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Welcome to KemUnited! The official blog of King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan. (Formerly King Edward Medical College). Of the students, by the students and for the students! It focuses on news/events/happenings around the campus and provides guidance articles, past-papers and study-aids.


Third year has been so far the best year of MBBS because it is the year that you finally get to bury the anatomy books (May they rot in hell) and escape the basic sciences into the fascinating world of medicine and diseases. It’s when you finally start seeing yourself as a doctor.
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KemUnited 3rd Blogger Awards & 5th Anniversary [ Official Event Review ]

Review by Ayesha Saeed Malik
2nd year MBBS

Once upon a time, not very far back, lived a little girl who plundered upon Medicine as a career of choice but found out a little too late that as noble as saving human lives might seem, studying to achieve those goals weren't even remotely close to nobility or seemed humanly for that matter.

On one of those similarly morbid days, when her mind teemed with saturnine thoughts of failing her head and neck stage, she heard a 'ping' on her phone. The girl lunged towards it, bearing in mind that nothing could make that seemingly dark day blossom into the vibrant colors of spring, thinking that her rainbow of life had been forever lost to the vile world's cruel ways. But dear friends, what that little girl forgot was that every cloud has a silver lining. And so, this girl's silver lining had appeared in the form of a message. The dispatch bore an official invitation to Kemunited's Annual Ceremony.

Now, the rumor has it that the girl screamed so loud that people gathered around her lilliputian cottage, worried she might've fallen victim to the red wolf's appetite when in fact she was so jubilant at the news of Kemunited party that she screamed in delight like a lunatic, worrying everyone around her about the sudden loss of her mental health. The once mundane girl had now transformed into a gleeful one. Some sources have it that she did not restrict her celebrations to screaming and laughing in the air but practiced her worn out skills at back flips and happy dancing before she once again returned to her doleful text-books.

Several days passed in a constant whirl of anticipation and then arrived the big day! The morning peace was disrupted by the sound of trumpets and drum rolls, the air was crisp with the long-awaited excitement and everyone dressed in their best apparels to look presentable in front of the camera.

The ceremony commenced with an introductory kemunited video that swayed the hearts of everyone gathered in the small hall and made them applaud teary eyed, proud at how far they'd come from the starting line and how much they had achieved during the journey. Professor Asad Aslam - the patron and staff president of kemunited graced the ceremony with his presence and shed a few words of praise for the team behind the grand success of kemunited, who'd over the years brought kemunited to the pinnacle of university blogs, nationwide.

Certificate Distribution trotted afterwards where each individual was presented with a certificate of acknowledgement accompanied by some very cool photos that would later be seen on social media as their displays, because let's brag some and why not? It's not every day one gets awarded with a certificate that'll embezzle one's resume' in the future.

After the whole ordeal of trophy/shield/certificate distribution was over, came the moment everyone had secretly been hoping for...THE CAKE! And not just any cake, mind you! A taste bud's ultimate dream.

After devouring on the cake like hungry hyenas, sense of propriety returned and better sense prevailed; people chose to never speak of what happened on the table, where now laid a butchered pile of chocolate instead of the mouth-watering sight it had once been.

Everyone hurriedly wiped their faces of any left-over remains of food, tidied themselves and restored their former poise once the news of 'final group photo' spread like hell fire amongst the gathering and posed mightily in front of the camera, greedy for some more fine photos.

The readers might think that the story ends here, but it has more to it. What came next was a foodie's dream come true. A hi-tea to Palilos! Seeing, the food in all its delicious glory, the bloggers forgot all the etiquettes of socialization and ran to it like there'd be no tomorrow.

Kemunited's Senior Admin Muhammad Mohsin Ali said at the occasion:
"The kemunited ceremony had two unique features: it was unexpected and it was real fun, being an inter mingling of bloggers and foodies. And our motto (at heart) is to maintain and excel at both these aspects. So food (ahem, kemunited) ftw!"

Chief admin Kemunited - Unsa Athar shared her views:
"I was a part of Kemunited before officially joining KEMU. Kemunited has always been the place where i feel like home. This ceremony was fun, yes, but was an emotional roller coaster ride as well. Bidding farewell to the seniors who have always been an inspiration was hard. I wish from all my heart that the new admins manage to keep up the standards that our seniors have set, let it be the blog or the amazing ceremonies."

Chief admin Kemunited - Muhammad Salik shared his views:
"Every year KemUnited’s annual ceremony is a much awaited event. This year to see how far we’ve come from the first ceremony I attended with Bilal bhai and Usama bhai, how much KemUnited has achieved in that time and how much we still aspire to achieve, is an amazing feeling in itself. And when you get a cool video, an awesome cake, amazing certificates and a high tea at Pallilos in a single day, what more can you ask for."

After bellies had been over fed, the gathering thinned out and people left,with happy memories, back to their monotonous lifestyles.

Review by Anosha Anwar
Final Year

“Big things come in small packages” and a testimony to this statement is this 5 year old!

You ever think what only a 5 year old is capable of?

Well whatever you can imagine, this 5 year old kiddo has risen above the expectations of all, challenged all doubts, and reached a point truly worthy of applause. Getting curious who this might be?

Well look no further the answer is staring you right in the face. 

Its not a person, its not a page, it’s a community!

And united do we stand.

Every year we aim to surpass our progress in previous years, accomplish new milestones. As it reflects in our humble beginnings now signified by our annual gatherings. Hats off to the executives in this case for trying their best to take it one step further every time and achieving this beyond our expectations. Shout out to our latest DOCTORS Laiba Khalid, Taroob Latef and Moeed Ahmed for setting and continuing this tradition every year and putting faces to the names.

As bloggers, our writings our identities, if it weren’t for these gatherings, we may as very well be unaware of the people behind masterpieces and epic tales.

It all starts with a cordial invitation to award distribution ceremony which comes unexpectedly as a delightful surprise and you consider yourself lucky if you get invited ;P *yayyyy us*

The venue was PIPO audiotorium, when we came a presentation was played about kemunited which is a must see! Because it evokes pride in the viewer! You actually feel like you accomplished something by being a part of this and this community has met its purposes well!

I believe those who have worked hours and hours into pure dedication and commitment to the blogger spirit, deserve to be acknowledged! and so they were by professor Asad Aslam khan and the Admins and members of KEMUNITED with certificates of acknowledgement.

This year they set off another new milestone by organizing the first ever KemVines competition!

Winners of the KemVines Contest were invited to receive their prizes for Best Vine, Best Viner and Unsa Ather bagged the award for being the best blogger.

The executive team that passed out were presented with shields for their dedication and commitment.

And yes. The highlight of ceremony was the cake. So much so that our guests of honour instead of carrying on the ceremony, took a break to make an inquiry about this gorgeous piece of artistry! And it tasted AMAZING.

The cherry on pie are the sweet memories of an event so for these cherries, Group photos were taken (uploaded on the official album here:)

Later on, we all went to hi tea at Palilos. Surprisingly it was a first for many bloggers and all were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food and the management of executive team. And I know I will not be exaggerating if I said, it was one of the best hi teas in town !

It takes hell lot of patience and mind to bring it all together, and they brought it all together in with a pretty neat bow! Kudos to the oldies but goldies and the newbies for working in harmony to bring it all together. We are now 5 years old! Happy birthday kemunited , may it keep up the caliber all have set so high and raise it even higher with time to come as we are sure it will! Ameen.
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58 thoughts I had while watching GoT S06E03

Spoilers, obviously.
If you haven’t watched the episode yet
a)   Wow, you’re too slow
b)  You shouldn’t be reading this


You have been warned. Twice.

Okay, so now that we are past that HOW AWESOME WAS THE LAST EPISODE?! So much happened!
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Middle of the Final Year - The exhausted minions

Maryam Ayub
Final Year 

PS: This blog is mostly for final year but you still may find your exhaustion type ;) 

So I wrote Beginning of the End at the start of final year when I had all the fuzzy warm feels. Now it's nearly half way through and the only thing I see around me is exhaustion. I am exhausted , my friends are exhausted , my whole class is exhausted (anyone who isn't exhausted doesn't deserve to be a part of final year). So I thought I will write about the type of exhaustion different people have. And you can decide which one are you?

1. USMLE Exhaustee: 
In other words the people of reading room. Some of them have been studying for six months, some for  year and some even longer. And though I have the good fortune of never looking at a steps book, I imagine it's not easy just re-reading a couple books for two years. ( After couple of years I am assuming you are re-reading because nobody's that slow.  Seriously just give the exam already). These are the people who are seen very rarely in college and can be seen dropping in and out of classes for as little as possible. With their blank , presumably depressed faces. 

2. Maternity/ Gynae Exhaustee:
If you are not seeing a guy or girl of final year for two weeks rest assured he/she has maternity duty. Their bus leaves at 10.30 for the unknown. They will not be there for the society pictures, society functions and even Sundays. I have not been in their shoes yet  but I have been dreading the moment since fourth year. And my friends who have been done with it seemed to be internally (and externally) screaming all the time through. 

3. Surgery Exhaustee:
If you thought only Gynae was going to be hard then ding-ding-ding you were wrong. In surgery you just can't seem to escape evening. Trust me my friends and I , who barely attended some ENT evenings last year , tried. But even though we luckily escaped the 7-12 or 8-1 am duties , even a couple of hours of evening is slowly but surely killing me brutally. Add to it unforgiving heat and the fact that final year seems to have a knack of angering doctors , there's a strong possibility we won't make it alive to Gynae. 

4. Medicine Exhaustee: 
Most of the kids seemed happy in their Medicine wards. There is always a possibility of difficult evenings but if you get the right Incharge you can handle them. Although you may find yourself to be as blank in medicine as you were at the start of the ward, medicine overall passes much more pleasantly. 

5. The Society Exhaustee:
With the hailstorm of events in April-May , the rest of us got our wards and DHs off. The society people (the social? What is the right term? ) got short attendances , heat exhaustion, ghar walon ki daant and in the end maybe a little satisfaction for events well done . (What can I say I am a pessimist)

6. The Day scholar Exhaustee:
With the plenty of days being off at 10 the day scholars wake up , get dressed and come to college only to trudge to auditorium or back homes at 10. This is something which hostelites with their ever-on ACs can never understand. Add to fact the evening wards at 4 or 6pm the day scholars spend most of their days on roads. (Except some who crash at their friends houses but that is a woeful tale of another time. 

Note: There was another category for people who are handling engagements, nikahs and weddings along the above mentioned exhaustions but my friends think that engagements and susral talks already take enough of our class' times so sorry people if you are exhausted because of your "to-be"s there's no place for you in the blog. You brought this on yourselves whether happily or forcefully  ;) 


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A Beautiful Girl~ by Abdullah Masood, Final Year.

 Through tumultuous times a plenty
Through seas and oceans of despair
Rejoice heart because you are free
Rejoice mind for you are alone

She was beautiful. That’s all I remember now. A beautiful girl in a dismal world. Friendships often
begin in the strangest of places. We met somewhere in the in-between, a half real half fantasy.
Was it an illusion? I have difficulty recalling all of it. Was she real? Or was it the idea of her that
enthralled me? A perfection created out of the recesses of my mind, a perfection no mortal could
parallel. The amalgamation of my hopes and dreams.

But you couldn’t tell her that, could you? You believed she was just another one of
those people. Characters passing in the book of your life. Do you remember the first time you saw
her? She was in pink, garlands of white roses adorning her wrists. Her eyes were rubies glowing in
the darkness. She looked questioning, always questioning. As if she could peer into your soul. You
began talking to her. It was slow at first, a gradual buildup. Secrets were shared. Every moment
brought a smile. You became something else entirely. But it was all a house built on rotten
foundations. Do you remember her voice? It was musical, almost like the songs of the minnows.
Her laugh, now something forever denied to you, made you feel alive. The dark nights were spent
thinking about her, bright days lost to her radiance. And then at last she began confiding in you,
telling her hopes, her ideals. What she looked for in a mate. You thought it could stay in that
perpetual place of idyllic days. You thought things would never change. But you were a farce. An
empty shell of a man. Through all things, never could you surmise such affection blossoming deep
within. A strange hunger, gnawing at your insides, driving you mad with rage and hopelessness. A
desperate, desperate need linked to the very core of your very being, destroying you.
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Colonel Bharucha – A Chapter in KE’s Parsee Past

By Usama Irshad
4th Year MBBS

Long ago and far removed from the present-day militancy-ridden, crumbling, concrete giant of a city, Lahore used to be an exciting metropolis once, a shining jewel in the crown of the British Empire, the heart of the land of five rivers and the “cultural capital” of the Indian Subcontinent. It was in this Lahore of the early twentieth century where on an average street you could find English men in their smartly-tailored tails and breeches, young Hindu girls in colorful billowy saris, Sikh men with flowing beards and daggers and Muslims with their skull caps and achkans, that another very small community also lived, thrived and contributed heavily to the progress of this great city. They were the Zoroastrians or the Parsees as they are better known. Originating in the ancient land of Persia, members of this small community are today found all over the world.

One such Parsee man, an outstanding surgeon, a brilliant teacher and a dynamic, selfless leader to his community who lived in British Lahore was Colonel P. B. Bharucha.
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Potatoes of KEMU

By Eesha Razia (2015-20)

Oh yes, indeed KE has a lot of cool kids and by now all kemcolians have become well aware of humans of kemu, stars of kemu, graduates of kemu, firstulas of kemu, success stories of kemu and even retards of kemu…but that is so unfair to ignore the biggest lot of the all….that is “ potatoes of kemu”.

Being a potato myself, this biased attitude has pained me like hell…I mean come on people. We give you the audience, we give the background, the general applauders, we are the crowd, ignoring us is so not fair. So today I’m gonna give you a brief insight into the life of the unknown, unpopular but still there, potatoes!!
  “Its miserable and magical, oh yeah!”


                          In the beginning, like all the cool kids we too had real high hopes but the thing is that all my class mates turned out to be some breed of F16 jet planes. I mean I was still just getting used to the ‘amazingly beautiful’ infrastructure of KE and looking for friends when these people had already made their squads and done their debuts. And we just stood open-mouthed… (shukar hai makkhi nahi chali gayi..xD)


                    Thank God studies was one thing every cool, stupid, nerd, intelligent, dumb, backbencher, every type of student found equally difficult and strange as we had no idea that:

I mean yeah we knew studies hadn’t ended and that we weren’t just gonna start with disease and medicine but hey...excuse me...4 types of anatomies…modules..? Nobody ever mentioned that…


                      While a lot of my class fellows literally sprung upon the societies and the seniors like bees, they actually turned out to be the party poopers for the potatoes! To start with, I really thought that becoming member of a society was all you needed...Joke of kemlife…! To start with you really need a talent but as it happens in our case,

Then as if *talent required* is not enough, we also require a squad, managing time, doing tireless work when the events come, (and so far from what we have seen first year is basically meant to be the sweepers, keepers, waiters, maids, and chairs uthaany waaly) but also  befriending seniors. That’s the key, the bloodline, the heart and soul, literally ‘the everything’ to make name in society, in fact in uni!!

And the potatoes just don’t have enough confidence for that. We always shy away from talking to any bhai or aapi saying “ we will look weird”



                       They do enjoy the events though...with that low voice whispering in the back of their minds…No big deal...i could have done this too…if only I had a little more courage!

Life overall:

             “We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time”                        

Basically first go to uni...saying ‘Sara shughal to uni me hai’...then see the popular kids and be like ‘aap aa jao har jaga’

Go to the café saying ‘let’s just eat something different and delicious today’ then see the items there and be like ‘well….im not hungry anymore’

Go to the lecture saying ‘we can study at least’ then in the lecture ‘o man this sucks we shouldn’t have come…in fact there was a meeting of those interested in organizing the upcoming event...should have gone!’

On every new event be like… ‘Yar bohat ho gya ab kuch krna hai’ and have lengthy conversations as to what can be done…sound as confident as possible, then go to home, realize that to get this all done you have to sacrifice your sleep, hence declare ‘I’m not in the mood…really’

When the event comes ‘we should totally go just attending an event can be fun too.’ and during the event ‘yar is ne bhi kiya participate, yar wo organizer hai, OMG! Even that group is in...’ but try to laugh and smile anyway and look normal while having to praise others…

And end up feeling depressed and inferior…but then cheer up each other, crack jokes, go home happy with plans of studying, do a ‘dam darood’ on ourselves at night and go to sleep with this thought:

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The lady with the magic words (a tribute to Laiba Khalid)

She will never hesitate in telling you where you went wrong in your work but the way she does this is so encouraging, so lifting that it will make you want to do better. She is a brilliant writer, an amazing blogger herself but if you write a good piece; she will be the first one to appreciate your work.

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Event Review: KEDS' 17th APDC

Ayesha Mushtaq

Class of 2019

King Edward Debating Society, better known as the Home of the Fearless, is easily one of the most vibrant societies that we have here at King Edward Medical University. This society is one that has always upheld the Kemcolian maxim of ‘Altapete’ or ‘Aim High’ throughout these years in all of its various endeavours, be it hosting of events at KE or participation in competitions outside of KE.

The latest in these series of endeavours was the
17th KEMU All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Championship and Punjabi Takra 2016
This 2 day extravaganza was held in the New Auditorium on the 13th-14th of April 2016, where nearly a hundred speakers from all across the length and breadth of the country displayed their command over language with crystalline lucidity and eloquence.

The event was graced by a top notch adjudication panel comprising
Dr. Qasim Khan (President KEDS 2011)
Dr. Usama Talib (President KEDS 2012)
Dr. Sidra Latif (President KEDS 2013)
Dr. Haris Bilal Awan (Former Incharge Declamations KEDS)
Mr. Hammad Shafi (Former Incharge Declamations KEDS)
Mr. Waleed bin Shahid (Founding member NUST Debating Society, Winner KEMU All Pak Declamation Championship 2009)
And Mr. GM Shah (formely a part of Formanites Debating Society, FC College)
All of whom were highly acclaimed and invincible speakers of their eras.

The adjudication panel

Chairing the event were the Presidents KEDS, Syed Ahmad Raza and Ruhma Ihsan, and the Vice Presidents, Ahmed Rafay Afzal and Khawaja Hassan Akhtar, who added to the beauty of the event by their graceful presence on the stage and enhanced the flavor by their witty comebacks at the participants.

The initial round was held on 13th April, where the house was formally opened by Ali Haider Jafri and Muhammad Anas Tahir for KEDS, with an English serious and an Urdu humorous speech respectively. After which, the participants took to stage - some of whom impressed the audience and judges; others, not so much. At the end, 4 teams and 7 individual participants comprising serious and humorous speakers made it through to the final round.

House opening: Top Ali Haider, Bottom Anas Tahir
The finals on the 14th were graced by various dignitaries, including the worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud, honourable Staff President KEDS Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam Khan, Prof. Dr. Zahid Kamal of ophthalmology, and CEO and Regional Director Daikin Corporation, the sponsors for the event.

This day saw a jam-packed New Auditorium and a very energetic audience, who deserves all the applause for living up to its reputation of being ‘THE toughest crowd of Pakistan’. For they were wholly generous in their appraisal of the best orators around, but equally ruthless in their treatment of anyone who failed to impress them with their debate.
Ladies and Gentlemen, THE toughest crowd of Pakistan!
Representing KEDS, the house for bilingual declamations was closed by Khawaja Hassan Akhtar with a powerful Urdu serious speech that moved many of the audience to the point of tears; and by Ahmed Rafay Afzal with an equally power-packed English humorous speech that had the audience rolling in laughter with some very on-point humour. This impeccable display of oratory was doubtlessly the climax of the event, as both were met with a standing ovation and a thunderous round of applause by the audience, and these gentlemen showed the guests why exactly KEDS takes pride in calling itself the Home of the Fearless, and rightly so.

These gentlemen, the pride of KEDS! Khawaja Hassan Akhtar and Ahmed Rafay Afzal
This was followed by the Punjabi Takra, which had some very gifted speakers impress us with their serious as well as humorous speeches on a variety of refreshing topics. After this nail-biting contest, the results were declared. Top three positions in English, Urdu and Punjabi categories were announced, as were the Best Speakers of Under-19 Category. Team trophy for bilingual declamation went to GCU Lahore.

Winners of team trophy: Government College University Lahore
Best speakers Under-19 Category
To conclude with, it is imperative to state that the entire KEDS team deserves to be commended on the flawless organization of an event of such magnitude. 

The organizing committee

Pictures Courtesy: KEDS Media Portal Team

Did you enjoy this blog? To read more like this, visit us at For blog submissions, comics, and so much more, email us at

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Life At KE So Far

By Hamza Ashraf, 1st Year.

Well, competing in contrivance to myriad students during O-levels and FSc. and being selected out of booming 60,000 figure in MCAT consequently, barging my way into this prestigious abode of inquisitive learning. It seems to be something out of someone else’s dream, yet here I am. Thanks to almighty Allah.

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Pictorial Review: KEDS' 17th APDC

King Edward Debating Society held its 17th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Championship and Punjabi Takra on 13-14th April 2016.
Here is how the event went, as seen from behind the lens. Special thanks to the KEDS Media Portal Team!

DAY 1:

Patiala in full grandeur

Art credits: Arwa Anwar and Ahmed Rafay Afzal

The stage all set

Le 3rd Yr Organizers: "But first, let me take a selfie"

The Chairs: (Left to Right) Ahmed Rafay Afzal, Vice President KEDS; Syed Ahmad Raza, President KEDS; Ruhma Ihsan, President KEDS; Khawaja Hassan Akhtar, Vice President KEDS

Opening the house for KEDS: Top - Ali Haider Jafri; Bottom - Muhammad Anas Tahir

Team Fatima Jinnah Medical University

Team University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Team Lahore College for Women University

A supposedly "humorous" speaker from UET Lahore

Organziers group photo

DAY 2:

Achievements at the Home of the Fearless; and this list is by no means exhaustive!

KEDS Executive Cabinet
Chairs for final round of bilingual declamation

Worthy adjudicators

Team Government College University Lahore

Team Punjab University Lahore

Arrival of the Vice Chancellor

Chairs for Punjabi Takra

Some of the Punjabi speakers

Some of the judges while giving critique. (Clockwise from top left) Dr. Qasim Khan, Mr. Waleed bin Shahid, Mr. GM Shah, Dr. Sidrah Latif

Dr. Saad Mussarat, Ex-President KEDS, while expressing his views about the event

Winners of team trophy - GCU Lahore

Cute and candid! Syed Ahmad Raza and Hammad Shafi

Organizers group photo

"Did you enjoy this blog? To read more like this, visit us at For blog submissions, comics, and so much more, email us at" 
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