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Welcome to KemUnited! The official blog of King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan. (Formerly King Edward Medical College). Of the students, by the students and for the students! It focuses on news/events/happenings around the campus and provides guidance articles, past-papers and study-aids.

Sunday, July 5, 2015



Ammar Anwar
1st Year MBBS

It is Summer, Ramazan and a lot of time to enjoy movies and TV shows. If you’re not a theeta, that is. Unlike many of my classmates, I’ve been watching quite a lot of movies, my target ones having a 7+ rating on IMDb. But since I ran out of the quality movies to watch, I decided to return to the beautiful realm of watching TV shows on a binge. Star World offers many quality shows from both the past and the present and offers quite a diverse collection from many American TV Channels like ABC, CW, NBC, etc. but it does not quite have the charm of streaming or downloading the shows. So far, I have seen a lot of quality shows online and I thought I should let you guys know which ones to watch first while delving into a world of amazing television. Let’s continue the list!

           1.  The Flash

This sight of this poster alone makes we want to see this show.

Starring: Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Rick Cosnett, Carlos Valdes among others.

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

I am a die-hard comic-book fan. I love superheroes and I love superhero movies and TV shows. And it is shows like The Flash that make me love the Superhero genre even more. This show is fast-paced, clever, intelligent and true to the comic-book origins. Grant Gustin starring as the titular superhero gains the ability of travelling faster than the speed of sound as a result of a particle-accelerator explosion in Central City. Grant Gustin is perfect as The Flash and handles the quirky personality of Barry Allen, The Flash’s alter ego, quite well. The fact that The Flash’s origin is weaved into one of The Arrow’s episodes is a cherry on top of an already great show. The other cast members shine as well, particularly Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells, the owner of the particle accelerator whose explosion gave birth to The Flash.

Seen The Arrow and The Flash in one episode? Now I can die in peace.

The DC Universe is what made me a comic book fan in the first place , with the Justice League animated show that used to air on Cartoon Network around 2003. But with Marvel having firmly established its Cinematic Universe with solid solo-character franchises like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, and immensely successful follow ups like the Avengers (2012) and Age of Ultron (2015), I was afraid the DC Universe will never stand a chance against the more “mature” Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it is shows like The Flash and Arrow that restore my faith in DC. I don’t know how well the Batman vs Superman thing is going to work, but DC is always going to have fantastic shows on Television to make up for its loss in the Cinematic Universe.

And one more thing, there are fantastic Arrow crossovers with The Flash. Three cheers for DC Television!

Bottomline: This is an intelligent, clever and funny show that knows where it’s headed. Check it out even if you’re not interested in comic book heroes. This show will get you hooked. I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

Where to catch it: It airs on CW Television, but it isn’t available on cable networks in Pakistan. Watch it on Putlocker or download it.

       2. Arrow

This photo may or may not contain a spoiler.

Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, David Ramsey among others.

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

I started watching this show with no previous knowledge of who Arrow was, mainly because he was a very unknown character in the comic books. This show is a particularly good one to binge watch, mainly because watching on a binge takes away the pain of cliffhangers that this show throws at you. The story has some pretty good twists and turns and as compared to the Flash, Arrow is more connected to the Batman side of the DC universe because of the appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul in it and the show’s origins taking place somewhere in the same universe.

The kickass Arrow in action. 

This show appeals to both the superhero lovers and haters because the Arrow is just a common man (a billionaire at that) with a bow and arrows. He does not possess any superpowers and that, to see his weaknesses and strengths as a MAN-hero and not as a superpowered hero is what makes this one special. Stephen Amell excels as the gritty main character, the Arrow, who is a billionaire named Oliver Queen during day and a kickass superhero in the night. Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity and David Ramsey as Diggle excel as the Arrow’s support system and team mates. In the 2nd Season, an accident gives birth to The Flash (Spoiler Alert?) and how they tie that in with the ongoing story of Arrow is well done.

P.S. Those Arrow and Flash crossover episodes are really, really good. REALLY.

Bottomline: Once you start watching this, you won’t be able to quit. It is seriously THAT good. I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

Where to catch it: Like the Flash, Arrow airs on CW and is currently in its 3rd Season. As CW isn’t available on cable networks in Pakistan, you might have to watch it on Putlocker or download it.

3.  Mad Men

This is one GOOD photo.
That is the show's creator at the far right, by the way.
Starring: Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss, January Jones, John Slattery and Christina Hendricks among others.

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

I started watching this show on Star World and I was immediately hooked. Mad Men was captivating and beautifully written and its episodes were continuously improving. I remember thinking to myself during the second episode that this is going to be a slow ride, but during its 7 years, Mad Men evolved from ‘just another show’ to the finest Television I had ever seen. Each character is layered and the deepest of layers are explored in the best possible way. The show revolves around the titular character of Don Draper, played with excellence by Jon Hamm (who should have been awarded an Emmy at least once).

Another good Mad Men photo. Wow, Mad Men's really killing it with photos. 

Don works at an Ad Agency, Sterling & Cooper, where the drama takes place. The show explores the life of Don as a cheating husband, an alcoholic and a bad father. The women in Don’s life are many, and due to these women, he loses a well built family. Elizabeth Moss plays Peggy Olson, his secretary who later becomes a very important person at the Ad Agency, and Christina Hendricks delivers a good performance as Joan.

It’s a period drama and I think it won’t fit to the taste of many, since it is set in the 1960s. But rest assured, watch this on a binge, and you definitely won’t regret it. Plus it features a great performance by the childstar Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper, Don Draper's daughter.

Bottomline: Watch it for the great performances and a great story. And each season has its own (great) poster with a very deep connection with that season's theme. By the way, Mad Men came to an end this year, its total run spanning 7 Seasons. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Where to catch it: Since it has completed its on-air run, it is currently not airing on any channel. Catch it on Putlocker or download it. Whatever suits you.

Catch more TV Shows in Shows to Binge Watch This Summer Part III.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015


"Well I have quite recently joined fsc and previously I was an O level student. The thing is I took the decision of joining fsc myself, with no parents pressure,but now I have no idea where my life is moving. I was an intelligent student , if not a genius but really hardworking. But instead of things being in my favor they are turning against me. I have lost my eagerness and yearn to learn , now i m working for marks. Im not even working hard myself , i know it but i have no idea what to do. My thought are jumbled up and i have no studying strategy. I have no idea how to study , and have no hold on my books at all. The books seems to be a baffling maze"


-Unsa Athar

I am writing this article in response to an e-mail  received for the [AsK]emunited section for I felt the issue mentioned needs to be addressed in the form of a blog.

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[AsK]emunited: MCAT Q&A Session

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Ten Types of Theetas

by Muhammad Ahmed Malik 
2nd year MBBS     

THEETA is basically a mathematical notation used to solve the different problems. But in Medical Life this word is used as an adjective to describe a person who is overly intellectual, obsessive or lacking social skills. But my thinking about this definition of THEETA is a bit radical. After thoroughly observing the people of King Edward, I have concluded that each and every people owns this quality. However, this quality varies in quantity in different people. Some people have their Theetapan in dominant states while others have in the suppressive states. Some people have  episodes of theetapan in alternative manner and vice versa.
So, based on my research, I have categorized the people of King Edward into Ten types of Theeta and yet many more are still to be discovered !! This classification is based on two points : 1) degree of theetapan, 2) duration of theetapan.
So, ladies and gentleman , guys and pals here are 10 varieties of Theeta.


1) Dominant Theeta: This class of Theeta always try to dominate over the entire class. People of this type are very regular, take every lecture, always sit in front of the teacher and even answer all the questions ask by the teacher. Their main goal is to impress the teacher by any means.


2) Suppressive Theeta: People of this class have their theetapan in suppressive states throughout the year. They don't care of tests, substages and even stages during the entire year. They have full plan to sit in the repeater. But when the preparation holidays start suddenly their theetapan breaks the state of hibernation and now their main goal is to pass the proff by any means.


3) Depressive Theeta: This type of people have no life. Their life revolves around the books. You can find these people in their spare time in reading room or library. After reading the same topic from different book these people do not get the sense of satisfaction. When you look at their faces, I swear you will depress very soon. Their main goal is to depress others.

                                  Your expressions when you look at them
4) Mediocre Theeta: This class is for average people. They give proper time to every thing. These people have strong belief that slow and steady wins the race. They do their work regularly and have sense of satisfaction. Their main goal is to pass impress others.


5) Alternating Theeta: Theetapan of this class is alternating like AC current. These people have bouts of theetapan when a test , substage or stage is approaching , otherwise they behave normal in daily routine. Their main goal is to pass every test at any case.

6) Shokay/Fancy Theeta: People of this class always try to show off. Theetapan is showering from their faces. They always boost and brace themselves and try their best to impress other by saying among the friends: yar kal mai nay gyton k 2 chapters kiye hain. Their main goal is to show off their theetapan .

7) Fictitious/jhootay Theeta: These people are very dangerous. These people study themselves but deviate other people from study. When u ask them before the test : yar kitna parha ha. They always say : yar aik lafz nai parha, parhnay ko dil hi nai chahta. But during the test these the are people who leave the class at the end of the test. Their main goal is to deviate other people from studying.

8 Perceptive/Thug Theeta: This class of theeta has a swag. These people don't study regularly but when the test comes , they study a night before the test then close the book by saying that :Bus ab ALLAH malik ha jo hoga Dekhi jay gi. Actually these are the people who topped among the friends.


9) Homie Theeta: These theeta do not show their theetapan in the university. They behave like normal in the university bunk lecture, play football, table tennis etc. But when they come in the home phir bus yeh ar in ki kitab hoti ha. They can't sleep and even study during the night.


10) Diverse Theeta: These people have diversity in their life. Besides,studying the med-books, they also study other types of books. In fact they have vast knowledge about each and every thing. These people are humble and always help others. These are people are truly set on the definition of the theeta.

Now, in short : Theeta har koi hota ha par batata koi nai !!

After reading the blog classify yourself into the type in which you lie. I am hopeful that I will continue my research work and try to discover the other types of theeta too. This is just a beginning , however experimental trials have began !!

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by Fawad Talat
1st year M.B.B.S

“Don’t miss the labs! Otherwise be prepared for a repeater session!” It is a common advice given to the first year students by their seniors. The best part of these labs is that they provide free time in the monotonous routine of lectures. (In case you attend all the lectures :D)

Now, here are my observations about these labs as a first year student.

Histology Lab

The first five to ten minutes of this lab are a bit tensed. Questions are asked during this period. The best way to avoid the questions is to sit on a small stool and avoid eye contact with teacher. The more successful but difficult method is to hide in a small space under the shelf.
In the preliminary part of session, Histo lab seems to be fun. You have to draw merely a few cells and get it checked by the teacher. However as the time progresses, Histology lab proves the fact that it lies within the premises of Anatomy department. The diagrams become difficult and scary. But it still remains fun for those interested in arts. A person often feels that he has got admission in N.C.A(National college of arts) instead of K.E.M.U(I need not to tell the full form:D)

Biochemistry lab

According to my perspective biochemistry lab is the most onerous. Fans are turned off in this lab even during scorching heat of summer. The probable logic behind this brutal act remains a secret.  No one has ever asked a question about it. Although we are quite aware of the fact that power to question is the basis of all human progress. After performing the experiments, test tubes are presented to His Royal Highness The Attendant of Biochemistry lab. He considers it essential to BISTIFY students before marking the attendance (the ultimate reason for which the students come to university) However, the notebook of biochemistry is not that difficult to make.

Physiology lab

In physio lab, teacher comes and gives a demonstration about the experiment. He most often leaves after giving the demonstration. Now you are free to talk with your friends. Some people prefer completing their notebooks.  The lab attendants will tell you a simple method or in other words DESI METHOD to perform the experiment. One of the two physio labs is in very good condition. Thus overall physio lab is not that taxing.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Ammar Anwar
1st Year MBBS

It is Summer, Ramazan and a lot of time to enjoy movies and TV shows. If you’re not a theeta, that is. Unlike many of my classmates, I’ve been watching quite a lot of movies, my target ones having a 7+ rating on IMDb. But since I ran out of the quality movies to watch, I decided to return to the beautiful realm of watching TV shows on a binge. Star World offers many quality shows from both the past and the present and offers quite a diverse collection from many American TV Channels like ABC, CW, NBC, etc. but it does not quite have the charm of streaming or downloading the shows. So far, I have seen a lot of quality shows online and I thought I should let you guys know which ones to watch first while delving into a world of amazing television. Let’s begin!

1. Marvel’s Daredevil

Starring: Charlie Cox, Vincent D’onforio, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson and Rosario Dawson among others.

IMDb Rating: 9/10

This shows is on top of all of my TV show lists, mainly because IT IS AWESOME! Really. It is great acting, great story, great action sequences and one hell of a villain. Staring Charlie Cox as the titular Daredevil, our street-level superhero who does not possess vision but does possess heightened senses that compensate for the lack of his eyesight. This blind superhero absolutely kicks ass at fighting the bad guys, not only on the streets but also in the court rooms, because tadaa! He is a lawyer by profession! That means fighting for justice during day and becoming an amazing vigilante by night! Vincent D’Onforio plays Kingpin, the baddie, with absolute grace and boy, what a performance by him! Other characters include Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson and Rosario Dawson as Claire.


Marvel surely has the upper hand on DC Comics in the cinematic universe aspect, but the awesome DC shows like Arrow and The Flash have had an upper hand over the decent Marvel shows like Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. With Daredevil, Marvel shows us what it is capable of when it comes to producing great superhero TV shows. Daredevil, unlike its 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (who recently got divorced, by the way) is gritty, dark, bloody, emotional and everything the Marvel movies have not come close to yet. I am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and nothing is better than the Avengers ensemble, but Daredevil is an unknown character! Marvel has taken a character that we, the non-comic book readers, know nothing about and has turned that into an amazing hero that we care about! And that is the real achievement of Marvel. Watch out The Arrow and The Flash, you’ve got some serious competition here.

Bottomline: Do yourself a favor. Watch this show. I repeat, do NOT miss this. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Where to catch it: Since this show is a Netflix original, you’re not going to catch it on television. Stream it on Putlocker or download it if you want to.
2. Bob’s Burgers


Starring (Voices Of): H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts, Kristen Schaal and Larry Murphy among others.

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

The Simpsons has been the best animated show for me, up until I saw Bob’s Burgers. This show is hilarious and has the best characters in any animated show I’ve ever seen. The best part about the show is its realism in describing hilarious problems and situations of daily life and it is this grounded approach to an animated show that I love the most.

Coming to the characters, the show features the family of 5 featuring Bob, Linda and their three hilarious children, Tina, Gene and Louise, the setting of the show being Bob’s Burgers, a burger shop owned by Bob Belcher. The kids get into trouble quite often, Bob has a rivalry with the across-the-street pizzeria owner, whose son Jimmy Pesto is the center of affection for Bob’s teenage daughter Tina. While all the characters have their moments, Tina is the best character with the most hilarious of all moments. Louise is a sharp kid with snarky plans and Gene is a funny little guy who loves to play his piano. Add to the mix a food inspector, a plumber and a land-lord and you’ve got yourselves a winner. 

Bottomline: This is one hilarious show with great voice acting. I’d highly recommend watching it if you’re a fan of The Simpsons or Family Guy, because this is undoubtedly funnier than the both of them. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Where to catch it: Not airing on any network in Pakistan. You’ll have to stream it online on Putlocker, or download it. Whatever floats your boat.

3. American Horror Story

Starring: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts among others.

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Horror and television usually don’t go hand in hand. That is true, until you talk about American Horror Story. It is a show that will deliver a lot of good scares with particular ease. Since this show is an Anthology Series, that is the story changes every season and the characters come and go. But a few of the actors like Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters come every season donning different roles. The acting is phenomenal, because even during binge watching you don’t get tired of seeing the same faces over and over because the actors do such a good job of portraying different characters each season. A special mention is Jessica Lange, whose acting really makes the show a treat to watch.


Season 1 deals with a family moving into a horror house; Season 2 deals with an insane asylum which has some extremely dark secrets and is a horror house in its own right; Season 3 deals with a young girl who, after discovering that she’s a witch, is sent to become a part of a witch coven, Season 4 deals with a circus full of freaky performers. The upcoming Season 5 is based on a hotel and will star Lady Gaga, so that’s going to be interesting. Personally, I found that all 3 seasons that I’ve watched so far have been equally good, but interms of breaking the bounds of traditional horror, I’d prefer American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3).

Bottomline: Who doesn’t like horror?! Watch it for the great performances and some seriously good story lines. The fact that it manages to mould the same actors into different characters every season should be enough to compel you. I’d give it an 8.8 out of 10.

Where to catch it: Stream it online on putlocker or download it since it is not being aired currently on any channel except FX India.

 Catch more TV shows in Shows to Binge Watch This Summer Part 2.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Surgery Ward Test OSCE (2015)

1-Scenario of RTA with brain damage.

Q) What is the difference b/w primary and secondary cerebral injury? 
Q) How to diagnose condition?
 Q) What is the immediate treatment?

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Two Years of Medical Life

by Muhammad Ahmed Malik 
2nd year MBBS                            

Two years of medical life are essence of those experiences that we haven't experience in our past life . Some of these experiences have left strong memory traces in our hippocampus while some experience are so dumb that we want to get rid of them ! So here are some experiences of two years medical life .

1) The feeling of becoming a KEMCOLIAN is not less than feeling of conquering the world. The phrase All Kings and Queens are in King Edward has its own charm and attraction for a firstulla becoming a part of this prestige.

2) The feeling of being ragged and doing "Chee Phaa Tuss" for the seniors is one which after this we cannot experience during our entire life. The line "Chee Phaa Tuss" has a  heredity importance and is transferred to the firstullas by the seniors.


3) Doing dissection on a cadaver is first ever feeling of becoming a doctor.


4) First ever substage experience is dramatic. People start preparing for the show a week earlier , can't sleep a night before because of pre-substage hallucinations , put their best to top the substage but when the teacher passed them at 50 or 55 then seriously the feeling is indescribable.

                                  BD BD everywhere

5) Then there comes a first stage. People quit their normal recreational activities. They even log out their Facebook accounts. Do their best to pass the stage. This first ever experience make some people depressed .But soon they realize that passing a stage is not a big deal. You just have guts to pass the viva at any case. Spotting ALLAH k spurd ar baki written ki khair hai (farig karao) !!


6) February to April period is the best period in med-life.
This time period is jam packed with events , sports week and spring vacation. Events like lights of hope , welcome , class function and sports week make you so lively that you wish that these days would never end.

7) Then after this there comes a period when you have a long queue of tests. Every department try its best to crush you.All your liveliness fades away and you feel yourself like a machine. This is worse routine in med-life.

8) Summer holidays or more appropriate preparation holidays is an indication that mighty professionals are not so far. But laziness, sleepiness and aversion from books are the characteristics features of these holidays.
9) Then there comes Mighty proffs. Every medico presumes his or herself as a doctor house. During this period one experiences time dilation, nightmares related to mighty proff and other indescribable feelings. Written, Viva, practicals, spotting crushed you so much that you even forget how to behave like a normal. But after this period your life starts getting back to real world. Personally speaking this is the worse experience in med-life.

10)  Passing the proff and getting into second year is the best feeling and the best time . Everyone is busy in posting the  status of becoming a 20% doctor and celebrating the post-proff celebration.

11) How can one forget of becoming a senior. Now as a senior he or she is ready to take the revenge of ragging by applying the same principles of ragging on the juniors as seniors did with them .

12) Being a senior one feels his duty to bunk the lectures , getting debarred from the substage, stage. Those who have previous 100% attendance record now have 75% attendance barely.

13) Having an edge on juniors, seniors take full advantage of it and literally order the juniors to do their tasks even to make their practical copies . This feeling is not less than "feeling like a boss" feeling .


Now, in short two years of medical life have passed so early with so many experiences that one will never forget in his entire life . And on the other way next three years are there for so many experiences. After all, life is an experience book!!!

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