great!

The magnificent Patiala is one of the many reasons to be thankful for admission to KEMU lol

Life at KEMU is going to be fun. Trust me. The first few weeks are going to be tough as hell. But after the few initial bumps, you’re going to find a spot in the wide canvas of KEMU to express your colors. The initial depression and the overwhelming amount of home sickness is going to be tough at first but then you’re just going to grow out of it, like we all eventually do. I am very sure most of you are not used to the hostel-life experience and that is a good thing. Many of you who have been hostelites at various colleges since their FSc days will find the experience no different, so I’ve heard, and the majority who does not have any experience is not to worry. Having zero hostelite experience can be a pretty good thing too. You get to carve out your space in the little community of hostelites and you get to learn new things and undergo changes (which can be for the good or the bad, but mostly good). You’ll learn to manage your own finances and your own expenses which is a very good thing for your practical life ahead.
In short you guys are going to change within the first year. It is up to you how you want to change. There are many good changes and many bad changes but it all depends on the kind of company you’re preferring. Medicine can take a toll on your personality and even your sanity (LOL) but it’s all up to you how you want these factors to change your life.

So I’m starting this little thing here. Within a few posts I will try to cover all aspects of the hostel life at KEMU and how to survive here. 

Let’s start with the basic necessity here. The one you can’t live without: FOOD.

The Mess

The first thing you’re going to do is to start the Mess. The food will be great (at first, at least) and most of you will continue the Mess throughout the year, and quite frankly it depends on which Mess you have joined. If you’re a male firstula you’re going to probably join Zeenat Mess or the New Hostel Mess. Depending on the menu, the food can be great or just average. It can be amazing or inedible, depending on your taste. For me, the mess ended a loooong time ago (That’s discussed below). I couldn’t bear the food any more after the first 6 months. So I had to find alternatives. If you like the mess and cannot manage whipping something yourself every time you’re hungry, then don’t leave the mess. The food isn’t all that bad.

The Menu: The menu is a bit of a mixed affair. You’ll have rice and a lot of rice. Like 6-7 times a week. There will be burgers on one day too. And a really good roast chicken called “Tawa Chicken” on another day. The other items include Daal Chaanp with an option of chicken piece or a beef rib, Shahi chanay, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Fried Rice, Saag, Koftas, Mixed Veggies which are mostly just carrots and potatoes, etc. The menu is going to rotate and that’s also a mixed affair because sometimes the menu sucks and the other times it rocks!

And since the winter is almost fully here, you are going to get Kashmiri Tea on some days too. If there is a very bad thing on the menu like Methi or some other mixed vegetable sort of thing, you’re going to get Kheer/Firni/Vermicelli, etc. or some other sweet dish helping to wash out what you’ve just eaten (LOL).

Green Chili

This is a lifesaver. Seriously. The really economical zingers and the great deals are really lifesaving when you’re feeling hungry and the mess has something cooked that you cannot eat at all. I discovered this place in the first week or so and since then it has been the place to call whenever I’m hungry. It is pocket friendly too. And since it is located really close to the hostel, it charges close to nothing for deliveries.
Location: Gawalmandi.

Chicken Cottage

A rather recent discovery, chicken cottage delivered a pleasant surprise with the really cheap but delicious rice. If you’re in a fix just get the cottage rice deal delivered. It should save your life for a couple of hours.
Location: Mall Road, immediately adjacent to Pak Tea House.

Pak Tea House

Another very recent discovery was the historical Pak Tea House, which used to be the “it” place for the hangouts of the likes of Manto and many legendary authors and poets. The place is really well furnished and offers really tasty food for a minimal price. I tried the Biryani and it was amazing. I was actually pissed that I didn’t know that this place existed so close to KEMU. It is literally just across the road. Lol. Try this sometime when you want a good cup of tea in solitude or hangout with your friends.

Location: Mall Road, immediately adjacent to Chicken Cottage.
Read a detailed review on it here

Big Man’s Pizza

I am so glad I found this place. This is the place to call if you want to gobble down a delicious cheesy pizza. The pizzas have a taste like no other and the place offers many good deals as well. Its oreo shake is what got me hooked to this place at first and it still remains to be the best item on their menu for me, at least. Try the Kit Kat shake as well. I’ve tried the Zinger Burger deal as well but you’re probably better off eating the Green Chilli Zinger than this one. The taste is good, but I found the size to be little to satisfy my hunger. Could work out for you. Who knows.

Location: Mall Road, infront of the Lahore Cafeteria 

Butt Karahi

This is the place where the seniors are going to take you after the ragging as a treat. The Karahi is delicious and the kebabs are great too. This place doesn’t deliver but since it is located at a walking distance, it shouldn’t be much of a problem to go there to eat. Good for birthday treats and hangouts.

Location: Lakshmi Chowk.

Red Chili

Ever since Ayesha Mumtaz raided this place, it has been uncertain whether this place was open or not. Khair, the food is nice, I found their Zingers to be much better than Green Chili’s and the Arabian Rice deal is also good. Good for delivery or hangouts and not-too-heavy-on-the-pocket eating.

Location: Near Gawalmandi.

Alternative: Cook!

Yes. It can be done and it isn’t impossible. I found the mess to be inedible after 5-6 months and I have my own cooking equipment ever since. Don’t worry. I’m not talking about full on cooking. Just light cooking like an omelette or some K&Ns things with a Dawn Paratha. I even make my own tea (in a pan, not that horrid everyday wali chaye).

This is what a hotplate looks like, in case you didn't know 

You need to buy a hot-plate. I bought a Westpoint Single Hotplate which cost me only three thousand. It is really cheap and lasts like forever. Plus you’ll need a medium sized frying pan and a small sauce pan if you want to make your own tea.

I know some of you are thinking this is ridiculous as my roommates did when I bought it first and trust me, it is NOT. It is very practicable and doesn’t take time. So no need to worry. Plus you're going to live here and use these things for five years, so it is a great investment.


The love of my life <3

Tea is something I cannot live without at all. I need at least 4 to 5 huge mugs of tea to keep me going all day. If you are a chaye aficionado like I am, you must have something to make your own tea, because if you’re thinking you’d get that from the Hostel Canteen, news flash: it is freaking terrible. Seriously.

You have two options if you want to drink proper tea. One is that you bring with yourself an electric kettle and have the everyday wali chaye. The other one is that you get a hotplate and a saucepan to make tea. The plus to this is that you'll be getting really good, homely chaye.

More survival how-tos in Survival Guide: Ragging.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015


The Final Bow

- Ayesha Mushtaq

Straight outta First Prof Part 1

Episode 1: Click Here
Episode 2: Click Here
(By Hajra Saeed)
Episode 3: Click Here

Okay, okay, I’m not really a firstula any longer. But I just couldn’t let go of my Musings this easy. Now the account of our first year couldn't be left incomplete, could it?
So here I am, with the final installment.
Hmm hmmm. Covering six months of the happening KemLife in one blog is no easy job, people.
Where to start from? Lets see.

The second intermodular block, post spring break. Which started off with an Anatomy test (comprising GA, Histo and Embryo) on the very first day. And then the anatomy dept living true to its reputation, decided to hold a substage every week. Every week, I repeat.

Physiology was not behind either with the Naarveee and Maaassaaal test thrown in. And the result of Respiratory Module assessment which managed to leave quite some students in tears.
Biochemistry did not torture us with tests here. But Ma’am TT’s 9 am lecture every Wednesday, Ma’am Ismat’s Lipids and Minerals, and Ma’am Samia’s (Ma’am Proteins for those having a hard time recalling) GIT more than made up for the absence of tests.

Add to it the dreary labs – where we took out our own blood for physiology practicals; were grilled by the attendants of biochemistry; and had to draw layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of cells in histology, embellishing it with the little purple dots for nuclei till our hands ached, but no. The demo checking the notebooks would still not be satisfied by the diagram and demand amends.

 And no account can be complete, of course, without the mention of the stifling DH and the terrifying tutorials, as we would sit hunched in a corner, trying to be as far away from the prying eyes of Sir Shahid and Sir Khurram as possible. Yes, Sir Mubashar and Ma’am Sheena’s batches will never know what an ordeal a tutorial is.

Of course, how can I forget the uncomfortable days and nights at hostel, as we the poor hostellite girls had to spend long hours without electricity - till we got a generator for backup power so the only fan we had to keep us cool amidst the rising temperatures would run round the clock.
(Incoming first year can take a lesson or two perhaps from our suffering.)

But all was not bleak, no. There were also the events. Lots and lots of events. 
KELS Urdu Annual Mushaira
Shaam e Sangeet
Photos: KELS Urdu Media Portal
KEDS 16th All Pakistan Declamation Championship
KELS Short Story and Poetry Writing Competition
KELS Interclass Quiz Competition
Class function – a memorable night of stellar performances by batch ‘19

KDS Annual Play – where each show left the audience in fits of laughter, displaying the acting skills of various first year students and a large number of firstulas lending a helping hand backstage
SPWS Bake Sale – fundraising for various projects in Mayo Hospital, where First Year outshone all others by collecting a whopping 3.5 lac
Stage. Final Stage of Anatomy, and the preceding sleepless nights, day-dreams of BD (or Gray’s and Last for the smarter crowd), company of bones and high doses of caffeine to keep going.
Stage came and went, and we ushered into CVS Module, when attendance became inversely proportional to the soaring Lahore temperatures, and a couple more events followed.
KEDS 16th All Pakistan Parliamentary Debating Championship – a four day battle of words, witnessing fiery speeches, logical (and some not-so-logical) arguments
KAPS All Pakistan Media Festival – art exhibitions, musical performances, and interclass and All Pak short video competitions
Class trip to Murree
KELS All Pakistan Quiz Competition
KELS Urdu Literary Festival
The module test, right on the very last working day before summer break. While we did not have regular classes after summer break, there was the thorax stage and histology lab test. Meanwhile, repeater sessions also started.
The society season was wound up with the KEDS Intra-KEMU Debating Championship. Here again, like all other events, we witnessed an enthusiastic participation by the first year, and in the process our speakers did us proud by grabbing a handful of awards.

Then there was the simultaneous issue of getting our first prof exams delayed. And like all other *delay-endeavours* through the year, here too Batch ’19 met paltry success, our representatives managing to secure a 9-day delay. 
Hence began the last phase of our journey as firstulas, as we drew near prof. Not without the little upset in send ups first. Biochemistry dept dropped a bombshell with the paper set by Sir Nakshab, and for days biochemistry was the only thing discussed in the batch group, and our nights were marred by the nightmares of Harper.

A couple of weeks later, a renewed drive seeking a few days delay in prof emerged. Alas, some wishes remain unfulfilled. Hoping that our batch is luckier in this regard in the years to come.
Finally the monster of First Professional Examination Part I was upon us with all its horrors. Basement of New Auditorium witnessed- like it does every year- 328 (or 332? *never been able to ascertain the exact number*) students scribbling away with all their might on a sheet that was to decide their future. After every written exam, the MCQs key surfaced in class group that gave many people a few mini heart attacks. And then the absolute frenzy before the Islamiat paper, everybody wondering which book to use and what the syllabus was and which topics to cover and what the paper pattern would be.

Also exam branch ruthlessly scheduled our viva/practicals to commence a mere 5 days after the last written. And suddenly the class group was flooded with pictures of histology slides and x-rays and models, and videos of spotting; question banks of viva questions; and discussions about the attitude of examiners (as much as I may be having the urge to put in a few sentences about You-Know-Who, some words are best left unsaid). And then some people were left hanging in mid-air till 11th because their viva got delayed thanks to the holiday for local bodies’ elections.
Those who got free early vs those who were still stuck in prof. Courtesy: Kwemcoleans
But like all things, this taxing period too ended at long last, and for some earlier, than others.
Here’s the hope that all of us pass it respectfully, and to those seeking distinctions and positions, may you get those too.

PS: while hunting for photos for this blog I realized what an accurate job Kwemcoleans has done at the timely portrayal the sentiments of our class on each occasion :D
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

12 Things A Firstula Kemcolian should know


1)  YOU are not the Apple of every teacher’s Eye anymore. Yeah ! Sad but true :P
2)      You are ALWAYS WELCOME in every SOCIETY (Forget about the appreciation)

3)  Messing with your seniors might be HARMFUL (only for ur worth in that particular society ) otherwise its all Okay

4)  ZERO POINT is the property of seniors only , you can have it on SUNDAYS
5)  Saying YAAAR to ur seniors might be really LETHAL here
6)  You are not gonna TOP every test , getting 50% in substage is worth-thanking
7)  You cant be a NERD whole the year , get over it Already

8) Save urself  from THE SHITTY WHITE ATTACKS

9) Your life here might become full of UPS & DOWNS but you are never gonna give up

10)     Stay away from THEETAS they are everywhere OR be a One
cause you ll see :

11)     you might find KE “CHOOTA” and “PURANA” as compared to other medical colleges , but keep in mind  : KE, KE hay  and u r going to realize that SOON
 cause that feel of being KEMCOLIAN never fades

12)     MIND IT :
If you think you are COOL cause u made into KE ,
YESSSS … YOU ARE RIGHT! Its gonna be the COOLEST era of ur lives

We wish you ALL THE BEST for the Ride 
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