4th Yr: Community Medicine Viva

4th Yr: Community Medicine Viva

Community medicine viva this year was taken by Dr. saira...Its starts at 9:00 am... the batch is divided into two halves of 15... one of the halves goes for spotting and the other one for viva with external.
OSpe had alot of questions from immunology... Vaccines comprised atleast 40 percent of our spotting ques... do modules from ur log books for ospe ... Ospe can include baisically anything form the syllabus.. a few questions were from research as well...

Viva with external this year was a breeze... he was asking general questions...
Then a viva with dr. saira and the entire batch is done by maximum 12.
U are required to bring in ur research in printed form as well as on a cd along with the log books.

VIVA QUESTIONS Compiled by Class of 2012

 Dr. Maaz: highly unpredictable. Its a LOT about nerves and luck with him. ORS preparation; BCG vaccine- how is it prepared (as in, manufactured!) but changed that question to how does BCG produce immunization; greenhouse gases and effect- does not accept the naveed alam theory or any other theory for that matter! Nothing about research. Be prepared for verbal lashing if he is in a foul mood since the morning.

External: go thru the basics, the first two chapters. Rabies vaccine schedule. Balanced diet and the factors governing it. Vector for spred of plague. Some definitions from demography.

define epidemiology,safe water, E.coli in water indicate what?,eugenesis,difference b/w odds ratio and CHI-square test, culex transmits which diseases.

for external.... do environment,nutrition,and diseases.

C. Med viva!
Only 2 vivas, Sir Maaz and external

Sir Maaz's Viva questions that I remember:
No research related questions. Doesnt even check the log book. You just have to submit your log book.
For viva, start from where he asks. Dont go like once upon a time. And if you don't know, simply say that you dont know.
He asked about ORS preparation, mgs of a tbsp and tsp, composition of ORS, Green house gases, mechanism of green house effect, types of mosquitoes in Pakistan, 5 levels of prevention, levels of health care, 3rd generation IUCDs and their mechanism, signs and symptoms of dengue fever, vector of dengue fever and rabies.

Modes of intervention, protection from radiation, types of atmospheric pollution, how u protect from noise pollution, one positive effect of Global warming, water borne viral diseases. 

What are d non infectious diseases spread by water
Rabies management(isolation)
Types of mosquitoes
He wasnt chkn d research
Know d values for daily fe requirement of a normal female
Ca requirement
How to make ors
Define infant,mmr
How to write an infant's age
1 table/teaspoon capacity
Purification of water
Def epidem
Hazards of small housing
Design a house for people wd resp prob if ur an engineer
Fx of vit c
Cheapest source calcium(milk is too expensive)
Cheapest way to purify water
Why gases cum in bt fail to go out in green house effect
Sign symp dengue
Types of malaria

sir maaz: tertiary health care..rabies management..daily iron n calcium requirement..green house effect..diff btw tablespoon n teaspoon..kcal in 1 teaspoon of sugar..
external: define aims n objectives, screening, specificity n senstivity, anti-serum, vit A.. 

sir maaz: PHC components and principles, daily requirement of salt...marasmus....in which disease we avoid salt...

xternal: ozone effects...lead time....sensitivity...purposes of screening....difference between screening and diagnostic test...specific protection components except chemoprophylexis and immunization..  
SIR MAAZ.......home made ORS procedure,1 teaspoon=how many grams.5 g....BCG vaccine.spread of Tb.....
dont try to b too confident wid sir maaz..if he says ur wrong jst say ok sorry sir..dont argue even if u knw ur rite..
sir maaz: greenhouse effect(he didnt like any answer), diff between rate and ratio (Rate has time factor) rabies treatment is diff frm dog bite treatment- no vaccination fr rabies, water purification sara ..he ws askin minute details, cheapest method of purifyin water at home, hw bleaching powder cleans water,
external.. polio vaccine; dpt. wat is toxoid, for hm ant aspect of thigh pe sirf dog bite ka injection lgta ha..
sir maaz: why is hep c more common in punjab than hep b??
xternal: if u take ur log book with u..he will open it and start asking questions from which ever page is opened..as with me turned out to b SD ranges..

>>Sir Maaz....diseases in which chemoprophylaxis is done, dose of INH, INH stands for, Side effect of rifampin, kcal of sugar in 1 tea spoon, What do you know about MDGs? (I was blank at this question :p its an abbreviation of Melenium develpoment goals)

>>External.....Demographic transitions, levels of prevention, health education, Health determinanats, water born bacterial diseases, cholera organism.

sir maaz.....grams in table spoon of sugar,kcal in it,extrinsic incubation period of dengue,complications of dengue,mmr in pak                                                                                                                                
extrnl....diff b/w herpes zoster n varicalla zoster,diff b/w primary n secondary case,caison's disease,effects of ozone depletion
Sir Maaz: elements of primary health care, Will elisa go negative ever in hep c patient, insecticide name being used today for mosquitos in pakistan ( hint it starts with a D, he told me but i ant remember), anthropoly difinition, E.coli in water significance. oral typhoid vaccine name and schedule,All 8 MDGs, Surprise: he was in good mood today, no bashing.

frequently asked Q's...tea spoon n table spoon capacity,ors prep,MDG's,dengue,occupational health,health education,basic definitions
sir maaz:  components of PHC..sporadic cases def....  importance of e.coli in water..iodine daily requirement..(150 ug)..
external:types of agents name physical agent ..  vector of plague ..  active nd passive immunization ok tetenus explain mecanism not schedule...  all  the best
Sir maaz... define diarrhea, t.b me carrier state ku ni hoti, how t.b can b prevented in community..
external..... how air pollution is reduced by natural ways, effects of uv rays...

sir MAAAAAZ!!.how tb can b prvented in cmunity? (bcg pa khush htay hain ja k). define diarrhea..tb me carrier state hti ha (ans NO)..y NO?...scbies ka causing agent..its common name..what spray chemical v use in dengue spray..define Tb..name green house gases..def ecosystm..how much mg of chloquine tblet used(150mg)..culex transmit which diseases..chemoprophylaxis of malaria.koe bhi nai man rhay thay..-.-...aik student ko kaha( BETA!! swal tou meray yhi repeat honay hain ,,jo marzi or jahan marzi c parh ao.get out!.)..
external: chill..how to get an air sample..def surveillance..its active and passive types..vit c function.rabies vaccination. schedual..

All of the above were the questions of sir maaz today.. Also Treatment of Malaira ( 4+2Chloroquine day 1, 2tabs day2 and 2 tabs day 3) and remember the tab is 150mg !! Greenhouse gases ( I told CO2 and CO and sir stopped me at CO saying that you are wrong!) Diarrhea (Sir kept repeating this one asking the number of stools which are required for this ! again no one could figure it out till the end) 

dengue spray-deltamerthin (contact spray)
according to maam-difference between carrier and vector? both carry the infectious agent but carrier may be suffering from it. 
calories in 10gm chana? as 100 gms has 345 so 10 mei 35kcal
he  may ask in 5 gms...so do the maths. 1gm sugar and 1gm daal have equal calories (as both produce 4kcal/g)
definition of social medicine,social physiology, anthropology, epidemics, ecology,epidemiology.
ORS prep? i told 1tspoon salt n 8teaspoon sugar and 4 glass water medium sized lemon. and then he asked if u use glucose instead then? (v had decided upon 4 teaspoon if using glucoose but do confirm). how many calories in 1 teasoon salt?
dengue strains? if infected by 1 strain then do u develop immunity against it? for how long? and machar katney k kitney arsey baad u get dengue? he wanted range...
and calcium requirement and iron requirement? 
preparation of ors house wala n da other,prevention of dengue,chlorination of water..

wt ds inh stand fr,rifampicin syd efectz,diff bw vctr n carier,green house gases.extrnl askd wt is bysinosis,whn is koplik spot seen,it syt.bss..extrnl is realy gud,ws jst askng 2 questnz per head.diseases,demography,familyplan
ing n mch wrnt askd tday.in nutrition only vitaminz wr askd,dere sourcz n defcny states.do biostat,alpha,beta,p value,epidem,both frm maz lctrz.he also askd methodolgy of rsrch tday.environ,frst two chps,nutrition.i

Reasearch mthdlgy, p-value, difrnc btw chi-square tst nd odds ratio, carier state dfinition. Xtrnl: vit b3 dficiency, palegra 3Ds

Dif btwn vector, carier, disease, mechanism of shock in dngue,vit b3,chlorinationn


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