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Happiness is ...

Well its an old saying that MONEY CAN NOT BUY HAPPINESS , well from the perspective I am going to show it is true :D Happiness is … :Calling your mom and asking about Dad One of these days I was calling my mom and I asked how’s Dad? What’s he up to haven’t talked to him in a couple of days , when I hung up the phone I realized I am a blessed child , I have both my parents alive and there for me , that’s a real blessing and that’s the real happinessMama k hath ka khana when you go home after Long time well curse mess ka chef , they keep on making same food of same taste with same chicken everydaty 'day and night' , not thinking about taste buds and law of human taste sensitivity 
 when you go home mama k hath ka khana is a Bliss , its a DIVINE feeling and thats when you feel how blessed you are 
Telling your siblings stupid secrets and knowing they won’t hate you for doing stupid stuff
Siblings are a blessing , be it a 2am study-days tension moments or some guilty batameez ha…
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Kemunited's GIF Competition!

Hey there, peeps!

Been through sports week? Cherished those DSLR pictures at LOH? Going through the grind of tests and wishing something could just come and make everything better?

Well, we can't do that. After all, none of us has a genie under possession (no, I am not sharing my pet demon, he gets scared around people okay?)

But what we can give you is a new and exciting challenge: KEMU's first ever GIF competition!

For those of you living under a brick, here's what a GIF is:

Also, first things first: it's pronounced JIF.

Pronounce it with a hard "G", and I swear I will find you, and the consequences won't be good.

Here for example, is a classic bromance dance GIF:

And another one. What a strike!

This thumka isn't half bad either

So by now, you have been introduced to the fairly amazing world of GIFs.

So how to make a GIF? You can either use an online software, or take a "Continuous Shot" from your camera and animate that later.

Here, now,…
Sunday, March 19, 2017

5th Annual KELS and KEMUNITED Photo Captioning Contest 2017

Hey, there Kemcolians!
Wanna have some quality of life? 'cause we are here to hone your intrinsic and latent abilities! Get ready to demonstrate one of the talented aspect of your spectacular and multi skilled personality. Once again, this venerated institution brings to you , the coolest and the most fun event ever!

Lets gear up to engage yourself in the love affair of your life! Here is the best time to do it! Yes! "Your Photography Skills". So peeps, unpack your cameras and be ready to take exciting clicks! Whether you have DSLR or not. Utilize the real chance to appreciate iPHONE 7' s photos! Just follow our rules and your passion. Come out of darkness. Show liveliness of your neurons and procure something interesting in any ordinary thing. Set up a platform you use to visualize. Be a celeb of your own skills. Your participation can give you recognition in a fraction of a second.

The …

Loving "Bailey and Love" - a Guide to Surgery!

- by Amna Khalil , Class of 2016

From our very first day of senior year , we were left aghast by deadly tales of last year's surgery fiasco by seniors and teachers alike.
Despite being told again and again that Bailey must be done,we still debated endlessly on the pros and cons of diving into the sea that Bailey and Love appeared to be.
We were told that it was a good idea to study as much surgery as we could in our rotation, but it was an unmanageable task as most of our time was spent just running to and fro from morning classes to emergency to evening rounds ( East Surgery, you guessed that right!)
And personally, I didn't know where to start, but read up, and In sha Allah you will!


HOW TO BECOME A VEGETABLE: A journey, A guide, A lifestyle. ~Amir Sulman.

A dialogue.
"I know what you are."
"Say it."
"You live in the dark and you prefer cool shady places."
"Say it."
"Your skin peels in the sun and you start corroding."
"Say it."
"You will live forever. There is no escaping you."
"Say it."
"You are.... *rapid shallow breaths* are.""You are a potato."
*dhishum dhishum*

Jab waqt aye ga, dekha jaye ga ~Romesa Qaiser Khan, 4th year.

Final prof- after what seems like forever has ended. A new final year has come in. The hashtag #onelasttime is being seen again albeit under new copyrights and flight check-ins show up in news feed every single day. Such is the changing that takes place every year, one class coming in and another leaving. Yet nearing the end of my own time here makes me wonder, do I know where I'm going? For that matter, does anyone around me?

Sure we all got here by planning and by design- one simply doesn't pull a merit in the 90th percentile out of the blue. Most of us brought our assumptions with us, or at least a vague idea of what we would do, what our personality is like and what our answer to the run of the mill "where do you see yourself in five years?" would be (excluding the ones who like to live dangerously on the edge of the unknown or are just really, really indifferent to their circumstances in life) but medical college isn't as medical college looks. If you leave…