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The sound of Silence

A short story by Hamdan Ali Khan, 1st Year MBBS

The old man sat on the beach, barefooted and alone. Silence reigned everywhere except the occasional thrashing of waves which disturbed the acoustic equilibrium. Night it was, the sky filled with a million lanterns, the birds dozing off quietly and the sea like an old pirate sang a silent shanty. Oh! He missed his youth, when he could swim to the Black Rock without drowning, when he could shout at the vast ocean, his resonant voice fading upon the edges of horizon. But all good things come to an end, the voice that once resonated; now a husky whisper. The man who was the fastest swimmer; now an ancient remainder of time and its echoes. The doctors said he had terminal cancer that he would die in a week. He didn’t fear death, he had no family, nothing to lose except maybe the sight when someone would break his 50 years old record. The silence of the calm sea nurtured in him a desire to swim to the Black Rock once again, one last time. He …
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Guide to Living in the US

This is an extensive guide on how to manage finances and expenses while living in the US. On behalf of KEMUNITED, we congratulate everyone who matched this year. Hopefully you guys will continue helping others!

Phone bills, travelling, food and housing are pretty much all that you spend on while you are in USA for electives, and though the following list won’t save you a lot individually but the money saved collectively can help you save a few bucks in your final budget.
Housing In general living with someone is always cheaper than getting a room alone. One way to find roommates is to search different Facebook pages like US electives and other forums. Look for any ads related to this, and usually Pakistani residents/elective students do offer temporary residence at nominal costs. PPS, KEMCAANA and Iqbalian house are obviously the cheapest options wherever they are, but they have their own set of problems.
AirBNB: Seems to be a bit expensive when you look at the daily rates. But when y…

Event Review : Lights of Hope '18

By Amna Rashid, 1st Year MBBS
"Only in the darkness can you see the stars"

A heart, full of hope, optimism and generosity… is everything in today's world. Hope gives you peace. Hope gives you confidence. Hope gives you everything you want from life. And generosity is what makes you human. And taking this hope and generosity in our hearts, we lightened the night with the Lights of Hope and invited everyone to look at the sky and witness the beauty of it. Students Patient Welfare Society (SPWS), continuing the legacy, organizes an event called "Lights of Hope" every year, the sole purpose of which is to raise charity and funds for the patients of Mayo Hospital and students of KEMU. This event is organized by the students of KEMU who are the active members of SPWS, under the guidance of Vice Chancellor and President of society. This event consists of a musical gathering and, sky lanterns, and many tempting food stalls that invite the students of KEMU to come and hav…

Winners of the 1st Kemunited Costume Contest 2k18!

So finally we bring you, the winners of the 1st costume contest 2k18!

Without further ado, here goes:

3rd Position

The 3rd place goes to Danial Sumbul from 3rd year, representing a Turkish Sufi for the theme "Blast from the Past"

2nd Position

2nd Place goes to our very own Aleena Afzal from Final Year, representing the theme "Around the World".

1st Position

The first place goes to an iconic duo: Nokia 3310 and Radio, featuring Eesha Tehreem and Hurriat Saleemi from 3rd year in the Theme "Blast from the Past!"

It was an amazing theme day this year (cue: we are writing about it even after a week has elapsed) and cheers for everyone who won!!!

USMLE: Guide to Observerships/Externships

By Dr. Humaira Sarfaraz

Observerships/ externship opportunities So foremost an observership/ externship can serve two purposes-firstly, LOR. A uni program mostly offers observership instead of an externship and doing it from a university program is generally better because the name of the program brings added benefit. This will get you an LOR and an experience which stands out on your CV. Secondly, doing a rotation at a community program and making a good impression may guarantee you a call from there for an interview alongside a LOR. Lastly, a private clinic rotation should be considered only if the above options are not somehow an option for you because if the person you are rotating with is not on the faculty at some place, the LOR strength is generally on the low side.
So generally both observership and externship are considered USCE-US Clinical Experience-observership means following a physician, observing physician-patient encounters, presentations. You can make the most of the exp…

USMLE: Guide to Electives

By Dr. Humaira Sarfaraz

These are generally the most advantageous of USCE- US clinical experiences and are done while you are still a student. The most appropriate time to apply for these are 3rd year or 4th year- that is almost 6 months to a year in advance. It would be beneficial if you plan your Step 2 CS exam with these rotations. So clinical electives are generally better than research electives because they get you hands on experience and you can definitely work on research simultaneously while doing a clinical rotation. However, if what you do is a research elective, a publication is ultimate goal you should be after.

Here again, a uni program elective is definitely worth much more than a rotation at a private clinic. The main aim of this rotation is to get a strong LOR- to ensure that you need to demonstrate interest and actively participate- volunteer to do more, go early, look up articles and literature on uptodate, medscape etc, volunteer to give presentations, go to…

Medicine OSPE: Important Drugs and Instruments

Compiled by: Muhammad Mohsin Ali (Batch '18)
These are the important drugs and instruments for medicine OSPE as per EMW.
Digoxin: Beta blockers:
Major cardioselective Beta blockers are: Atenolol, Esmolol, Metoprolol, Bisoprolol Salbutamol: ACEIs: CCBs: Diuretics:
Diazepam: Lidocaine: Adrenaline: Atropine: Dopamine: Dobutamine: Nor-epinephrine: MgSO4:: NaHCO3 25 % D/W: Used to restore blood glucose lvels in hypoglycemia, and as a source of carbohydrate calories. Heparin: Insulin:

Here's more you should read...

USMLE Step 1 Experience by Ayaz Mehmood (Score : 99/266)

USMLE Step 1 Experience by Ayaz Mehmood (Score : 99/266)
Salam everyone, let me start in the name of Allah who’s the greatest benefactor of all mankind. I am going to write a detailed composition regarding preparation for USMLE Step 1. I am a final year student at King Edward Medical University and I took my exam on June 10th. Final year is the year before internship/ house job in Pakistan. I just got my scores: 99/266

Let me introduce some myths surrounding USMLE Step 1 which are especially prevalent within Pakistan; I am not too sure about India because I heard their students typically appear in their final years.

 Myth number 1:Do not appear for USMLE Step 1 within your graduation

 Verdict: Baseless, illogical reasoning

Explanation: This is so prevalent in Pakistan it’s almost pathetic. One of the biggest concerns surrounding our students is that Step 1 is a huge risk to be taken before graduation. Let me put it in another way: Step1 would always remain a risk whenever it is taken, …

Australian Medical Council AMC Part 1 Guide - Experience and Tips

AMC Part 1 by Dr. Asad Khizar Malik (Rank : 77/620) Australian Medical Council  Guide - Experience and Tips
Salam people, let me start in the name of Allah who’s the greatest benefactor of all mankind. Hope everyone is doing great. I'll try to write as much as I can for the people who are due to various reasons more interested in joining Australian Hospitals for post-grad training as compared to the USMLE pathway.

I am a graduate of King Edward Medical University, class of 2004-2010. I did my 6 months house job after graduation in Mayo Hospital, and after that, i gave my AMC Part 1 in November, 2010 from Brisbane. With the grace of Allah, I passed that in first attempt.


First thing in mind that comes with post grad training in Pakistani doctors minds is: Which way to go after graduation? That is a very tough decision that is …

FSc Premedical Guide - How to fly high..

FSc Premedical Guide - How to fly high.. Unsa Athar Your 40% needs to be excellent to get into KEMU or  some other good place.
(Dedicated to my teachers who not only taught me the fsc books but also many priceless lessons of life)
(Unsa Athar)
The tree that never had to fight For sun and sky and air and light, But stood out in the open rain And always got its share and rain, Never became a forest king, But lived and died a scrubby thing… Good timber does not grow with ease, The stronger wind, the stronger trees.
Getting yourself educated in the desi manner i.e. through the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is one of the top most challenges of today’s society. Matriculation seems difficult at that time, but when you enter FSc, you realize that matric was the easiest job in the world.  Those obese books of intermediate part I and part II are the worst enemies one can ever have.  People say Medical is tougher, but I find one basic difference in both. When you enter a medical college, y…


Anatomy/Histology Gallery
Read the instructions here 1st Year

Histology Slides for Professional Exams
Folder 1- Labelled Folder 2 - Labelled Folder 3 - Labelled
Histology Revision Slides Updated (2011)
by Laiba Khalid
Lower Limb Anatomy Spotting Labelled

Embryology Models Some models are labelled and others mentioned in comments

Anatomy Museum Models (unlabelled) This album covers Upper limb, Lower limb and Thorax regions of anatomy

2nd Year
HISTOLOGY Diagrams Hand-drawn CARDS 2ND YEAR MBBSThese are hand-drawn histology diagrams by Demonstrator Dr. Shaista (Dept of Anatomy, KEMU) and submitted by Anosha.NEUROLOGY/ Neuroantomy SPOTTING  (LABELLED SPECIMEN) 2ND YEAR  Each structure is labelled and a great job done by Anosha. Neuroanatomy / Brain 2nd Year Important topics by LaibaNeuroanatomy Models Labelled  Gross models labelled by Maryam Shahid Abdomen & Pelvis Anatomy Spots Labelled Excellent job by Maryam Shahid
Anatomy Learni…

USMLE Step 2 CK experience by Rizwan Khan (254)


     I recently got done with Step 2 CK exam & I want to elaborate my experience and the mistakes that I made during my prep so that any of my colleagues who are preparing for this exam might benefit from them. I wont go much in detail about how to prepare and where to prepare from since it is already highly debated on the forum and in the previous posts but would focus more on my personal experience and the bad choices which I made during the preparation phase.
SELF-ASSESSMENTS AND QBANKS Uworld 74% Kaplan Qbank 69%
Kaplan diagnostics  = 80% (70 days before exam) Kaplan Simulation Exam 1 = 71% (50 days before exam) Kaplan Simulation Exam 2 = 76%  (40 days before exam) Fred simulation for CK = 84% (39 days before exam) NBME 2 (offline) 21 mistakes (30 days before exam)
NBME 4  =    263 (13 days before exam) UWSA =  259 (2 days before exam)
Real exam = 254