1st year guide to books

The first question everyone in first year asks is : Where do i study from? and which books are sufficient?
Well there is one thing u guys need to understand and that is : for every subject there is a hierarchy of books, with ones at the bottom being studied by everyone and the one at the top are studied only by the theetas who don't care if they look like a bald skeleton by the end of final year. So we will now be referring to them as the cheeta books , the beeta books and the theeta books. Which ones you choose for yourself is entirely upto you.
Gross Anatomy.
1. B.D Chaurasia is the cheeta book
2.Anatomy by R.J Last is a highly recommended beeta book
3.Clinical Anatomy by KLM is theeta book
* your anatomy is incomplete without B.D. The rest can be compromised.

General Anatomy.
G.A by Ghulam Ahmad is he only good book for it
*Seniors will always tell you that nobody studies general anatomy and it can b done in 3 hours before the prof bla bla bla .......... My advice would be : don't make the same stupid mistakes we did. It has some really important concepts and terms. The sooner you know them the better for you.

1.Embryology by Kieth and Moore is the beeta book
2.Embryology by Langman is the cheetah book

1.Histology by Laiq Hussain Siddique is all that you need
*also your practical notebook

1. Lippincott's biochemistry supplemented with Mushtaq's biochemistry is the perfect and sufficient combination
* Harper's biochemistry is absolutely unnecessary in first year

1.Clinical Physiology by GUYTON is the necessary beeta book
2. Jaypee and Mushtaq's Physiology are recommended books as well but they cannot completely replace Guyton
3. Gannong's physiology is the theeta book and is a really scary book if studied in first year

Rabia Zia

Update by Awais Tarrar (Class of 2016)
Study Guide for Juniors
You must be going through pretty hard time, it happens to all the newcomers and you’ll get used to it, there is no need to worry.
As far as anatomy is concerned, Keith L. Moore’s Anatomy is the standard book recommended by the department. You must start studying it first. Then , for osteology, B.D Chaurasia is better but don’t try to study anatomy entirely by B.D. , otherwise, you’ll be in severe trouble. It has got too much useless information and it’s no use memorizing it all. Then, of course, if you want to learn anatomy by visualizing it, Gray’s Anatomy is the best book. It has got very wonderful pictures of every structure and you’ll enjoy it. So, stick to KLM, use B.D. for osteology and Gray’s for pictures, that’s all. And that’s a good combo if you follow it.
For physiology, Guyton is the best. You’ll comfortably pass the exams if you only keep Guyton by your side. It has elaborate topics, try to make notes of them or highlight the important lines, it will get easier for you and you’ll revise it quickly. Ganong’s physio can also be used if you are really trying to go for a distinction or something like that, otherwise, it’s better to keep it at arm’s length. Do not get involved in firdousi stuff. It has got nothing useful.
For biochemistry, Mushtaq’s biochemistry is recommended by all the teachers and paper is also set from this book. Do learn it by heart and keep a touch with Lippincott’s Biochemistry as well. It will clear your concepts a lot. But paper is always prepared from Mushtaq’s Biochemistry. Keep that in mind!
So, this is what I believe is required for first year. I decided to share it with you because I could not quite understand how to study during my first year and it troubled me a lot. And one last thing, try to score as much as you can. High scores are possible. Good luck, have a nice year!


  1. okay so i've two questions.. one's i know theeta..what exactly is a beeta? :D
    two they hav asked us to buy guy's manual for physiology practicals.. is it absolutely neccesary?

  2. Hmmmm..... well the average joe or the majority of people who just linger around the average line ( or in my words the normal lot) iare the beetas

    as far as tha manual goes now that u guys dont follow the printed book of professor akram i would say yes do buy the manual or if u dont wanna buy it look for it in the library......

  3. hi rabia.....salam.....m student off 1st year....i have a question.....what should i read klm or not for high scoring in theory and viva..is klm only enough?....

  4. KLM would have been more than enough in an ideal med-school.. But unfortunately, teachers here ask a lot of typical questions straight from BD Chaurasia.. So if you want to score high in KEMU, u must supplement it with BD


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