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The lost year of finding contentment

I am in the middle of my house job. The future spreads in front of me wide like an ocean. Uncertain like its depths. And scary with all its uncertainties. In my best years , I was never the one with plans about myself. And at 24 with a graduate degree , in middle of one-year internship  and with flimsiest of idea of future , I am far from anyone's best. But after a long time , I feel useful. It's not like when you are in college (possibly just me) when you go for enjoying with friends or sleeping. But working in hospital will do that to you. Make you feel useful. The truth is I am doing a surgical rotation and I am as far from being a good surgeon in making as its possible. My hands had never learnt any skill and they seem as hell to be resisting now. If I am being honest to myself , I don't do anything any other average doctor won't do. But it feels good when a patient goes  home after a big surgery. After a foreign body removal from eye. I may not have saved any life…
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8 Things Every Firstula Should Know

Firstula? You should have heard the word by now; but if you haven’t, don’t scratch your heads crazy about it. It is simply a term for ‘first year’.
With that out of the way, let’s break down some of the more important things for you.
Patiala Block and Pathology Department are your desi Hogwarts.Always dreamt of the majestic Hogwarts castle as a child? Never got your owl? Look no further. Your acceptance letter might have arrived through regular post (or not reached you at all), but King Edward does offer plenty of spots where you can channel your inner Harry Potter. Or Ronald Weasley. Or Hermoine Granger. Or whatever.

DO NOT buy the Dissector. As a firstula, you would almost invariably be lured into buying the entire book list; but I repeat, DO NOT buy the dissector. You would hardly use it once or twice a year (unless you are the over enthusiastic one who plans to do the dissections everyday). (I stopped two first year students from buying the dissector at Zubair last year. Never been more…




Third Year : What No One Tells You

Bonjour, new 3rd Year!
Ah, the year of ward rotations is finally here. The year when you'll get the true doctor feels. (or so we all think in 3rd year).

Whatever conversations you have about 3rd year with your seniors will, for the most part, generally tend to revolve around books, modules, tests, prof, how to study, and so on and so forth, with a little sprinkling of wards in between. However, there is other, hardcore practical information; a knowledge of which I feel, is just as crucial to your survival throughout this year. Hence we will be talking about these aspects today, that get overlooked in most normal conversations.

PROXIES For all those fellows who are fond of hitting snooze and dozing through a dozen alarms, well, bad news - Third Year is a no proxyh zone for the most part. Let me break it down for you:
Pharmacology : strictly no proxy, unless you are on exceptionally good terms with Uncle Munir
Forensic Medicine: the occasional proxy can be marked here and there, if …

2nd Year Biochemistry Practicals

Here is a little summary of the practicals which I made. I hope you find it helpful.

NOTE: This may or may not contain all of the practicals. Do remember to double check from your notebook.

Community medicine Viva/OSCE questions prof 2016