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Welcome to KemUnited! The official blog of King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan. (Formerly King Edward Medical College). Of the students, by the students and for the students! It focuses on news/events/happenings around the campus and provides guidance articles, past-papers and study-aids.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

KemVines Contest - 1st Online Vine Competition

Keeping up with it's tradition of holding successful online competitions for 5 years, KemUnited proudly presents yet another exciting contest !


A vine is a funny short video typically 6- 15 seconds long showing life in motion usually recorded using smartphones and shared on social media.


RECORD A VINE : portraying life in a medical college.

The Quality should be atleast 480p, 
640 x 480 resolution 

Duration: 10 seconds - 1 minute
You can record the vine video using the Vine App, Instagram, Dubsmash, DSLRs, Digital Cameras or whatever app or gadget you want. 

Language : can be Urdu/ English.

Theme: Medical college life 

SEND: email the vine video to kemunited@gmail.com

mentioning the title of the vine, your name, class and college.

Size: Ideally the size of the vine should be less than 25MB. Videos greater than 25MB should be uploaded on Google Drive and send as an attachment to kemunited@gmail.com. You may also submit your videos to the KemUnited representatives mentioned below.

1st Year: Ahmed Jalil, Nimra Pasha
2nd Year: Mohsin Ali, Romesa Qaisar
3rd Year: Awais Raza, Unsa Athar
4th Year: Syed Ahmed Raza, Haania Khan
Final Year: Moeed Ahmed, Laiba Khalid

GET VOTES /LIKES : The vines will be uploaded in the order of their submission, daily on Kemunited Facebook page. Share your vine and get maximum possible likes /votes on it.

WIN: Win the prize for

Best Vine ( the vine receiving maximum score) 

Best Viner ( the person sending maximum number of vines) 

Scoring criteria: 
1. Number of likes (50% weightage ) 
2. Judges criteria humor, creativity, originality, composition (50% weightage ) 

The winners shall be invited to the the KemUnited Awards Ceremony to receive their awards and gift hampers.
Top Vines will also be played at the event.


The competition is open for all Kemcolians;current and old , medical students and graduates from all medical colleges.


For further queries contact:
Laiba Khalid
Haania Khan
Awais Raza
Muhammad Usama
Muhammad Mohsin Ali
Romesa Qaiser Khan

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KEDS - King Edward Debating Society

KEDS 2015



Debating Session at GC with Siddique Awan


Finalists Fast Declamations 2015

Quarter Finalist UMT Evento 15

Quarter Finalists LGS B5 main


Down the Memory Lane

King Edward Debating Society- Review 2014

by: Saad Mussarat PRESIDENT KEDS 2014

13th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation – A Battlefield of 60 Warriors - Official Event Review

President 2012: Muhammad Bilal | Review by Taroob Latef

King Edward Medical University - 13th All-Pakistan Bilingual Declamation 2012 - Topics and Registration form

    By Farkhanda Qaiser
    For those who couldn't attend, here are all the details of the inspiring event

    King Edward Debating Society Presents KEMPhonasthesia 2011 - Rules and Regulations.

      In a Soldier’s life : Team KEMU at PAF Risalpur debates 

      by Syed Ahmad Raza

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        Saturday, May 23, 2015

        Her Success, My Failure…[ Words of a Daughter - A Tribute to All Mothers ]

        By Lubaba Mukhtar

        I am ayesha, a failure as a daughter to a very successful mother.

        My mother is a successful woman. She is successful because she is satisfied with what she has in life, with what she has done, with what she has achieved, with what she has sacrificed, and with what she could never get.
        I am a failure because I achieve more every day; every day I struggle to get more, every day I try harder to get something else, but no matter how much I get; no matter how much I have, I am never satisfied, never satiated. There is something bothering me, making me restless all the time.

        People write poetry and stories about how their mothers sacrificed their comforts when they were babies; how their mothers slept on the wet side of bed to keep them dry. How their mothers would stay awake all night when they were sick as a baby. People talk of times of which they have no memories. I will talk of a time which I remember.

        I reached class 9 and my struggle to get the best marks possible started. I would go to school, go to academy, study hard at night. I worked as much as my body allowed me. I had a purpose, a goal to achieve. My mum only had my dreams to protect. She is a working woman, a teacher in a govt. school. She leaves early in the morning for her job and comes back home at 2:30 when me and my brothers arrive from school. We throw down our bags and groan and complain of the heat and how we had to listen to so many teachers. She goes into the kitchen listening to us, smiling at our complains and starts making chapattis for us. The gravy is already prepared because she wakes up at 6 in the morning to do it so we wouldn’t have to wait long for our food when we come back home.

        We sit at the dining table and enjoy fresh rotis while she mills away in the kitchen in the scorching heat. We take a long refreshing nap after we are satiated, she stays awake and irons our clothes for the next day. She hasn’t yet finished her ironing when my father arrives for his lunch break. She serves him and gets back to other chores. We wake up and take out our homework and learning. She can’t rest again because she has to help us with our studies; we can’t afford tuitions. She is working, working, working. She doesn’t sit down for a minute. I have a headache from all the learning so I ask her to make me a cup of tea. She does so without question. She starts preparing our dinner. We have dinner, take tv break, relax a little; my mother is still working washing dishes, washing clothes, dusting the house. The only support she has is a maid who comes for 2 hours and sweeps the floors.

        My younger brothers go to bed at 10:30. I have to stay awake and study. My dad comes home, he is served dinner, then some fruits and tea an hour later. He is tired from all the day’s work, he goes to sleep.

        I am scared of sitting alone in the lounge to study, so my mother doesn’t go to bed. She comes to lie down on the other sofa and sleeps there. I cram my books in a loud voice near her but she doesn’t stop me although she is the lightest sleeper I know. She can’t even sleep properly with the lights on. But for me and my fears, she sleeps in the noise of my cramming and the bright lights of the lounge and on the uncomfortable sofa.

        I feel tired at around 2am and go to bed; I wake up mum on the way so she can go to bed. She wakes up with drooping, tired eyes and goes to her room. I go to sleep and wake up at 7 to get ready for school. My mum has been awake for an hour already.

        The day repeats itself as usual.
        The day of my matriculation result arrives and one day before the result is announced, I receive a call from the board office telling me I have achieved 2nd position in board. The only person happier than me is my mother.
        I have to deliver a speech in my school the day I have to receive my prize. I have written the most typical speech possible. I thank God, my parents, my teachers. Just as I am about to start rambling about my hard work, my diligence and dedication; the image of my mother’s tired uncomplaining face appears before my eyes. I go blank. I look at the paper I am holding in my hands, I try to start speaking again when the image of my mother’s tired sleepy face when she slept on the sofa for me pops into my head. I cannot say anything. I am tongue tied. I thank everyone and get down from the stage. Everyone takes my abrupt pause and silence as an indication of me being overwhelmed by emotions and joy. But it is not joy piercing my heart; it is regret and pain and gratitude to my mother.

        I am a selfish, mean person. Never have I asked my mother if she needs anything, never have I tried to overcome my fear of sitting alone so she can get a good night’s sleep, never have I appreciated or thanked her. Why was I so blind?

        I go home and my mum is the first one to kiss my face and announce that she has prepared my favorite meal.
        I look at her face, her happy eyes, her sincere smile, the dark circles under her eyes and I cannot fight back my tears anymore.

        She has never been appreciated. All my childhood and even now I have heard men of my family degrading her and other working women. They always say the same thing: “these women rest all day long, they go for a few hours’ job and boast of what they do and what they earn as though they climb Mount Everest every day. They do nothing as compared to what we men do.”

        The only thing the men don’t understand is the work women do every day, every hour without pay, without appreciation, without acknowledgement. And the worst thing is, we, their children are just as blind and just as self-centered.

        “The babies of a crab spider as soon as they are born cling to their mothers and suck its life out of her. We humans are no different. We just suck out the life out of our mothers slowly and more painfully and over a longer period of time.”

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        Best Speaker UAF Parliamentary Debates 2015.

         Shaarif Bashir got the Best Speaker English Parliamentary Award.

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        Welcome Party and Oath Taking Ceremony

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        Runners Up UET Debates

        The Runners-Up UET Parliamentary Championship 2015!
        Ali Naveed Malghani and Jamal Abdul Qadir Awan.

        KE was in the FINALS of both Declamation and Parliamentary Championships at UET Lahore Debates! 
        Ali Naveed Malghani and Jamal Abdul Qadir Awan, the young gems of the KEDS family, proved their class and showed the great potential, that KEDS is always so proud of, made it  into the FINALS in Urdu Parliamentary Championship after beating some very veteran teams! like emoticon
        Syed Ahmad Raza and Ahmed Rafay Afzal also made it to finals of Declamation with their magnificent quality speeches in respective categories. 
        Ruhma IhsanTabish JavaidAli Shehbaz BalochHuda Nawaz, Maryam Fatima, Fatima RizwanDua Noor and Sumbul Liaqat made it into the Quarter Finals in both Urdu and English Categories.
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        Declamation Camps with PU adjudicators

        KEDS conducted a declamation camp on 23rd April.

        This is what Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS'15) had to say about it:

        Today's Declamation Camp was a huge success with almost 30 new Declaimers who were actually quite impressive keeping in view their lack of experience and it gave us quite alot of hope that KEDS would be producing some more great Declaimers in near future iA. 
        Special Thanks to Muhammad Sibtain for coming over to Adjudicate and Guide the young speakers with his experience and very useful tips. Thanks man. smile emoticon 
        Moreover, It was an honor to have Sidrah Latif Baji with us to adjudicate and share with speakers her thoughts abt declamation in general, the motivation and do's and dont's.
        Also, Asnia LatifHammad ShafiKhawaja Hassan Akhtar and Syed Ahmad Raza pointed out the areas of where speakers needed to improve.
        IA we will be holding more camps and interactive sessions keeping in mind such an encouraging response from all you guys. smile emoticon

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        Debating session at GC with Siddique Awan Sb

        KEDS had a debating session at GC with Siddique Awan on the 7th of May 2015

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        KEDS intercollegiate camp with PU

        KEDS had an intercollegiate debating session with PU on the 17th of  April, 2015

        This is what Ruhma Ihsan (Vice President KEDS'15) had to say about the session:

        Continuing the streak of Parlimentary camp sessions,Punjab University hosted us for another friendly match in which speakers from KE and PU spoke in cross teams.Camp was a huge success and our future stars Ali Shehbaz Baloch and Hamza Shahab pulled off very good arguments.Critique and coaching session was very helpful.
        Special thanx to our host Punjab University.They are very gracious hosts and we feel honoured by there hospitality.
        Thank yew Tajmeel Shah Raja Haider Sohail And Tabish Javaid for your critique.
        InshAllah KEDS will participate in many camps to polish the speaking skills of our speakers and will encourage this healthy activity.
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        Introduction to Declamation Workshop

        An 'Introduction to Declamation' workshop was held on the 16th of April.

        Where Syed Ahmad Raza (Vice President KEDS 15) gave a presentation on the basics of all categories of declamation. It was an introductory session for all first year students who wanted to learn the art of declamation. Other members of the society also delivered model speeches.

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        Team Trophy at COMSATS Sahiwal Declamations!

        KEDS won the Team Trophy at Comsats Sahiwal Declamations 2015 on the 9th of April.

        TEAM TROPHY!
        Syed Ahmad Raza, 1st position in English Category
        Khwaja Hassan Akhtar, 2nd position in Urdu Category

        Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS 15) posted:

        KEDS stole the show at Comsats All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Championship 2015 at Sahiwal!! 
        Syed Ahmad Raza was awarded 1st Position in English Category due to his Fabulous Humorous speech and amazingly sarcastic expressions and Khawaja Hassan Akhtar being awarded 2nd Position in Urdu Serious Category due to his impressive speech with such confidence and style that was well appreciated by all. smile emoticon 
        So proud of you guys! Really Turning out to be the Best Declamation Team that KEDS has ever produced with 2 Team Trophies in last 2 Tournaments together. 
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        KEDS 15 Executive Cabinet - The family of Rethoricians

        Arfa Ahmad

        Chief Coordinator

        So it started in first year when I only joined KEDS because of My sister Iqra. At that time I didn't even know the basic format of parliamentary debates. But the fire and desire of making the argument and convincing others my point of view was in me which got polished during my stay at KEDS. Being the Inter class Winner for two consecutive years and making it to finals and semi finals of various All Pak tournaments I consider it secondary. As for me the real essence of KEDS is the friendships relations and the amazing time I had at KEDS. KEDS truly for me is family. And I have here the most amazing seniors and juniors. The fun we have while at various tournaments ,these are the moments I will cherish even after passing out. And yes debating itself gives you the confidence of interacting people at various levels and according to me public speaking is one of the thing we should be good at and KEDS definitely provides a chance to boost up this talent. Lastly the respect is the utmost thing which is the integral part of being at KEDS.


        Ahmad Rafay Afzal
         Assistant Secretary Parliamentary 

        The first time I got the taste of the stage was when I competed in my intra - school debates . I was in third grade . I walked up to the mic and forgot my speech . I stood there and cried for 3 minutes but never left the stage .When the bell rang the teacher brought me down . When my mother asked the teacher that why didn't she take me down sooner , she said "to end his fear of doing the worst he can ,because now he's already done the worst and the only way for him now is to make it better ." From that day onward I fell in love with public speaking . The rush you get on stage ,  The exhilarating feel , when you know that people are listening to you , only you , the knowledge of your own ability to maybe change someone's life by your words, it's indescribable. 
        Even before coming to KEMU I knew about KEDS through Hammad Shafi and I knew that it was something I had to be a part of .I got my first taste of parliamentary in first year , the power of logic influenced me unlike anything else . One of the proudest moment of my life was when I won my first trophy in Parliamentary , all thanks to countless hours of mentoring by seniors like Saad and Umair bhai.
        I started speaking humour , just because it was difficult and very few people were able to do it . Humor appealed to me because the idea to make someone's day by enabling them to laugh at the simple realities of life is just brilliant and fulfilling .
        Winning is something that seldom comes in the categories that I have chosen , but then again winning is not the goal . KEDS has been like a family , because somehow earning respect by giving it has become a tradition in the society . I'm  proud to have such people around me who respect their seniors and care for their juniors , indiscriminately. We have been at the cross hairs of controversy this year , but the house of fearless has proven it's mettle time and again . As we often say through our flashy posters ,  the power of logic is stronger than the logic of power and time will prove this statement InshaAllah .
        Veni Vedi Vici...

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        TEAM TROPHY Declamations and Runner Ups Parliamentary at Military College of Signals Myraid 2015!

        KEDS took over at MCS Myriad 15 with the Team Trophy in Declamations and being Runner Ups in Parliamentary Debates,

        Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS 15) writes:

        Team KEDS returns after a successful tour of MCS Myraid Debates held on 9th March.
        4 Teams Participated in Parliamentary Event. All of them broke into the Knock-out Stage while 2 of them spoke the Semi and KEMU-A was declared the Runners-Up after a close final with FAST. smile emoticon
        Congratulations to Hannan JavedRuhma Ihsan andTabish Javaid for being the Runners up at MCS Myraid 2015. smile emoticon
        All the speakers were impressive throughout the tournament especially Aleesha KainatSyed Ahmad RazaMaryam FatimaDua NoorSumbul Liaqat,Fatima RizwanArsalan SikandarAli Shehbaz Balochmade their mark by beating some very veteran teams of the Circuit. And Qudrat Ullah being the adjudicator from KEMU. smile emoticon
        Also the Team Trophy by Syed Ahmad Raza and Khawaja Hassan Akhtar in Declamation Event turned out to be a cherry on the top of such a great trip.

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