this is for the first year kids..... hello n welcome to KEMU... (pakistaaan ka taaap ka medical college) !! :p
After you've all been ushered in , hailed , (and undoubtedly ridiculed n bullied :p )..... n after all the excitement and joy of getting into pakistan ka taap ka medical college has settled down , you guys will have to come to terms with the harsh reality of life at kemu !! i know im supposed to guide , not scare you.... so let me first appreciate u ppl.....: You guys have done a great job (im sure a million ppl have said this to you by now!:p) On top of everything else , you've made your parents proud!! They can now brag about their kids among their friends and relatives ! :p
Now that i'm done with the prologue , let me get to the point..... As far as my experience is concerned , a lot of ppl lose their interest in studies sooon after getting into this place.. There are a few reasons that i've figured out after a blow-by-blow analysis .... and i'll share them with you in my next blog... so please don't let yourselves get off the track !!
You're also gonna come across all sorts of people here - weirdos , nerds , meanies , maniacs , bewildered , panicky , creepy . arrogant n obnoxious , etc , etc..... (i know my list contains little positivity :p)... so you've got to learn how to deal with them...
The next warning i can give you is about the inevitable honour that you will be granted by your honourable teachers.... It can happen any momemt , for any reason , whether u're guilty or not... so you 'll have to get used to it.... (Defending yourself is pointless!)
I have a lot more of my nonsense to share...( i hope it didn't bother you much)... I'll write back soon..! :)

Part 2 !


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