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Welcome to KemUnited! The official blog of King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan. (Formerly King Edward Medical College). Of the students, by the students and for the students! It focuses on news/events/happenings around the campus and provides guidance articles, past-papers and study-aids.


“So what’s the plan now”, asked Ali, the youngest one in the room. They were all gathered here to conduct their yearly meeting, something they had been doing for quite some years now. After every sitting, a plan was made, to show their strength, to prove their mettle to their oppressors..
In response their leader, Abdul Ghani looked around in the room while subconsciously rubbing his beard. Their number had fallen considerably over the years. Many of them had been killed by the enemy, some captured. They all knew the risk, yet every year they huddled around in this room. In the beginning Ghani had his doubts. In the early years, he would prepare himself before every meeting, to find an empty room. But it never happened. The only ones who would not show up were either martyred, injured or captured. The rest were there every year no matter what sort of restrictions were forced upon them by the ruling government.
“My brothers, the plan like every other year, is to show the world what we really want. We will tell them which flag we’ll call ours and which one we’ll hate with all of our being. In the battle of right and wrong, right always wins, HAQ always conquers the BATIL..” Abdul Ghani said in a quiet yet very effective voice. He had this amazing ability to move people by his words. Their plan was quite simple. Everyone would bring as many people as possible and together they will move forwards.
It was the bright morning of 14th august when Ghani along with his men marched onto the main road of their town. The whole area was under strict martial law. There were dozens of green flags fluttering in their procession. The Indian army was already prepared to stop them. The moment they saw the huge procession, they charged towards it. Abdul Ghani looked at his people. Nobody was armed. They were holding huge Pakistani flags and raising slogans, Naar e takbeer… Allah hu Akbar. Everyone was brimming with passion and patriotism. Then he looked at the opponent army. Their troopers carried big modern rifles and bullet proof screens. Some even had rocket launchers. A tear escaped from his eye as he smiled with satisfaction. His people had already won this war.

Every year thousands of Kashmiris are killed by the Indian army for waving green and white flags and wanting to be called Pakistani. But this doesn’t stop them from coming out of their homes on 14th August to celebrate the ‘independence day’. May Allah accept their sacrifice and soon grant them freedom.
(Ahmad Jalil)
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Surgery Instruments

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Gynae Obs..Instruments

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Final yr. Paeds. OSCE

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The beginning of the end

Four days in the final year and even though the result is out (which means thank God we can't go back to the hell which is special patho ) it still feels so unreal. When Kemunited's photo came on my timeline with the caption "Congratulations new final year" I truly experienced what bittersweet meant. I know it will seem laughable to first year but it really seems like yesterday when we were in first year and our new final year was celebrating. 

These four years have gone too fast and too slow. Like a tortoise in a blur. I remember each and every substage and my unexplainable fear of them. But they came and they went. I remember the biochem tests of second year (which I failed all) and pharmacology tests of third year (which I failed most) . I remember the orientation day and the day of first written and of course the day of first viva as if it happened yesterday but also as if it happened a lifetime ago (by lifetime ofcourse I mean special patho and pharma ago ;) ) . And now I realise how our parents and grandparents talk about their youth as if it happened yesterday. Because I realise that I have been out of my high school for almost eight years. Nearly as long as I was there for.
I don't know who will become the presidents of different societies this year. I mean one can guess but I for one certainly don't know for sure. But the thing is it won't be the same. I doubt whoever will be the president of KEDS ,KAPS and KELS will come close to the charisma we felt the presidents had when we were first and second year. It probably has more to do with us than with the would-be-presidents (Let's be honest , I am being diplomatic here. We all know the truth   ) Because then they seemed so larger than life to us. May be my class fellows will have the same effect on the juniors specially the first year. But for me personally I will forever associate the societies with the Bhais and Bajis who seemed to run KE when we came. (Although one ex-CR seems to be making a comeback in a major way but technically he was before our time )

(The actual first picture is better left hidden for most of our sakes)

This blog isn't meant for warm feelings (those who want that should go read Aisey mein thori si ankhein bhar aen . It made me teary when I was only half way through the college ) . It's about celebrating my personal journey and journey of the flawed but still very close to my heart batch 2016. (Most of whose members seem to have graduated on 1st January if Facebook is to be believed). We were the first batch which had no idea what Jillani was. We are the among the pioneers of the post Dr Akram-Dr Attiya-Dr Kamran era and now even post Dr Cheema-Dr Khawaja Azeem era. We know their stories , we have heard the fables . But we don't have exactly  the same experiences as our seniors or our juniors . We are the last batch which only studied in old Physio and Anatomy lecture theatres and DH and who saw Pathology Department in ruins for two years (I am seeing a pattern here . It's literally as if KE is re-inventing itself after us) . We were the last batch of Dr Sahaf (in case of my ward batch truer than ever) and (as far as I know) Dr Pal ,the two of the last few teachers whose names are spoken with reverence, terror and humour with equal volumes.

You know you are at the beginning of the end when many of the conversations about your class-fellows seem to involve weddings. Even though I think up till now our announced engagements and weddings are relatively few and my friends (and I ) are probably waiting for any intra-class engagement in vain but still . Right upto fourth year, wedding didn't use to come in equation except as a joke. But now it seems real . Not yet near ( most of my friends are more-or-less ring free ) but real all the same. 

And although I hope to write in further detail as we reach the middle and finally the end, it seems like the beginning of the end is many people's end of the beginning (as it should be probably) because if the number of people who are studying for USMLE all manage to score good marks hopefully , we can have a pseudo-Mayo hospital in state of New York in a couple of years. (Or maybe California because I am writing this in a coat and a  quilt in Lahore at the end of January . And no , I am not yet thinking of giving it myself ,just looking out for my brothers-and-sisters-in-arms  :D )

Finally I have to say three days in wards and I am literally already sick of/because of them. And it seems like we have left Special Patho only to be caught by the tentacles of Medicine, Surgery and Gynae and as I ignore the advice of every single person I meet (to do each subject once with respective wards) , I'll wait and watch and hopefully the final year with all its majestic glory and functions ( I won't say the names of my friends who have already decided their sari colors ) will cement in my heart even happier memories which will outlive my knowledge by far if past four years are any indication. 

(From first year album when you take pictures of KE/Patiala from every angle )

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Lecture Slides; Surgery; Chronic lower limb ischemia

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Lecture Slides; Surgery; past paper questions

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Lecture Slides; Surgery; minimal invasive surgery

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Lecture Slides; surgery; Test

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Lecture Slides; Surgery; Hypocalcemic tetany

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Lecture Slides; Surgery; Surgical HTN

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Lecture Slides; Surgery: Hyperparathyroidism

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Lecture Slides; Surgery; Right iliac fossa mass

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Lecture Slides; Surgery; Breast cancer

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By Maham Waqar
(3rd Year)

Ok so prof has ended finally leaving some of us overweight and some underweight,some with acne, some with dry hair and some with freckles on the face.This is that time of the year when many of us are forced to think
"why did I come in medicine?'
"Oh my God what have i done with my life?
"Kiya meri zindagi main sirf parhna reh gya hai?"
Anyways its over now.
 The storm that seemed to never calm down has finally settled. The HAPPINESS that we feel at the end if prof is a  feeling out of the world.
Before prof we be like

But this year's prof was not the same as that of previous years for the girls living in KEMU old girls hostel, particularly residents of the extension and i was one of them...I would say it was more of an adventure than prof.
Well it all started when we were off for ramzan preparing for send ups Construction of two new blocks  had started in our hostel and we were relieved with the thought that after the two blocks would be completed we would be able to live in better conditions in bigger spacious rooms but who knew construction of the new buildings would cause havoc instead of bringing relief.
As we stepped in our hostel afer ramzan,we were shocked to see its condition.All lawns and grounds had been decimated. What could be seen was nothing but this;

and  we were like
but that was not the end ...something else was waiting for us...as we stepped in the building and started going upstairs with heavy bags loaded with books and our minds loaded with the stress of approaching send ups, suddenly something wierd came across our eyes... i first thought that  someone had drawn curved lines with markers on the walls of the building but that did not ,from any angle, give the appearance of a painting or something. It took me a while to register that those curved twisted lines were not mere lines. They were cracks......
Well the cause  we got to know was that due to excessive digging for the new building the foundations of our building had been damaged which resulted in the cracks....
WE took all this very lightly.  yes very lightly  ...because we had our first send up after two days so we did not have time to think about anything else and we started our study as usual.But there were students who were living for past  so many days in that building without any fear.Especially affected was one side of the building which was severely damaged while the other side was in a better position in comparison with the first one..
Everything was going on normal, the same prof stress, the same old us saying :"syllabus complete nai ho raha" ."aik din aur mil jata tu  aisee tiyaari ho jani thi k bus prof main distinction pakki thi." 
The very next day as i was walking in the corridor ,the word "cancelled"  somehow managed to reach my ears but i did not pay heed to it and continued learning the course of vagus nerve......a moment later all the girls of extension were called in the common room.
We were like "aj tu warden  ko saari complaints ker dalni hain. Khaane ka Menu bhi change kerwana hai. "
Who knew a new surprise was waiting for us in the common room.. As we stepped in the common room ,we saw a graceful women surrounded by a crowd of girls uttering these words:
"Since this building has cracks and its risky to live in it,so keeping your safety in mind we have cancelled your send ups. You may proceed to your homes now".

What ? Our ears could not believe what we had just heard. Seriously??? Send ups cancelled??? So this means we can go home now. How is this even possible?Am I watching a dream or something?. We began to scream with joy. What else could we do in that state of shock-a blessing
in disguise....anyhow we tried to control that beatitude of ours when the chief warden said: "i would be thankful if u  celebrate this news outside the common room and not inside" 

on the other hand were the theetas in deep sorrow and grief.....

At the same  time so many questions were roaming in our heads like" :where are we gonna live when we come back for prof?" will the university arrange some alternate accommodation for us?"" if so, where would it be? and send ups do carry weightage  in internal assessment so wouldn't this affect the over all result?
Anyways,putting all these thoughts aside without further delay we headed towards our rooms ,packed our bags and travelled back home. That journey was  a different journey i tell u. That feeling was different. We had not experienced such a feeling before. We had forgotten that we were still left with a teeny-weeny thing known as prof. It seemed as if ,
"Zindagi se saare gham khatam ho gai hain."
Till eid ul adha nobody was ready to touch the books again. It was only few days after Eid that we realized that oh prof was still there lingering with its own horror...so we got in touch with our books again.
Prof was scheduled to start from 14th november. meanwhile repair of our building had started to fill in the cracks and addition of concrete in the foundations to secure it.....
Everything was going on as usual but no... this years prof had to be an adventure with unexpected happenings , delays and cancellations
Natural disasters can neither be predicted nor stopped.....
An earthquake struck pakistan on 26th october 2015.It had a magnitude of 8.1.......
And this changed the whole scene.....
What happened next ? Did our building survive the earthquake? How did we reach shadhara from anarkali. ? To know all this stay tuned for my next blog... anarkali to shadhara part 2......
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Toxicology OSPE Made Easy

Toxicology OSPE Made Easy:

By M.Salik

This 2 page document contains everything you need to know for the Toxicology OSPE.
OSPE contains Seeds, Fruits, other poisons, two apparatus instrument and one slide for identification and 2-3 related questions like fatal dose, fatal period or active principle. Total Marks are 15 but these highly influence your Toxi Viva marking. These documents are modifiable so suit them according to your need if you want to otherwise they are perfectly made. Prep time = 2 days for Whole toxi Viva + OSPE if you did some of the Toxi in Exams otherwise 3 days.

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Pathology Scenario Questions for Practical


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Mahnoor Leel
First Year MBBS

Appearing in MCAT is considered to be a tough phase but I think it gets even tougher for people who belong to areas away from the developed cities of Punjab. I myself belong to Bhakkar, an underdeveloped district of our province. For us, the world changes right after Fsc exams. Firstly, if you belong to such an area, be proud of it.We do have greater challenges but you have to prove yourselves.I admit I’m not so extraordinary MCAT scorer but I hope that overall my experiences will be helpful for my juniors of such areas in tackling this phase.

 I secured 1007/1100 in Fsc in session 2012-2014,topped the districts  Bhakkar and Mianwali. Got 4th position in BISE Sargodha. Hopes of my parents and teachers were high.They expected from me soon to be in one of the highly ranked medical colleges of the Punjab province. But, then everything changed on the very day of 30thAugust,2014  when I couldn’t finish the test in given time and ended up with just 851/1100 in MCAT and it resulted in no admission in MBBS that year. So I decided to give it another try. After first year’s board result I had never thought about repeating. But certainly Allah’s plans are better than ours.
So the first thing which I’d like to share with my juniors is that if you’ve scored low in fsc,its not the end.There are people like us who have repeated even after scoring high.All the high scorers out there,you have every right to celebrate and its gonna help you a lot securing a good aggregate as well but remember this is just 40%,The MCAT is still there. It doesn’t mean that you should get tensed. Just stay balanced. 


Usually when a student who has scored well in Fsc gets less marks in MCAT, the very first thing which we hear about that poor soul is “Fsc mei tou ratta chal gaya uska,Entry test mei kahan chalna tha”.

Of course,it is a factor but I believe there are a number of other reasons as well for failure of our students.

Firstly,  which I believe is the biggest factor  is that in areas where there is no authentic academy or institute for preparation of entrance test, after the board exams of second year, students have to leave their homes to join academies in other cities.I know academies aren’t that important but the fact is future pe risk koi ni leta so some of them go to hostels of academies in which each room has 7-10 students with lots and lots of other problems. Studying in presence of so many people gets so tough. Every person having different nature. Some are so quiet and shy but you’d definitely find some chatter boxes too.

There are others who go to private hostels even then its tough to get yourself adjusted in hostel life during such a sensitive period of your life. Entrance test’s pressure is too high itself and our students there face those problems as well. Mental disturbance, home sickness, physical problems are so common there.

Having a campus of a well reputed institute for MCAT preparation in your area is not in an individual’s hand. The only thing which you can do is to choose a hostel or place where you are going to spend your next few months smartly. Go for any academy or any campus. It won’t matter much. Ultimately, your success depends on you yourself. Join academy in any city where your relatives are there. Prefer to live at your relatives’. I’m sure it would be much better than any hostel. Even if you have to be a “Bin bulaya mehman” :D
 Be dheet.Don’t hesitate. Afterall,it is your future about which we are talking. At this point, nothing else should be more important for you as your future. 

If its not possible and you have to stay at hostel then be careful about choice of hostel.Make sure there are less students in each room,there is proper mess,security and other facilities are there.Ask your classfellows form your hometown to join the same hostel. They would definitely be far more cooperative than strangers. You should behave sensibly yourself.Neither waste your time nor anyone else’s.You are gonna regret it later.Never loose focus.Always keep in mind the reason for which you are there.I know how tough it is to leave home and how one’s heart gets excited on return journey to hometown. Its even harder for our parents. Avail the time which you’ve got and try to cooperate with each other.

Another reason is that students have to travel to other cities to appear in the MCAT. Environment changes.Some students loose confidence after watching a sea of people outside the exam centers.They just freak out.
The way to root out this problem is to appear in tests of other universities like Aga Khan University (AKU) and NUST.Appearing in thos tests even without preparation will help you in getting used to the environment. Definitely you’d feel much better in MCAT.

Now a little bit about preparation. Previously, my seniors have explained almost everything in an excellent way. So, I’d be discussing only those points for which I used to disturb them again and again.Thanks to Unsa Baji for her patience :p
Your 6 heavy fsc textbooks are the best source of knowledge for you at this point.Just stick to them.Test is totally book based.No need to stuff your head with material from A Levels or SAT books.


It is the major subject in MCAT so you need to be good at it. Revise your textbook again and again. In some academies, they’ll make you note down extra stuff which is not really required in MCAT so just ignore it. Its just a business strategy. Nothing is out of fsc textbooks. Do the topics mentioned in UHS syllabus and the ones which you think are linked to them. But major focus should be those which are clearly mentioned. Do the glossary present at the end of both books. Sometimes they may use an alternative word in test from there like for “Sertoli cells” , the word “Spermatoblast cells” was used in MCAT’13 and it is given in glossary.Do have a look at statements below the diagrams as well which we usually ignore. Just don’t ignore even a single word.
This portion is considered the easiest yet the most important. Sometimes even same textbook lines are converted into MCQs.


This is the most tricky portion for most of the students.For this make a formulae sheet of all formulae included in syllabus. Make sure you understand each topic properly.Do the topic related numericals too. Practice doing calculations without calculator on daily basis. Don’t neglect the graphs present in. Questions related to graphs are often asked in test but don’t freak out almost all the graphs are from textbook. You should have proper understanding of each graph .Numerical practice is needed for this portion. 


Major portion which you need to cover is the 695 word of vocabulary. Any good institute’s(PGC,KIPS etc) book can be used for synonyms. Link those words to things of daily routine. Make funny pictures .Try to find synonyms within the vocab list. If you search on internet you’ll get paragraphs constituting the vocab list words. Reading those paragraphs can also make it easier to memorize. You can find grouping of words too. Keep on revising it. These words are so important. They are used in questions related to basic Grammar as well.
For other portions you need to have firm grip on basic grammer. In those portions, questions are also asked which are lines of English textbooks of fsc. So, give your fsc textbooks a read if you can manage it with preparation of other subjects.


Focus on organic chemistry the most. Out of 58,30 MCQs are going to be from there. Just specific reactions and other topics mentioned in UHS syllabus. No need to do uses, properties etc.
For the first year portion, you should have proper understanding of topics. Practice solving numerical problems without calculator. Again, you need to have proper understanding of all graphs present in your textbooks. Questions related to the same textbook graphs are often asked. 


MCQ  practice book from any good institute (PGC,KIPS,STAR) would do just fine. Don’t start solving MCQs on internet randomly. You don’t need to make yourself confused for questions which aren’t even asked in the test. Keep in mind, its not the time to increase your knowledge. You’ve got plenty of time for that after MCAT. Just study according to requirement and limitations.

Before MCAT:

A month before MCAT, previous sessions of academies come to an end and their new tests sessions start. Whether to join Test session or not is entirely your own choice and is not linked to your success in MCAT. If you feel you’ve had enough self-study and you need to test yourself and the environment(hostel or any relative’s home) in which you are living is suitable for study, do join them. But if you feel your preparation is not good or you cannot study properly away from home, do come back. Stay at home. Make your own schedule of revision. Practice tests from MCQ books on your own if you want to. Try to complete test in time less than that given in original test. Its better this way than staying away from home and disturbing your study for mere a test session. Your mental satisfaction and confidence level matters a lot in those days. Same goes for the last week before MCAT, if you feel like joining the grand tests is shattering your confidence or is affecting you in any other way,just leave it. I myself never joined any grand test session in last few days before MCAT. On the other hand, many of my fellows joined them and they got through MCAT too. So, your success is never dependent on these sessions. Just do it the way you feel comfortable. No one else can judge your condition better than you. Every one has his own way to study.
Role of Academy:
Success in entrance test is entirely dependent on you yourself. Whether you go to academy or not, its totally your own choice. Acadmies aren’t going to do any magical spell and you’ll get selected. It is you who has to do the effort. If you’ve studied properly in fsc you can nail it without academy as well.
I think sometimes the academies try to shatter your confidence.During lectures,they deliver some points different from fsc textbooks which aren’t even necessary for MCAT as well just to make you realize the fake importance of academy.Academies make things over complicated.They have made education a business.They make you solve questions tougher than the original test.Some students loose confidence even before appearing in the test.Ask anyone who has taken MCAT.You’ll be told its not that tough,totally book based and yes it is!
 If the acadmies tell you things are simple, why would anyone pay them heavy fees?
As everything has its pros and cons.Acadmies make you regular in preparation and can polish your weaker concepts.You can practice tests there.Its helpful in that way
Always remember, if you join academy don’t follow them blindly. Think about everything on your own. Discuss it with your seniors who have gone through this phase successfully and then do what you think is right and never loose confidence in yourself because of the acadmies. This is your key to success.
As far as tests are concerned, don’t get depressed if you score less in academy tests.I myself didn’t got good marks in daily tests.Never scored more than 880 in any test of academy in which I appeared but still I scored 986 in MCAT’15.Also don’t be too happy if you are scoring well.It’s the MCAT day which is going to decide your future.These academy tests are just meant for practice so that you may get comfortable with solving MCQs and filling bubbles.

There are some contradictions in PTB textbooks.Like  difference in values at some points and many others e.g Value of heat of reaction of SO2 is different in first year and second year books.Don’t waste your time on it.Controversial questions are usually not included in the test.
 Always follow your textbooks even if there is some mistake in the textbook,you have to follow it as MCAT key would be exactly according to your textbooks.
         In MCAT’13,this question was given:
        Q:In an ecosystem mychorrhiza is an example of:
        a)Predation               b)Symbiosis        c)Mutualism                    

 Mostly students opted for Mutualism as this relationship is   beneficial to both partners but UHS checked it according to textbook and option b)Symbiosis was considered correct. 
(Ref: Biology part 2,page no: 243  )
In acadmies,you’d find some fellows discussing issues like “hmara board tou toughest hai,yahan number itnay aram se nai miltay hotay”.Avoid such useless discussions.They’ll make every effort to make you feel down.Always remember,
          People only listen what they want to listen
You haven’t gone far away from your homes just to fight over the toughness level of boards or other meaningless issues. You are there for a reason. Never forget that.
Time management is a major killer.Have firm grip on your speed of solving MCQs.I tell you it can ruin you,if you neglect it.
Solve the past papers of MCAT.That is a question bank for UHS.Each year some questions from past papers are repeated in tests. 
Don’t forget to take your clipboard on the test day to the center,you might not get a board chair there to solve your paper comfortably. Mine was a “Red shadio wali chair” :D 
Not sure about other centers but at least this was the situation in Rawalpindi.
Our principal at PGC Bhakkar, Sir Sarwar Nawaz used to say this to us and it rightly fits in this phase:

  “Neither under-estimate nor overestimate yourselves”


Of course,how can I forget you people.I’ve been a repeater too and I know it well how hard time it is for you.I used to consider myself in the most “Dukhi Insaniyat” too :P .I remember,on the MCAT 2014 day,after the test when I was on my way to bus terminal to get back home,I started weeping when I saw the main gate of Allama Iqbal Medical College as I knew I wasn’t going to get into any of those highly ranked colleges. I can never forget that day of my life. Then, being tagged as a “Repeater” was even worse than that. I know how people talk about you. Actually, they show you their real faces at such points. But remember, if nothing is going your way, certainly it is going Allah’s way. Never worry. Fight for your dream of an overall and stethoscope. Stay strong. Believe in yourself. It won’t be easy but it would be worth it. Stay in touch with your studies. Enjoy as well
Stay away from depressors. When you join sessions again, you’ll find some girls talking and sharing their stories how much they deserved it the last time, seriously its totally useless because the fact is no one cares. Everyone is there to do their own thing. No one has got time. Its futile to whine over your failure again and again. Accept it the way it is. Find out your mistake which made you score less the last time and try to improve it. You’ve got another chance to make your dreams come true. Don’t let it go so easily. Try harder this time. You can change your story the way you want it to be. The phase is still there.
Well, mine ended with 986 marks in MCAT 2015.Secured an aggregate of 90.94%  this year and got into my dream institute King Edward Medical University.
If I can do it, then anyone of you can do the same too.
So,This is where my part ends and yours starts.
Good Luck Warriors ! 

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The Unmistakable Signs of a Kemcolian

Ayesha Mushtaq
2nd Year MBBS

  • They love to show off their identity with every step they take.                
and invent a whole range of products for the purpose too.

  • Have uploaded at least one photo of Patiala Block to their Facebook. 
Easily the most photogenic part of the university

  • Live by the tagline, "Yaar kuch nahi parha" .               

  • But during a test, they can be seen filling away bundles and bundles of sheets. 

  • Judgmental people. Very judgmental. They'll judge you by every single thing you do. And by what you dont.  

  • Chronically allergic to overalls. Everyday, we risk getting exiled from labs and dissection hall at the cost of dear attendance, but still keep our overalls at more than an arm's length. 
    yes, this is where we believe an overall belongs.
And when thrown out of DH, 
That momentary pang of guilt
But at the end of the day, 

No regrets. Totally. 

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