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Books Guidance (Experiences of Class of 2012)

 McFearless Says

Legend :

Katzung Review of Pharmacology
 The best book for pharmacology. Concise yet complete.

Lipincott Review of Pharmacology 
   Some people find this better. But after using this book for 3-4 months, i concluded that I could do more with Katzung Review in less time. And trust me, you can only use one of them as primary. (Some topics can be supplemented with the other)

Kaplans Pharmacology
This is what our seniors never told us but I found quite useful. Both the above books fail to give a quick review right before exam or in the viva. Here this book comes in handy. MUST WATCH the LECTURE DVDs with it. This book was a life-saver for me ! Goes especially well with Katzung review because both have same authors.

Reference : "Big Katzung" This is lengthy but the smart-crowd still uses it. Not recommended for the average-Joe.


Robbins (Medium) 
This is recomended standard text.

Another book which is highly reccomended. Goljan's audio lectures should be used along with the book.

Reference : Big Robbins : Again not for the average crowd

Levinson : The standard text

Microbiology - Made Ridiculously Simple - Commonly known as MRS This book saves the day. With its excellent content (funny diagramss, mnemonics) This is a must have book

Parasitology : Qaida
Kaplans Microbiology and Immunology

Shamim: Not recommended

Forensic Medicine

Nasib R Awan : The standard textbook

Terse : Mostly used for toxicology section

or Parekh : Alternative for Terse in toxi

Also get notes for each subject from photocopier

 Jubran Afzal says :-


Parekh: for Toxicology
The Notes: for everything else


Kaplan's lecture notes: supplement it with Robbin's and you have yourself a killer combination
Levinson: the summaries at the end are the only reason the book sells (but you won't find a better text on immunology!)
MRS: if becoming a doctor is still on your agenda then this is the book for you. it really makes you appreciate the clinical worth of all the minutiae you'll be taught in microbiology


Katzung's Review of Pharmacology: the only book that's concise and still has it all; a must have!

BIG Katzung: why is the world round? why did the chicken cross the road? why doesn't Daffy have his own show? why did Fred marry Wilma? what makes Scooby and Shaggy so cool? why are we on this earth?

Kaplan's Lecture Notes: like Bilal said, this book is a life saver...but be warned: it's not enough on it's own (I found that out the hard way)!

Goljan's Lecture Notes: it may look like a summary but IT"S NOT! Goljan:Robbin's::Terse:Parekh, if you know what I mean. I tried it, hoping to rapidly cover the essentials for a class test, but got bogged down by all the detail pretty soon. wouldn't recommend it


     *Lippincott Review=gud book with clear conepts,i used it as MY MAIN PHARMA BOOK
                                           and supplemented it with other stuff.

      *Katzung Review of Pharmacology=a complete buk and the best part about it is that
                                                                          its SHORT.a must have,especially if ur planning 
                                                                          for the USMLE's in the future.
       *Big Katzung=lyk  Bilal said,it is the book for the "Smarter crowd".but do keep it for ref.
      +there r a few topics 2 be covered from CHEEMA too.
      *Robbin's(medium)=concise and complete.
       *Kaplan lecture notes=very fruitful combination wid Robbins
        *Levinson's Microbiology=a complete standard text on microbiology.a must have.
        *MRS=well it is also a concise n clear txt on microbiology but frankly i didn't use it as i
                      found Levinson 2 be one complete book.
         *Shamim=don't use it except for the chapter on CULTURE MEDIAZ and LAB DIAGNOSES.
          *Lecture notes by Prof.Dr.Munir=an essential part of the pathology book bank
                                                                        as far as the vivas r concerned.
          *Parasitology From Qaida
            *Parekh r Terse=for toxi.both have the same text(almost) but i found parekh very easy to Learn n Cram in the prof,so i wud recommend it over Terse.
            *Notes=(available from canteen),for rest of the Forensic medicine
            *Naseeb Awan=this is THE STNDRD TXT and u need 2 go thru it atleast once.

Rayhan Ahmed: just one thing i want to add .....do micro from mrs......including parasito just do eggs from qaida.

Amber Batoolpathology:levinsn ki slides lazmi tyar krni chahiay,bht helpful hain,mry viva mai mry bht kam ai

Smeer Salam: Do parasitology from Levinson. It's concise, to-the-point, and conceptual. The UQs don't cover more than 15-20 pages and you understand everything perfectly. All you need to look at quickly from Qaida then are the life cycles (even that's not necessary because your concepts will be good enough to draw them from memory, imo).

Sara Atiq Khan : PHARMA: cheema for intro n prostaglnadins, big katzung for ans cvs git diuretics respo(plus a couple additions 4m cheema 4 respo), Lipincot for chemo anticancr cns nsaids blood, Mini katzung for intro chemo anticancer cns nsaids n blood bakup plus all mcqz 4m Mini Katzung

‎FORENSIC: Notes1st then Nasib R Awan(especially tables) n take a look at Parekh for viva only

PATHO: Bacteria 4m Levinson with MRS bakup incase u feel like ur gna fall asleep :P, Immuno Levinson, Parasites quaida, viro n fungi MRS, general 4m medium Robins with Jawad bakup for a couple topics(mostly tables).....all mcqz 4m Levinsn, take a look at sirs lectures for viva(bt they still end up being pointless :P)


  1. inn logo mai se slackers kaun hain?? i want to follow them :D

  2. May I add my experience? This is good enough for both smart people and slackers alike.

    Forensic: Just do Nasib R. Awan. This alone should be good enough. Anything else you need, just refer to what others are saying.

    Pathology: Don't kid yourself handling a Big Robbins Textbook. No one has time to read it; at least I freaking know I don't. Even medium Robbins sometimes is overkill but just spend some effort to go through it once or twice but nothing more than that. Keep your Goljan handy because this book would highlight the most important concepts and facts that you need to know.

    Microbiology: There's only one American book out there written by a UCSF Professor that is Levinson. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you can get other books to substitute for it. It's a mastermind and a masterclass of a book that will help you not only in your professional exam preparation but also in your USMLE Step 1 preparation. Keep the Kaplan handy for a quick walkthrough through the micro-organisms.

    Immunology: Keep only two books handy for this: Levinson and Kaplan. Kaplan alone would also suffice.

    Pharmacology: Stop reading Lippincott, stop reading Big Katzung. Keep the lippi only as a backup especially for chemotherapy. Rest is all sufficient, no more than that, in the Board Review Katzung that is for USMLE Step 1. This prepares you for both: Prof exam and Step 1, comprehensively. If you bought big Katzung, please return that book to the vendor.

  3. Plus Mcfearless is a HUGE THEETA.

  4. can someone give any suggestion abt how to memorize special toxicology??? :(

  5. Its difficult to believe that K.E students use LIPPINCOTT's Pharmacology as their Textbook.
    I was expecting someone to recommend GnG .

  6. We, at Army Medical college, don't even go near Lipponcott since its not complete at all and is ridiculously easy n only recommended for below average students, i am taken aback that its religiously followed in K.E !!

  7. hmm...btw what's qaida? =s


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