Medicine Viva and OSPE Guide 2018-19



A piece by Triste
"I'm afraid."
We all are. Some express it, some don't. What IS Cherophobia? The fear of happiness. How does an oxymoron like that work, exactly? Ask those who go through it every instant, every moment, every single breath.
Man strives for happiness, for contentment. But what if one's own goals were to become his shackles, his nightmares? What if the calamity keeping him up at night were to be the very thing he's always strived to achieve? What if every single moment you felt joy instilled a deep fear in you, hit you with a sudden realization that euphoria is forever transient, never permanent. In words of a lay man, you could call it a "curse" perhaps.
When joy creeps on your soul and your constant laughter radiates nothing but rapture, your voice eventually cracks. Your pure giggles cough up this huge lump, in an epiphany that all this glee will come to an end sooner or later leaving nothing but a void deep inside.  Somewhere out …

Ophthalmology Resources

Ophthalmology Guideline : history and examination

By Dr. Sidrah Latif, PGR Eye Unit III (Class of 2013)

For downloadable version, click here
Examination videos by Dr. Ali Ayaz here

You are reading this document which means you are done with giants of Pathology and Community Medicine already, so my heartiest Congratulations to all of you for slaying the two big monsters of fourth year and you are hopefully unscarred as yet. Welcome to the warm arms of Ophthalmology. We hope to provide a soothing balm to your stinging burns (if any left over from your patho/cmed encounters). Ophthalmology is relatively ignore-able subject and we all are guilty of that. All the examiners in the vivas are there to pass you, until you by your sheer will and desire blunder for a supplementary. Still, we try out best to rid us of you people in the first go. Following are the salient points for you to follow in your viva. The history and breakdown schematic presentation of methods to follow are as under. 
HISTORY: ·Biodata: Name Age Sex Marital status Occupation …

Ophthalmology : Dark Room Tests

Courtesy: Dr. Sidrah Latif, PGR Eye Unit III (Class of 2013)
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Dealing with failure in med school

With the result of the professional exams coming out one by one, I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations to those who have passed. Feel free to put up all those statuses on Facebook and WhatsApp and update your stories, and rejoice :)
And to those who didn't make it, this blog is for you.
I know that coming in to King Edward, most of have been toppers or high achievers all our lives. Failure is a word usually unbeknownst to us. But med school often changes that, and once in a while, anyone can fall behind in a substage, stage or test. But failure in a professional exam is a truly jolting experience, and it cannot be compared to failing a mere substage or test.
"Supplee" is a word that can turn your world upside down. I won't tell you what others might be saying, that "kuch bhi nahi hoga, ye time guzar jae ga, pata bhi nahen lagay ga". Because I know it, guzar tou jata hai lekin pata zaroor lagta hai.
So if you are one of the affectees and wonderin…

Final year viva questions 2017-18


Why MDCAT is imperative?

By Hamdan Ali Khan
Class of 2022
In the brisk walk of the current year, I must confess that I have often thought about this wee little topic; which currently has become extraordinarily debatable.The antagonists of my point of view argue why can they not utilize the marking system of FSc and Lord! be done with it? For such peeves and pixies, the reply is quite mundane too; because ladies and gentlemen you do really need conceptual knowledge to survive in either MBBS or BDS. "FSc"; speaking solemnly on a utopian note should be the foundation of conceptual knowledge and MDCAT, A test for it......Alas! Utopia does not exist. The scenario that we have is that "FSc" fails to administer conceptual knowledge to us and we have to force hard pellets of concepts in a rugged duration of 3 months.
Despite this wanton unfortunacy, that astute "Cramming" of "Concepts" does really make one fit to become a doctor. A friend of mine recently narrated, "A Case of Vi…

پروف والے سِیزنل نمازی

بقلم : "حارث اقبال"
(~ یہ بات پہلے گوش گزار کر دوں کہ اس تحریر کو سرسری طور پر مت پڑھیں، اسکو پڑھ کر سوچنا مقصود ہے ورنہ قاری کے پڑھنے کا کوئی فائدہ نہیں! ~) 

ابھی ماضی قریب کی ہی بات ہے کہ ایک دن میں ہاسٹل کی واحد مسجد میں دوپہر کے وقت پہنچا تو باہر لا تعداد جوتیاں دیکھ کر حیرانی ہوئی، (نیز یہ جوتیاں مختلف انواع کی تھیں، اور کسی بھی جوتا چور کے لیے یہ سنہری موقع تھا!) 
اندر جوتیوں کے مالکان دھڑا دھڑ ٹوپیاں اپنے سر پر رکھتے اور وضو کرتے نظر آئے_
گویا "ہٹو بچو" کا عالم تھا. 
یک دم خیال آیا کہ کہیں آج جمعہ تو نہیں، لیکن اللہ بھلا کرے میرے توانا مغز اور چھٹی حِس کا کہ جسنے اس بات کی تردید یہ دلیل دے کر کی کہ ابھی کل ہی تو جمعہ پڑھا تھا_
پھر ایک خیال نے مزید دماغ کو گرفت میں لیے رکھا کہ شاید امام صاحب نے کوئی خصوصی اعلان کرنا ہو یا پھر لنگرِ عظیم کا وسیع اور خاطرخواہ بندوبست ہو اس لیے طلبا کا جمِّ غفیر شاید حسبِ توفیق اپنے پیٹ اور جیبوں کو بھرنے آیا ہو گا، لیکن اندر نہ ہی کوئی دیگ نظر آئی اور نہ کوئی دستر خوان جس پر قدرے مایوسی ہوئی! 
اندر پہنچا تو ان گنت نئے چہرے نظر آئے جنک…